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Post by Eorl @ 11:05am 22/08/14 | 12 Comments
Valve's first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has turned another year older, and to help celebrate this milestone the developer has introduced exploding chickens into the game. Yes, exploding chickens.

Jumping into the game you'll discover that all the chickens roaming around on the various maps are equipped with party-themed hats for the occasion. Pointing a gun at said chicken and pulling the trigger will not only explode said chicken, but bring about a shower of confetti in true birthday spirit. Get out there and celebrate!

Are you still playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Happen to miss out on last week's Cologne 2014 ESL One tournament? Check out the full coverage over here to see all the action.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:22am 22/8/14
I just started playing this recently. The new Demolition mode is what CS Lightning should have been. It is very quick and to the point, the maps are fun and for some reason the elitist scumbags that populate Counter-strike so heavily don't play it, they stick to casual mode.

They didn't change Dust or Dust-2 layout haha.

Still no Oilrig (the best CS map ever).

last edited by Eorl at 12:11:05 22/Aug/14
Posted 12:18pm 22/8/14

Posted 12:29pm 22/8/14
Agree still no Oil Rig :(
Posted 01:13pm 22/8/14
Black Gold is the new oilrig, and its pretty fun when everyone knows the map.
Posted 01:22pm 22/8/14
That is in this new fangled operation breakout stuff. What happens to those maps when the operation ends, do they stay?

Posted 02:00pm 22/8/14
Yeah they are permanent additions I believe. I don't really like Black Gold, too campy.
Posted 02:13pm 22/8/14
Unfortunately not Eorl. The Operation ends and the maps get removed. The only time one made it in was de_cache after the community asked for months for it to be added.
Posted 02:17pm 22/8/14
Looks like the CS community has finally chosen.

Been playing a bit over the last day or so and it has improved a lot in gameplay and polish since the beta.

I read that the matchmaking is one of the major reasons CSGO has taken off after a slow release.
Posted 02:23pm 22/8/14
Yeah the matchmaking works quite well. I dunno about matching up skill level though.
Posted 02:56pm 22/8/14
Oh poop then d^, I like most of the new maps. Castle is by far my fave, a lot of ways to flank meaning you have to be on your toes and can't just camp to win.
Posted 03:06pm 22/8/14
So what are people paying for?
Posted 03:26pm 22/8/14
Yeah i just started playing again for about 2 weeks now. Do like the competition match making. Slowly getting better at it as its alot different to the other CS's
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