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Post by Eorl @ 03:32pm 09/09/14 | 1 Comments
Instead of introducing The Sims 4 review with our typical word shenanigans about the game, here's a fun little story from when our reviewer Joab "Joaby" Gilroy played it.
It took less than ten minutes for my Sim (creatively named Joab Gilroy) to visit the houses of others in his neighbourhood to mock someone's outfit and insult someone's face. There is actually an option for "Insult Face" in the game. And Joab Gilroy spent a little bit of time trolling some forums (the first thing he did when he moved into his fully appointed mansion, purchased with the 'motherlode' of riches in his coffers) and then thought that was how you interacted with other people.

If that isn't art imitating life I don't know what is, dickbags.
Read Joaby's The Sims 4 Review here on AusGamers.

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Posted 11:56pm 09/9/14
Got it mainly for wifey but I do play as well. She loves to get all creative with the Sims and prefers all the extras number 3 has to offer as the stock has more clothing and styles compared to stock 4. I enjoyed the more editable body parts and the fact that the rooms are pre-made in the build part. But for me it seems the same as previous games just a revamped interface. I hate how it has to load the map to go to other places, that feature was faster in the previous game even with the million DLC's added. My first guy died in the first day burning in his kitchen making a grilled cheese while I tried to figure out why no fireman came and how to put out the fire, my second attempt resulted in another fire (with smoke alarm installed, and still no fire fighter) but got it out. I then realised my guy should learn to cook first before being allowed in the kitchen.

The downside that your review said that they didn't 'live' without you controlling them is just a free will setting in the menu, along with adding to the lifespan. I enjoyed the fact that you can create multiple families in the one save file and they continue without you. I don't use the cheats but the wifey does it to 'begin' her games to get the house she wants then goes on normal.

Some cheats that some people might enjoy.
Motherlode - $50,000
FreeRealEstate - House/Land are free.
Death.Toggle - Cannot Die/No Reaper
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