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Post by Eorl @ 04:51pm 05/09/14 | 9 Comments
Range extenders are a nifty piece of hardware for those having troublesome black spots in their house, extending their network far above and beyond what a typical router/modem can potentially offer (at least for an affordable price). Having even one device in your house to help mitigate that problem can be a groundbreaking change, as seen by our latest tech review.

In this hardware review we take a look at two of D-Link's range extenders; the Wireless AC750 Dual Band Range Extender (DAP-1520), and the Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Range Extender (DAP-1650). Heading the review is our own Brendan "Malthius" Cosman, who has probably the best testing environment with various black spots plaguing his home.
My house is a nightmare for WiFi. Built with a thick steel frame, excessive insulation and a few thousand metres of power and data cables, we didn't anticipate the shift to wireless devices over the last few years. Network points in every room just don't help when smartphones, tablets, netbooks and printers all need to connect to a WiFi network that barely makes it down the hallway from where the main router sits.
Find out his full thoughts on both the Wireless AC750 and Wireless AC1200 over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:23am 06/9/14
I have a heap of wireless issues in my place and tried range extenders as well. After they performed poorly I ended up getting ethernet over power to a dedicated wireless access point. Specifically these two:



I did have some issues with the ethernet over power when I turned on the TV and ceiling lights at night. So I moved one of the devices to a circuit that wasn't being used (spa pump) and now its reliable.

Also used WiFi Analyser (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en - awesome app) on Android to ensure I was on the best wireless channel.
Posted 01:11pm 08/9/14
I used WiFi Analyzer extensively extensively while working on this review to ensure that I wasn't mistaken about the signal strength I was getting before and after using both of the extenders. :)
Posted 03:17pm 08/9/14
Yeah +1 wifi analyzer
Posted 06:41am 09/9/14
Dlink what could possibly go wrong
Posted 07:47am 09/9/14
Cheers. might grab one, i need something to extend the range to the backyard.
Posted 11:41pm 27/9/14
I have been thinking about buying something like this; my place here the wifi does not extend to the bedroom. So when this popped up I was like "oh, so this is what these things are called", and promptly went to Amazon and bought one.

Like an idiot though I didn't buy one of the ones Malth reviewed, I bought the cheaper DAP 1320 - because it was cheaper and I didn't need any fancy features.

I plugged it in and configured it and tested it and lo, I had Internet in my bedroom! I was instantly happy because for once I'd made a consumer level technology choice and not been bitten in the ass.

Until the next morning, when I discovered I could not connect - the wifi showed up, but when I tried to connect my Android phone would say "Connecting" then switch straight to "Saved" - couldn't seem to get a lock.

I sighed, went online, and saw a bunch of people with the same problem on the official page in the reviews section.

There was some new firmwire - so I grabbed that, upgraded it - worked, but then again in the morning I wasn't able to get online. This time though, I can connect and authenticate and I get on the wireless - but no sites load at all.

I'll keep trying :(
Posted 07:31am 28/9/14
Its dlink what part of them doesn't fail, so between the s***e psu's and the crap firmware you expected what exactly?

Have you tried running DDWRT/ OpenWRT/other firmware on it
Posted 08:43am 28/9/14
I've spent most of the day unpacking the firmware and looking at the distro it runs to see if I can make it reboot overnight; it's some variant of Busybox. Suspect those other things won't run on it but I'll check.
Posted 10:11am 28/9/14
Have you tried running DDWRT/ OpenWRT/other firmware on it

This, if your router can run it.
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