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Post by Eorl @ 04:46pm 03/09/14 | 7 Comments
With the classic RollerCoaster series back on track (no pun intended) to being revived for PC next year, Atari has unleashed a handful of new in-game screenshots showing off just what we can expect from RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

The new images are our first proper look at the game and what it'll offer. Some of the themed areas available include a piratical area, a Wild West area, a sci-fi area and 1950s Americana. According to a recent preview by PC Gamer, the revived series will also feature up to four players building cooperatively in a park at the same time, although limited to their own section. Roller coasters are also built with a spline system, allowing alterations on the fly instead of through menus.

A 'Park Pulse' system will also allow you to quickly gauge how your park is doing, a system similar to the Zoo Tycoon series. Attractions will also be rideable in first or third-person. You'll also have the chance to upload your creations online, allowing others to download and use in their park.

RollerCoaster Tycoon World is due in "early 2015", and will be "completely different" from the very miserable RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 on mobile last year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:06pm 03/9/14
They didn't even bother to enable anti-aliasing? Also there are godrays in the third picture but the sky is completely grey.

The shadows are nicer, but the geometry detail and textures look only marginally better than they did in RCT3 and that was released, what, 8 years ago?
Posted 05:10pm 03/9/14
Hard to find info about the engine, but it looks a lot like UE3. UE3 doesn't have many (none if I recall) AA options due to the way the engine rendered the scene making it impossible through standard methods.
Posted 05:14pm 03/9/14
Back in 2010 maybe. Nowadays Post-Process AA is widespread. Even something basic like FXAA would be an improvement.
Posted 06:26pm 03/9/14
Hopefully this will be as good as Theme Park World.
Posted 07:30pm 03/9/14
Looks better than 3 at least. Still not holding my breath for it to be as good as RCT2.
Posted 07:32pm 03/9/14
its looking more and more like it will be a total online game
Posted 10:54pm 03/9/14
The developers have stated that it's NOT an online only game. You can play it on your own, offline, if you like, without penalty.
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