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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:30pm 21/08/14 | 5 Comments
Friend of the site, Cameron Lee, might as well write for us permanently. He's appeared in numerous interviews with us over the past two years and remains one of the best voices for getting information regarding BioWare's next major project -- Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Speaking with Nathan Lawrence from the Gamescom showfloor, the Aussie ex-pat talks at length about the game's tone and mood, about how an inquisition isn't actually a bad thing, and about how there are no Lightsabers in their new, massive open-world action-RPG.

Click here for another Cameron Lee Dragon Age: Inquisition developer interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:37pm 21/8/14
Interesting. The worst thing I find in RPGs, especially Deus Ex, is that I really want to explore every nook and cranny sometimes, and if there is a timer or critical aspect that progresses the story and you can't go back, that itch just doesn't get scratched. His explanation for the story sounds complex, but if done right I think I would prefer it
Posted 08:07am 22/8/14
Well it certainly sounds like hey are doing a much, much better job than Dragon Age 2.

In my mind this game and The Witcher 3 are going head to head, in which case I'm putting my bets down on The Witcher 3. Part of that is because every time I think of dragon age, the bitter taste of DA2 is still remembered. Hopefully Cameron and friends can break that curse and bring us a classic.

Posted 09:10am 22/8/14
Yeah I did not enjoy the last 2 dragon age games, they had potential but in the end I lost interest very quickly in both of them (more so the 2nd then the first).

From what i've seen of the third it looks promising, but I almost couldn't be f***ed playing it on the basis that I haven't heavily followed the first 2 enough to know whats going on in the story or the lore of the land.
Posted 12:19am 23/8/14
Does it have Co-op? If so It will be a game I get on release.

If not I cant really see a point in it for myself. I really dont enjoy singleplayer games much anymore - they just dont have any longevity for me. Like everything in life - its better with other people.
Posted 01:26am 23/8/14
I'm the opposite, I find myself enjoying single player games more these days and multiplayer games less. I'm enjoying games more for the stories they tell these days, since multiplayer inevitably means playing online with a bunch of tosspots, which just sucks the fun out of a game for me.

On topic though, I'm pretty sure Dragon Age doesn't do multiplayer, its always been a purely single player experience. If this one does have multiplayer it'd be an additional game mode of some kind, like the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was.
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