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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:16pm 08/09/14 | 15 Comments
We don't have a huge amount of transparency beyond the actual reveal here, but it turns out Destiny will be accessing local servers here in Australia.

“The seamless matchmaking experience in Destiny is designed so it doesn’t require locally-hosted servers for most players, but depending on where you are and if it is required to have an optimal experience, there are locally-hosted servers all over the world, including in Australia.”
Again, we have no idea where they're being hosted, or what the phrase "doesn't require locally-hosted servers" actually means. But it's a win for the geographically-challenged, regardless.

Destiny unlocks for last and current-gen consoles in Australia tonight close to midnight. Will we see you there, and if so, on what platform?

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Posted 03:19pm 08/9/14
PSN - Groydis

I'll be there on PS4, just a smidge excited.
Posted 03:21pm 08/9/14
The seamless matchmaking experience in Destiny is designed so it doesn’t require locally-hosted servers for most players

Sounds like peer hosted server-client to me.
Posted 03:54pm 08/9/14
When you say "Close to midnight" does that mean before midnight or after midnight? Hoping before, I might actually be able to have a quick bash at it tonight if thats the case.
Posted 04:06pm 08/9/14
I heard it was around 10:00PM AEST, but who f*****g knows.
Posted 04:46pm 08/9/14
Yay?? Reckon it will break the internets?
Posted 04:53pm 08/9/14
How did you guys go with buying a cheaper copy. Khel did you figure out whether buying US version will force you to US servers etc?
Posted 05:19pm 08/9/14
Still not actually sure if it'll connect me to the US servers or local ones, but I went ahead and bought the US version anyway. Was pretty easy to do, I just made a second account on my PS4 from the US region, and bought some PSN credit off amazon to charge it up with, ended up getting a bundle with the game and the DLC pass with the two expansions for less than the cost of just the game on our PSN.

But yeah, gonna try downloading it tonight and I guess I'll know pretty soon whether it screws me over as far as servers go.
Posted 05:29pm 08/9/14
Wife just asked me before if I wanted to go to the Midnight launch at Helensvale tonight (I think she wants some of that Destiny Cake) so I'll probably give it a bash tonight on PS4 and run on caffeine tomorrow!
Posted 05:56pm 08/9/14
I find it strange how they are having a midnight launch at Helensvale. Figured the city would be the prime spot, or even Southport for a launch party.

Also yes, servers open up at 10pm AEST.
Posted 06:06pm 08/9/14
alexctd1 - PSN ps4. will be playing tomorrow.
Posted 06:17pm 08/9/14
Despite Bungie wanting me to buy it on PS4, I got it on Xbone. I have both and downloaded the beta on both and the xbox controller is still better for shooters. The trigger on the PS4 is not as good and after a while my hands started to hurt
Posted 08:05pm 08/9/14
My copy should be here tomorrow (jb sent it the other day) so hopefully tomorrow afternoon/night I am playing
Posted 08:21pm 08/9/14
Man... I cannot make up my mind. Buy or don't buy? Will this really be a game I NEED to buy a PS4? Going to wait for some reviews.
Posted 09:01pm 08/9/14
Well, I found one downside to buying the US version over PSN, my copy doesn't unlock for another 20 hours. Guess no Destiny for me tonight :(

Probably a good thing, cos now I'll actually have time to sleep hehe
Posted 09:13pm 08/9/14
getting it on 360, jb at s'pine are doing at midnight launch, just finished word, and the beers are chilling ready for some gaming
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