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Post by Eorl @ 09:08am 05/09/14 | 15 Comments
Blizzard's track record of making sure those who can't make it to the real Blizzcon in Anaheim, California has been pretty good in the past thanks to the virtual ticket, and continuing with that good track record the developer has announced new details on what you can expect this year.

The Blizzcon virtual ticket offer up an Internet stream at 720p with two channels to view and will include activities on both the main and panel stages. Those that purchase the $43.95AUD ticket will also get digital loot, including yet-to-be-detailed items for Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm.

The event will include interviews with developers, the StarCraft II World Championship Series finals, the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, and the Hearthstone World Championship. You’ll also be able to catch costume contests and the closing ceremonies via stream. Unlike last year, those who purchase the virtual ticket will also get a chance to access the sweet Blizzard merchandise before the public gets access.

Full details on the ticket and purchasing can be found at the official website. Blizzcon will be held on November 7th and 8th at Anaheim Convention Center.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:28am 05/9/14
should be free imo.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:40am 05/9/14
Would be nice if Comic Con did this as well instead of having to watch crappy footage from someones fone.
Posted 10:14am 05/9/14
Yeah, me and Saint were just talking about that when comic con was on as well, makes so much sense and they'd make a packet from it.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:20pm 05/9/14
rav, they put on a pretty big show, production-wise, specifically for airing the show and its content, I reckon it's worth it having been to the event before and just seeing what goes into sharing every little bit
Posted 02:08am 06/9/14
The big stuff (opening ceremony, tournaments) are all free. And most of the other stuff finds its way onto YouTube after the show is done. Very glad to see that they're continuing with the "if you're coming in person, you get a complimentary virtual ticket" promo - means I won't miss stuff while I'm at the show itself.

As for Comic-con, it's getting more and more "official" video coverage from the respective production houses sans the exlusive footage reveals. Which kind of defeats the purpose, because let's be honest, how many times do we want to sit through a Q&A of "I just want to say that I love your work, and my question is..."

I doubt you will ever see a full-blown live stream of panels at SDCC, simply because of the extreme cost for rights management for each and every individual panelist that appears. The onus is on the studios themselves to obtain rights management for cast and crew appearances in a digital medium. SDCC is technically non-profit, so they're only making their money on the event itself (and hotel markups) to continue running.
Posted 02:16am 06/9/14
Even if they could just secure rights to the big panels everyone wants to see, like the Marvel movies one, and Game of Thrones, etc. Would be better than trying to watch versions on youtube recorded on someone's phone.

I dunno, I guess its like you say, probably a logistical nightmare compared to Blizzcon, but seeing as my chances of getting to actually go to SDCC in person approach zero, would be nice to have some better coverage. I can dream.
Posted 03:20am 06/9/14
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:41am 06/9/14
Speaking of warlocks. Has anyone here done the green fire quest? I have an offer for you.

Posted 04:09am 07/9/14
Did it on my main within the first week of the Tome of the Lost Legion becoming available. B**** of a fight, that one.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:01am 07/9/14
Feel like flying back to Australia and doing it for me. I had to walk away from the computer or else I would have done something I'd regret. I gave up on it about a month ago. Was gonna say I will pay someone $100 to come here and complete it for me. lol
Posted 09:02am 07/9/14
Wait, isn't it easier now with better gear? Back when it came out, I only had T14 (normal) stuff. I'd expect it to be well easier to do with SoO 4/4 upgraded gear?
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:43am 07/9/14
I have decent gear but it's more about timing and knowing when to do stuff. And I kept stuffing up the positioning of the enslaved demon. Once one thing falls apart, so does everything.
Posted 10:28am 07/9/14

I have decent gear but it's more about timing and knowing when to do stuff. And I kept stuffing up the positioning of the enslaved demon. Once one thing falls apart, so does everything.

For a very brief moment, I read this as a true story about real life. So good.
Posted 03:19pm 07/9/14
^^^^ hahaha!!

Rev, don't be afraid to use a few custom-built macros to handle the different waves of demons. This includes targetting+spellcasting stuff to semi-automate the attacks that you and your pit lord pet will be doing.

I'm assuming that you're using Destruction to do the fight (the other specs are much harder to pull off for this encounter). Make sure you use Havoc for the Fel Hunter waves, and Fire and Brimstone for the Imp waves (massive ember generation).

Mastering the Fel Hunter wave is key, I reckon. I recall that things usually went pear-shaped when they got out and loose. Luckily you shouldn't have to worry about the 'soft' enrage of the DoT that he puts on you.

Perseverence! It WILL take about 100-200 wipes. But you'll get it in the end..

Reverend Evil
Posted 06:14pm 07/9/14
I'd rather just pay someone to come around and do it for me, lol. If you know someone local that needs some extra cash and knows the fight point them to this thread.
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