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Post by Eorl @ 01:45pm 15/08/14 | 16 Comments
Ubisoft said today that it is seeking to take Windows PC gaming way more seriously, as the platform continues to make gains against rivals.

With a notorious anti-piracy system in its past, and a habit of releasing PC versions of games after console versions, Ubisoft has faced its share of criticism from PC gamers. But the company said today it is seeking to focus more on the needs of PC gamers, through simplified DRM activation and a greater commitment to multi-platform releases.
"We listen to feedback from players and continue to adapt accordingly," said European boss Alain Corre in an interview with MCV. "For instance, we switched to a simple, one-time activation for our PC games; a standard practice in the industry. We're also doing our best to bring our games to PC at the same time as the console versions."

"We recognise the importance and needs of PC gamers, and want to continue to improve how we create and support games for PC," he said. "We are committed to improving the optimisation of our games for each platform on which they're released, including PC."
Although versions of big Ubisoft games have eventually made their way to PC in the past, they have tended to trail weeks and even months behind, leaving a large gap in building launch hype parity. Changes to this can already be seen with both Assassin's Creed: Unity and Far Cry 4 being released simultaneously on console and PC come October 28th and November 18th, respectively.

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Posted 02:28pm 15/8/14

I'll believe it when I see it.
Posted 03:17pm 15/8/14
"Although PC versions of big Ubisoft games have been released alongside console versions in the past, they have tended to trail weeks and even months behind."

Does this comment not make sense to anyone else, or is it just me?
Posted 05:30pm 15/8/14
Well i think this might be a bit of fluff way back when Pandora Tomorrow was released there was a huge uproar over the 3 alarm system so out of sheer spite they made Chaos Theory and took a dig at all the moaners, at the beginning of the boat level when Sam is informed of the alarm system he asks 3 alarms and its over? and the response from third echelon "this is not a video game" then just to show everybody whose boss they include the horrible Star-Force .

And despite their best efforts to put every one in their place they inadvertently created one of the best games ever made.
Posted 05:48pm 15/8/14
I think Glynd pretty much sums everything up everything I had to say in that single image.
Posted 07:39pm 15/8/14
"Although PC versions of big Ubisoft games have been released alongside console versions in the past, they have tended to trail weeks and even months behind."

Does this comment not make sense to anyone else, or is it just me?

Makes perfect sense to me.
Posted 07:43pm 15/8/14
My first reaction was to laugh at this, and that was my final reaction, too.
Posted 11:46pm 15/8/14
Too late ubisoft
Posted 05:58am 16/8/14
Heh, this sounds like it's coming off the heels of an Ubisoft person saying he could double League of Legends revenue if they would only let him.

Classic Ubisoft, who have not ONCE - since maybe the original Ghost Recon game - demonstrated they understand or care about the PC gaming market. The trials and tribulations of StarForce plus their casual attitude to ports, not to mention their terrible online service just getting in the way of everything... they just have so much ground to cover.

I'd love to see this change; they have some great properties, their people are awesome and they make solid games. But it'll take more than mere words for me to even look at an Ubisoft PC game again.
Posted 04:03pm 16/8/14
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:21pm 16/8/14
Get rid of that Uplay thing and I might consider buying your games. There's a few of their indie type games on Steam that I wouldn't mind playing but I couldn't be bothered.
Posted 05:21pm 16/8/14
F*****g lol.
Posted 08:16pm 16/8/14
Ubisoft Pledges to take PC Gaming more Seriously and no one listened.
Posted 01:18am 17/8/14
Valiant hearts was pretty good till all the qte's came into it. They do make good games.
But thats the french for you. Snooty as f*** and need a punch in the giant nose.
Posted 02:06am 17/8/14
Posted 03:45am 17/8/14
Publishers who are c**** about things, invite piracy of their offerings.
Publishers, grow up, evolve, learn and prosper instead of exploiting the next generation of consumers.

Publishers, stop punishing your developers for your inadequacies, your short sightedness and failing business models.
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