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Post by Eorl @ 09:55am 04/09/14 | 5 Comments
Virtual Reality is going to be one of, if not, the biggest thing to happen to gaming, but we know with Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift that this new wave of tech won't be constrained to just gaming.

Today we are seeing just that, with the long-rumoured collaboration between Oculus and Samsung now confirmed by both companies in a recent press event in Berlin, which revealed the "Samsung Gear VR" smartphone device. "Samsung Gear VR delivers an unrivaled viewing experience with the 5.7-inch quad HD Super AMOLED display of Galaxy Note 4 providing stunning and engaging visuals at a mobile-leading resolution," the statement said.
"With the Gear VR Innovator's Edition, users can sit in the best seat of a theater, can be on-stage of a performance with full 360 3D video, and can enjoy gaming like it's never been seen before — inside stunning worlds where imagination becomes reality. Samsung's industry leading Super AMOLED display technology and cutting-edge Oculus-driven technologies fuse to create an experience that surprises and delights — all on a mobile device."
We already know that the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 utilises a Samsung Note 3 screen, so a completely self-contained VR headset powered by the Galaxy Note 4 makes even more sense. Even better is that the device is powered completely by the phone, no cords or standalone computer needed. A 60fps pass-through camera will also be included for those wanting to see their surroundings while wearing the device.

The biggest one-up the device has for proving VR is possible in all forms of entertainment is its bundled software. It will come pre-loaded with Avengers: Age of Ultron (the next movie in the series for those not in the know) and Pacific Rim VR content, plus the ability to view video and movie trailer in virtual movie theaters. Games are also planned, including Darknet and Protocol Zero.

The device will give wearers a 96 degree field of view, and will connect through to the Galaxy Note 4 via a micro-USB connection. No pricing or release date for the hardware was given, but if Samsung wants this to succeed in the public it will need to be aggressive. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Posted 10:00am 04/9/14
Vely excerrent. The note4 screen is also a 1440p unit and not 1080p. I think 1440 will be the sweet spot for the Oculus until we move into 3.5/4K. I assume resolution doesn't add much to development - it would be more about optics, api, and input precision than worrying about going 6 months back in R&D simply because you went with the next phone screen.

I want all of it, right now.
Posted 05:31pm 04/9/14
Ph33x - Sadly, the 1440p still has noticeable screen door (According to reviews going around on it currently).

People on the oculus forums are hoping and speculating that the CV1 will have either a custom built screen which will reduce the pixel pitch to almost nothing, or maybe a 4k screen and use downsampling.

(the 4k on CV1 comes from one of the OR guys mentioning the CV1 would be a 'SIGNIFICANT' increase in resolution, so people are taking that to mean they're skipping 1440p entirely, so they can kill off that SDE entirely.)
Posted 05:38pm 04/9/14
I'm hoping for a 4k deluxe model but afaik no-one is making 4k screens.
Posted 11:38am 05/9/14
fpot - Pretty sure Samsung is and Oculus are all chummy with those guys, which means that it's not that far-fetched an idea to consider the CV1 may go with a 4k panel.
Posted 09:08am 06/9/14
Well all I need is a R295x and I'm ready for it.
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