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Post by Dan @ 09:04am 12/08/14 | 4 Comments
As Promised, Activision and Sledgehammer Games revealed the first multiplayer footage from the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this year's addition to the publishers hugely successful shooter franchise.

As you'd expect, the video features an absurd amount of action, and offers a bit of an evolution from the standard Call of Duty formula with the introduction of the exoskeleton tech.
Three years in the making, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare delivers a new level of tactical combat on all platforms, giving players all-new frenetic ways to move, starting with the power of the exoskeleton. The new gameplay abilities, movements, perks and mechanics expand the verticality of sightlines and maneuverability, increasing the amount of strategic options available to players, while staying true to Call of Duty's fast, fluid multiplayer experience. Players can combine these new mechanics for offensive, defensive and overall evasive maneuvers unlike anything ever seen in Call of Duty.

Also, the much loved Pick 10 create-a-class is back with even more customizable options than before with Pick 13. Gamers can now choose their favorite scorestreaks, which are fully customizable, and include them in their preferred class, raising the bar on personalization from top to bottom. The introduction of co-operative scorestreaks also allows friends to experience Call of Duty multiplayer together in a new way, as for the first time ever, two players can now join a scorestreak and work co-operatively.

The technology of the future in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare wouldn't be complete without advancement in weapon technology, beginning with the debut of a directed energy class of weapons. This all-new weapon class for Call of Duty uses the power of focused energy to overcome enemies and relies on tactical heat management instead of reloads. Players can test out this new class, along with all their weapons, on the new Virtual Firing Range, a brand new feature that allows players to instantly test-drive their favorite weapon loadout with the click of a button before the next match starts.
The multiplayer reveal also accompanied the announcement that pre-order customers who order what is being referred to as the Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare Day One Edition (but is the same price as the regular one) will be granted a one day head start on the regular launch date.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:16am 12/8/14
I was giving AW benefit of the doubt but there is nothing new here gameplay wise, apart from jumping higher and some Battlefield-lite environment mechanics.
Posted 09:32am 12/8/14
Low health pools (or high damage weapons) tend to force players to camp, so unless they've got hardcore elements in place to curb cautious play I worry that the many one-shot kill weapons you see in the trailer will encourage even more prone-in-corners style gameplay.

And I mean, I don't have a philosophical issue with camping in games, because some games are suited to it. But with the pace of the movement in the trailer it's clear they're going for something different, something other than hiding in corners.

I dunno though, high jumping, energy weapons that act like the lightning gun and seemingly pretty big maps seem pretty cool. I'll have to try it myself to see, or maybe read a hands-on preview by Steve Farrelly or something.
Posted 09:42am 12/8/14
You flying to America to review this one Joaby?
Posted 10:15am 12/8/14
Probably not dude. Would be nice though.
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