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Post by Eorl @ 03:24pm 31/08/14 | 47 Comments
Players looking to take on the world of ArcheAge through its many means of entertainment in the open-world setting will be able to do so come September 16th, developer Trion Worlds announced.

To help gear up for the launch, an open beta will begin September 4th through to September 8th, culminating in a 4-day Head Start on live servers for all ArcheAge Founders beginning Friday, September 12th. Open beta will be available to any eager challenger, as will the entire game upon its launch. As usual there are your typical micro-transactions and possible subscription choices, but for the most part ArcheAge has been balanced quite well as a free-to-play title.

Head over the official blog post for a full run down of the events leading up to ArcheAge's launch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:51pm 31/8/14
Took me 4 days to reach lvl 31 and the PvP area (post level 30 its factional PvP as you level), about 4 hours per day. Only problem with the game is there is no descent Oceania servers projected. Yes latency does affect game play.
Posted 11:13pm 31/8/14
I enjoyed the beta's though now it's only 2 weeks away I'll just wait for headstart

Funny though my latency was fine during all of them didn't notice any real effect
Posted 04:01am 01/9/14
what's up with the lack of Firearms in that world? There's ship mounted cannons, and characters that are 'magically' strong enough to hypothetically pick up one of those cannons and swing it around. There's robots. And there's these steam-punk Cars, essentially, which could have the cannons mounted on them and some more armor and they'd be tanks. But no - it's all swords, horses and machinegun bows. I find the Engine behind the Game amazing, but the logic of actual content and design choices just frustrates me...
Posted 09:35am 01/9/14
It's a mixture of the Steampunk-esque fantasy but without the guns. Perfectly fine for me, I'll just be a well armoured farmer ready to take on the troubles that face my day-to-day job.
Posted 10:04am 01/9/14
Guild up!?
Posted 10:46am 01/9/14
I'm with Toxus - I didn't notice any adverse reactions to my (higher than average) latency.

I'm usually like 20-40ms higher than most people in my area, which is annoying.

As for lack of guns, I don't mind too much. I kind of like the mix of steam-punk fantasy sans guns. If anything it'd be generic if it DID have them ;)

Between this and my rift (which will apparently be here sometime between next week and sometime after hell freezes over), I'm not going to have time for outside...
Posted 10:59am 01/9/14
Been checking out a few videos of this and I have seen enough that interests me to want to give it a go. I might have a hard time with the resource stealing side of things though, I tend to get a bit touchy about such things lol
Posted 11:21am 01/9/14
Just remember that this is a free-to-play title and as such there a handful of limitations on free accounts. These aren't ridiculous blocks or anything, and by all means you can play the game without spending a penny but for now (and most likely in the future) there is no pay2win.

There is a Patron system in place whereby subscribing gives you access to private housing/farm plots but this can be earned with in-game gold as well ala WildStar/EVE.
Posted 06:00pm 01/9/14
That's not what I read. Everything I saw said you can't buy housing unless you are a patron.
Posted 06:42pm 01/9/14
Taipan - I think he meant Patron status can be bought with in-game cash, ala Eve.
Posted 08:05am 02/9/14
Taipan - I think he meant Patron status can be bought with in-game cash, ala Eve.

Ah got ya.

Just curious but what other MMO's have used this game engine, anyone know?
Posted 08:12am 02/9/14
It's running on CryEngine 3, so there are probably at least a few other MMO's using that engine or similar.
Posted 08:52am 02/9/14
Just trying to get a feel for how it may run on my laptop. I am overdue for a new system but id like to try and drag it out a little longer because of other things i have on the go atm. I played Aion and Rift just fine on my current set up but struggled in large scale pvp in guild wars 2 although the rest of the game was no problem.
Posted 09:28am 02/9/14
It has a number of options to run on extreme low, and even a laptop setting I think. My work computer is quite outdated (ironic considering what I do) and has a 8800GTX and that was able to run everything at low.

That's not what I read. Everything I saw said you can't buy housing unless you are a patron.

And yeah, as others pointed out you can buy Patron status with in-game gold. Literally the choice to pay real money for a subscription is just to bypass the time taken grinding for gold.

Also, in regards to Oceanic servers Kryios is currently picked to be the unofficial one. This could change but it seems to be where everyone is going.
Posted 10:50am 02/9/14
Id like to jump on a server that has an aussie crowd. There would be advantages and disadvantages though since i am in the US. It might make things a little tough being out of whack time zone wise when it comes to grouping up to do trade runs. On the other side of the coin if it had a lowish population of US players it may make its easier to sneak around during off peak aussie times.
Posted 11:36am 02/9/14
I've never been on an "aussie" server that doesn't also come with a better than average US population in an MMO before. US players get as much from being on a 24/7 population server as the rest of the world so they are usually quite popular.

I purchased the head start thing for this but only really played in one of the betas because I didn't want to feel like I was repeating everything during the release. As such I really have no idea what is going on with the game in terms of crafting and PvP but the game play seemed engaging and if the PvP is any good I'm sure I'll get a decent amount of entertainment from it.

I love free to play games but that doesn't mean I won't spend money, I just hate feeling like I'm wasting money on a subscription.

For lag I find as long as I play a ranged based character I can live with it. Melee characters I pretty much have guess where people are in order to hit them rather than relying on where they appear on my screen.
Posted 11:49am 02/9/14
I really do need a new system. I havent actually had a pc since 2006 i have been playing on laptops. I am in a situation where i am completely clueless when it comes to building them and having no pc smart mates over here to help me out. Hack home Koopz and Hermitech did all my pc building and were always good about making sure i was really well looked after.

I kind of only see a couple of options for me here with pc's built specifically for gaming and thats Digital Storm or Alienware. I know thats enough to make most people here cringe since no doubt id get thumped on price. But whats a clueless pc tard like me supposed to do? :-(
Posted 10:03pm 02/9/14
uhhh, hit up Koopz and Hermi here and then take a piece of paper with the recommendations of said fellows to a local pc store and get it built?
I dunno it seems crazy, but that's just what I'd do.
Posted 10:17pm 02/9/14
Taipan, just use this website and set it to United States:
Posted 08:18am 03/9/14
Posted 02:26pm 03/9/14
I got myself the silver founders edition just for the hell of it.

Now I just need to know who and where from to download it? I installed Glyph and when it first ran I could see rift and Archeage in the list but now only rift shows up.
Posted 02:36pm 03/9/14
You won't have access to download the game until it goes open beta I think. I only have access because of close beta.
Posted 08:05pm 03/9/14
Pretty sure they will let players update 12hours prior to open beta... just a hunch.
Posted 10:42pm 03/9/14
Seems a little lame considering its going to get smashed with people trying to download it all at the same time. You'd think they might give a few days lead in to reduce the work load a bit.
Posted 11:37pm 03/9/14
Looks like Glyph is serving the update for Open Beta now... gg
Posted 11:42pm 03/9/14
Great and i just got to work :-(
Posted 11:46pm 03/9/14
It's only about 8gb download, not going to break the bank.
Posted 09:04am 04/9/14
Just got off work, checked glyph and still nothing.
Posted 09:14am 04/9/14
I'd just set Glyph up to download AA when its available, but don't bother playing Open Beta because its all being wiped for launch. Maybe use it to test how good your PC performs but no other real reason. It is free after all.
Posted 12:40pm 04/9/14
patch notes up, update for OB is ready for DL on Glyph
Posted 02:05pm 04/9/14
I'd just set Glyph up to download AA when its available, but don't bother playing Open Beta because its all being wiped for launch. Maybe use it to test how good your PC performs but no other real reason. It is free after all.

Yeah I had planned to give the OB a run in order to work out my settings and see how this old girl runs.

patch notes up, update for OB is ready for DL on Glyph

Still doesn't even show up on glyph for me

(Edit) Well thats a little odd, i had to go on to the Trion site go to my games click on AA then click the download. It started up then failed asking me if i wanted to repair glyph, i clicked yes. It failed again and told me to shut the app off which i did. I then started again and it asked me if i wanted to repair it so i click yes and it runs for a moment and starts glyph up. This time AA is showing up in the list so i click download and it starts.

So with any luck ill be right now.
Posted 02:55pm 04/9/14
Ah my bad, Open Beta actually starts 5am tomorrow. Boo urns.
Posted 03:26pm 04/9/14
3am dude, I'm going to bed at 9 tonight so I can join the zerg.
Posted 11:50pm 04/9/14
3am dude, I'm going to bed at 9 tonight so I can join the zerg.

Lol see you in the soup mate ;-)
Posted 08:34am 05/9/14
Well i got on to one of the servers, i was in such a rush i didnt see anything of the name except it starts with K and has a Y in it lol. Then i realized all my rushing is for naught anyway because i have a 2 day shooting class i have to work on the weekend. Not to worry its a win win anyway.
Posted 08:42am 13/9/14
So who ended up on what servers and what names are you all using?
Posted 08:44am 13/9/14
I'll be heading onto Kryios, which is apparently the "official" Oceanic server. Name will be Eorl as usual.
Posted 09:04am 13/9/14
I made two characters Taipan and Taipanic, one Nuian and one Elf and i jumped on Kyrios.
Posted 09:50am 13/9/14
I've created a Nuian Sorcerer - Zapo on Kyrios. There is a queue, yay ;)
Posted 10:27am 13/9/14
I keep getting DC'ed when i am loading on to the server after being in the queue :-(
Posted 10:42am 13/9/14
yeah queues everywhere, not a good sign for the free2play launch. I wonder if patrons will get to queue jump?

Only 2 chars slots available as well, would have liked to have seen people who paid get a few extra.

I wont even be able to play this weekend since I have an assignment due Monday.
Posted 11:28am 13/9/14
Yeah my weekend is pretty full as well, i have to head out and get the area i hunt in read for the season which starts in a week. I am way behind.
Posted 01:37pm 16/9/14
Have any of you got a guild yet?
Posted 10:42am 24/9/14
Ill ask again, have any of you got a guild on Kyrios? More specifically the Nuian side?
Posted 04:33pm 25/9/14
We are running a small guild of about 12 people, half NZ and the other half NZ.

Feel free to join us if you want :D

PM Niiva or Solarus
Posted 09:05am 30/9/14
Are west side or east side?
Posted 09:34am 01/10/14
We are West.

Guild Name : Small Farm Raiders
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