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Post by Eorl @ 03:47pm 02/09/14 | 19 Comments
Volition studio creative director Steve Jaros has opened up on Twitter in regards to the continued discussion on female representation in video games, noting that recent mention of Saints Row 4 in Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian latest Trops Vs Women in Video Games installment was right to be included, and that the industry should work to improve on its portrayal of women.

“This is something we all should be better at,” Jaros said, taking up the issue on Twitter. “Yes, the original saints Row is listed here. Yes, it should be.” Jaros also revealed in a recent interview with The Escapis that the use of abuse against women as background content in games should stop, saying that "we shouldn’t be portraying senseless abused women and I think that if I could go back and hop in a time machine I would have done things differently."

“I think it’s fair to be called out on your shit. I think that it’s a sad man that can never be self-reflective. I think that we tried to go and carry ourselves with respect, and try to respect sexuality and respect gender as much as we can, and sometimes we fail but hopefully we’ll do better and continue to get better.”

You can check out Sarkeesian's latest Tropes Vs Women in Video Games below, and let us know in the comments on your thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:15pm 02/9/14
Oh hey lets ask a guy who made a game where you can murder people with a giant dildo about his opinion on social issues in gaming.
Posted 05:17pm 02/9/14
OMG I had to put up with this through Q&A last night....
Posted 09:23pm 02/9/14
Can't stand that chick. She makes some keen observations, but she completely discredits herself by taking issues out of context or complaining about issues that aren't isolated to women. She's very frustrating to listen to. She says things like "OMG!! You can kill women in this game! By allowing you to kill women, this misogynistic game encourages you to kill woman. Men are being taught to kill women." ... in a game when everything can be killed. She draws a long bow by saying "it's encouraged, because you can do it...even though you are punished for it, and even though it doesn't only apply to women the only lesson learned is that it's ok to kill women". She makes more logical fallacies then a religious person defending their faith.

Btw, nice shade of lipstick.
Posted 11:07pm 02/9/14
I'd hit it. just sayin.
Posted 09:18am 03/9/14
Please allow me to retort:

Posted 11:32am 03/9/14
Sarkeesian is seriously begging to be a case study in confirmation bias.
Posted 11:47am 03/9/14
List of games/franchises off the top of my head where the protagonist is a female:

1. Portal
2. Kings Quest
3. Tomb Raider
... uhh...
Henry Lollins
Posted 11:51am 03/9/14
Wow. Thought provoking topic where a prominent person in the community gives his thoughts on a prevalent subject and all but one post is about their insecurity regarding feminism as a simple concept.
Posted 12:35pm 03/9/14
You can support feminism as a concept and still abhore Sarkeesian's cynical exploitation of both feminism and gaming to advance her financial agenda.
Posted 12:50pm 03/9/14
hahaha malthius :) sarkeesian should totally do an episode with ash :D .. to.. you know.. break some stereotypes or something ;P
Posted 01:57pm 03/9/14
Malthius i think im in love with the nose bleed girl...
Henry Lollins
Posted 02:24pm 03/9/14
You can support feminism as a concept and still abhore Sarkeesian's cynical exploitation of both feminism and gaming to advance her financial agenda.

Anita has points, she argues them poorly. I will not deny that. I am not a fan, but I can have her mentioned in conversation and still address the point and not turn into an embarrassingly insecure internet person. Something the community at large has massive trouble with.

I honestly don't know what it is about feminism that scares people. I mean, the only way it would scare you is if the nicest thing that was ever said about you was 'you have potential' in high school, but you were a 'loner' (dweeb), who liked solitary pursuits like say, video games, and played them to the exclusion of all else. Then when it came time to make something of yourself, you never did. Or you made a moderately successful living doing computer things but still had no social standing or respect. Then you hear of feminism and you hear that you're 'privileged'. What? You mean I got a head start in this world and I'm still a pathetic pile of s*** who's too meek to get what he really wants in life? And if feminism succeeds, all will be equal and my god-given-not-at-all-earned leg-up will disappear and I'll fall even further down the totem pole? ANITA SARKEESIAN'S A SLUT.
Posted 02:59pm 03/9/14
I don't want more female characters chucked into games just to fill some equality quota either though. Like how they stuck a token female soldier in Gears of War 3 just so they could say they have a female character now, but nobody gave a s*** because it was a pointless character and it just hurt more than helped.

I mean, who the hell looks to Saints Row expecting any sort of meaningful social commentary anyway. Its a game that goes out of its way to take the piss and be as wrong as it can, not just when it comes to how it portrays women but in how it portrays EVERYTHING.

Feminism often seems to lose sight of the goal, it should be about equality, and in this case everythings equal because all genders, races, sexualities, pimps, ho's and dildos are treated with equal amounts of disrespect and irreverance in a Saint's Row game.
Henry Lollins
Posted 04:25pm 03/9/14
Feminism often seems to lose sight of the goal,

Feminists. Feminists often seem to lose sight of the goal.

It really helps if you plan on not coming off as ignorant to dismiss a concept on account of a few really stupid people.

If this seems like a petty correction to you, it really, really isn't.
Posted 04:29pm 03/9/14
Lara Croft was always female and always had a male butler.

Shock, shock, shock.
Posted 04:41pm 03/9/14
The problem with Anita Sarkeesian is that she is the feminist equivalent of Spike Lee - articulating a point that the "other side" might not understand brilliantly one moment, then stirring s*** up with her own ignorance the next. Like Spike Lee she is a net detriment to her cause because of this.
Posted 05:09pm 03/9/14
Sarkeesian is seriously begging to be a case study in confirmation bias.

Yep... the Spike Lee analogy is fairly accurate too, heh.

"The female non player characters are [sexually blah blah exploitative blah blah] to the amusement of the male dominated audience. While this also happens to the male non player characters [blah blah dismissive hand waving explanation] so my point totally stands."
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