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Post by Dan @ 12:21pm 27/08/14 | 33 Comments
Right on schedule, Blizzard has launched the rather significant 2.1.0 patch for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on its North American servers, introducing its new seasons concept as well as greater rifts, leaderboards, itemisation updates and new environments.

A blog post discussing everything can be found here on the battle.net site. As Australian players default to North American servers, you can update right now, but if wanting to Global Play on the European or Asian servers, you might have to wait until those patch.

Watch the overview video below.

diablo 3reaper of soulsblizzardtrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:39pm 27/8/14
Except we can not play due to Lizzard squad being f*** tards
Posted 12:57pm 27/8/14
Lizard squad on your face yo! Say it or we won't stop DDOSing you.

Season character looks boring BUT how good does that goblin portal look.
Posted 03:16pm 27/8/14
Hope those wankers get knocked up big time in low security prison. You only have to look at every other high-flying group of skiddies to know it's less a matter of if, but a matter of when.

Keen as f*** to play this arvo but the mrs has been telling me the login servers are half f***ed. A patch is coming out (second patch already actually) to resolve one or two nigglies at that end.
Posted 03:39pm 27/8/14
Haha Lizzard Squad antiques is hilarious. It sucks for the gaming world but try to see the funny side of itl; they hacked sony website and planted ISIS flag. Funny stuff
Posted 03:46pm 27/8/14
i played this game at launch till around level 40 i think but i didnt enjoy it very much ( i loved d2 ). Is it worth playing again?
Posted 04:08pm 27/8/14
with the expansion, its MUCH MUCH better, its what vanilla D3 should have been. Get the expansion before you get back into it, you will not regret it.
Posted 05:19pm 27/8/14
Haha Lizzard Squad antiques is hilarious. It sucks for the gaming world but try to see the funny side of itl; they hacked sony website and planted ISIS flag. Funny stuff

This is a really sad post. Firstly, it's clear you're not a gamer as this issue wouldn't be so funny. A few minutes here and there, might, just, maybe, possibly, remotely, be funny. Not days. Secondly, it's clear you haven't read much into this because the whole ISIS flag planting thing was something they said figuratively, but never actually did.

As long as it's something for you and your friends to gallivant around school with, however I should educate you a bit on what we don't know:

1: If LizardSquad is just one guy, or actually a group of people.
2: If LizardSquad is actually behind any of the attacks at all. I can make an account and say stuff while my friend smashes networks too.
3: If they are even ISIS at all. Again, I can make an account, and say I'm ISIS, all while my friend smashes networks.
4: If they have any technical prowess beyond childish ddos attacks, as nothing they have done yet signifies anything more than that.

with the expansion, its MUCH MUCH better, its what vanilla D3 should have been. Get the expansion before you get back into it, you will not regret it.

This. 1.8GB of file patching to go pew pew!
Posted 05:31pm 27/8/14
Just played it for about 2 hours with crash. Love the greater rifts, really feel like you're racing against the clock and teamwork is suddenly necessary even at lower Torment levels. Not crazy about the Legendary gems being socketed jewellery only, it sorta renders them completely worthless to me. Haven't been to the vault yet but the goblins are spawning in twos so it's probably just a matter of time.

Takes some getting used to, but overall I'm a fan.
Posted 07:38am 28/8/14
Yeah played it for a few hours last night, although I haven't finish RoS nor do I have a level 70 yet (my Crusader it 68)

I noticed goblins were in twos a few times I got them both down pretty quick but one set ran different ways and I couldn't chase them both down in time.

With the seasons I didn't have the option is that because

1) Hasn't started yet
2) I haven't hit 70 yet
3) I haven't finish RoS yet
Posted 10:46pm 28/8/14
iirc season starts on the 29th?
Posted 08:48am 29/8/14
Today/tonight/tommorow yeah.
Posted 09:37pm 30/8/14
Is it my imagination or is D3 Normal now wayyyy too easy. I just played through Acts I through V in less than a day, and got all the way through it without using a single potion, at level 38. There needs to be an achievement for that :(
Posted 06:43am 31/8/14
Holy s*** the forums are frothing about power leveling, i think there was like people at level 70 farming higher torment rifts within like 4 hours of the season starting

peeps be mad
Posted 07:33am 31/8/14
Some mates and myself are playing Hardcore season finished act 1 last night, make some stupid moves and then realise you can die.

So much achievement spam in chat logs too lol
Posted 09:23am 31/8/14
Yeah, sadly I think the intend of seasons was to make it so there would be more people playing the lower levels, but since people fly through the levels so quickly, it appears to have not achieved that. While you can create a new game and get a group, once I was level 10 or higher I never got anyone bar one player join, so it was pretty much two-man all the way.
Posted 09:24am 31/8/14
F***** crash got in a goblin portal last night, invited me into the game with him (i was in seasons) and I couldn't use the portal. Then I had to listen to him go on about all the s*** he was picking up. 33 million gold he got.
Posted 10:34am 31/8/14
Yeah seasons is bad. Nothing interesting there for me. Most of the guys I rift with also haven't bothered with it. The loot is crap and you have to deal with noobs all over again. I'll stick with the "Paragon 700 steam rollers" as it was put so well in a wiki.

There is an item floating around that adds a socket to an unsocketed weapon. Figured I'd roll a few more Devastators and ended up with a bluddy good one.

Posted 12:16pm 31/8/14


That's my dude - what should I reroll/what skills should I be rocking? I feel like I've got decent s*** but I'm maxxing out around T4.
Posted 02:37pm 31/8/14
Just got home, whats your Bnet? Easier to discuss in game.
Posted 04:02pm 31/8/14
Raven it has nothing to do with getting through normal quickly

basically blizzard attempted to get rid of power leveling by nerfing the specific bounties people used like the cursed cellar and hell rift in act one bounties that you could do with not needing to actually do anything (if you had someone there to clear it for you)

Unfortunately there is still a bounties in act one which doesn't require you to kill any mobs, specifically the miner bounty in act one

so people just rammed that bounty on torment difficulties at low character levels and basically get a level 70 character in 40 minutes so i've read
Posted 10:40pm 31/8/14
Joaby#6688 is me on bnet

And yeah, the Miner's Gold bounty (or whatever it's called) is in Act 2 and there are communities you can join to farm the s*** out of it if you want. Kinda contemplating doing it just to get a Crusader to 70 on PC.
Posted 10:31am 01/9/14
oh it's act 2 ? makes sense i guess, the mine one i'm thinking of in act one actually has a unique at the end you have to kill

it's hard not to want to exploit it when you're sitting there plodding away normally for a couple of days trying to get to level 70, or you could just skip that boring bit and get to level 70 and start farming for gear asap
Posted 01:25pm 01/9/14
I had my brother help power level my Crusader to 70, just turn up the difficulty to Torment and keep back while he slaughtered and I gained the XP, hit a brick wall around 55 though has he started to struggle keeping himself up while I did nothing.

The only problem I had was when he left I had to continue on Normal to get some gear as most of my gear was level 30 crap and I had trouble killing elites on my own.
Posted 01:27pm 01/9/14
In the PS4 version everyone gets levelled up with stats to make them an appropriate strength for the highest level player, which is pretty rad.
Posted 01:30pm 01/9/14
In the PS4 version everyone gets levelled up with stats to make them an appropriate strength for the highest level player, which is pretty rad.

So if I started a PS4 character tomorrow and played with a mate who is 70 T4 my stats would be boosted to match his so I can enjoy a game?

That's cool to ensure there is always co-op games available but what happens with Skills do you still only have a few unlocked as per your level and the gear that drops is for your level as well?
Posted 01:37pm 01/9/14
Yeah you've only got the skills you have unlocked, so you'll be a level 1 rolling around with just your primary (so kinda useless). Gear drops are still level and class appropriate, so you kinda get the power-level experience without the full powerlevel experience. Best bet is to whack it on normal, clear out the story mode asap and then do Adventure on whatever difficulty you want.
Posted 02:07pm 01/9/14
Joaby, you are the only person on my PS4 friends list with D3, i've sent you a ton of f*****g item "Gifts" that i've picked up.
Posted 05:16pm 01/9/14
I'll add you when I get home man.

So.. What is this mine thingy? Can someone explain that in a little more detail? Pref chronological order? I don't bounty so I'll be wanting this part to be simple and sweet.

RE Powerleveling: Get your mate who has a 70 season to join your game. You start with a level 1 season toon, and put it on T6 (if it lets you) and your friend, if capable, can power level you within one hour to max. - Because D3 story is average.
Posted 08:04am 02/9/14
Joaby, you are the only person on my PS4 friends list with D3, i've sent you a ton of f*****g item "Gifts" that i've picked up.

Haha I was wondering why I had so many legendaries from just the one person. I don't think I've even sent you a single one 0_0
Posted 02:29pm 07/9/14
Ph33x, Crash and I made Hellfire Amulets yesterday. I think mine is a downgrade, although it does let me drop to 0% health twice before actually dying - once through Unstable Anomaly, which I rolled on the Amulet, and once more through Firebird's 4 set bonus. This is helpful when I keep standing in the fire. I can solo T4 now, which is cool!
Posted 08:26pm 07/9/14
I rolled another one today but it was terrible. Also the other 3 people rolled bad ones too. About to finish farming a third. :)

My new spec is great but the trials don't suit. I find myself getting 22-24 rifts from a trial but then I smash through them really fast.
Posted 10:35pm 07/9/14
nice man. Did you work out a more efficient way to farm keys? I was starting to think by the end that we might have been better off if we all stuck to one map on the larger ones, because we killed too much time trying to get safe to TP.
Posted 11:13pm 07/9/14
Yeah, worked out today the key masters still drop a certain key, there's just a chance it will drop various other keys. Bones is Misery, War is Stonefort, Evil is Spire, and the last is Dahlgur.

We ended up farming 2 locations to catch up with all of our excess keys, and ended up with about 18 total. Got the third, again average. Went for a 4th and 4 T6 bosses in a row dropped no items. Certainly the hardest item to farm a good one imo.
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