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Post by Eorl @ 03:04pm 08/08/14 | 15 Comments
Responsible for countless games across multiple platforms, it looks like the decade-old video game developer Sierra may just be getting a reboot of itself, with publisher Activision revealing a brand-new splash page complete with new logo.

Work from Sierra ranges from various well-known franchises, including King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Ultimate and even Gabriel Knight. Not only did they develop games but Sierra also published titles like Valve's Half-Life 2, and now it appears they are coming back with an all-new project, set to be revealed at this year's Gamescom.

Having fallen under Activision's umbrella back in 2008, Sierra has been very quiet on just what they are doing, though it does indeed look like Activision are dusting off the snowy mountains and bringing in a new franchise. Check out the new logo trailer below.

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Posted 03:42pm 08/8/14
New King's Quest!
Posted 03:45pm 08/8/14
Half Life 3 Confirmed
Posted 04:00pm 08/8/14
A new Gabriel Knight would be pretty sweet
Posted 04:15pm 08/8/14
A new Gabriel Knight would be pretty sweet

My word yes. I can't see Tim Curry refusing to take that phone call.
Posted 04:24pm 08/8/14
Police Quest 7 Swat 5


Let me outlay my idea for a swat game for you all.

You play Bill Crichton, a detective in the LA PD with a mortgage, a sick wife and a dead kid. You run a special taskforce in one of the s***tier parts of LA. You specialise in no-knock warrants and asset seizures, usually of stolen property or property bought with (alleged) drug money. Your taskforce is pretty happy with the current scenario. One day, during a routine situation you catch your team (who went in first) setting up dead bodies to create avenues where they were allowed to use lethal force. From that mission onwards, you can either choose to help them with this illegality or you can turn a blind eye.

The game works in phases. You have a planning phase, ala Rainbow Six. You look at a map, work out where you'll go and what you'll do and then you execute it. Here you can assign squad mates to various roles. The trick here is that if you're a bad cop, you can use this phase to work out how to get away with loot. If you're a good cop, there's a chance your team mates won't follow your orders in an attempt to get you killed.

Then you move to phase two - the takedown. You bust in, cap fools, leave. If you're a bad cop, you probably shoot everyone so you can get away with the theft. If you're a good cop you have to follow the rules of engagement the same way you did in Swat 4. Announce your presence, tell them to drop their weapons, opt for non-lethal takedowns etc.

Finally you have the setup phase. If you're a bad cop you have to make sure the scene looks like it fit with the rules of engagement. Dead people have to have guns or items that could be guns, there needs to be gunfire in the direction of your team, etc. And you need to bag up loot (but not so much loot that it seems suspicious). If you're a good cop you have to account for evidence on the scene (you don't do this during the mission like SWAT 4).

As the game continues, IA starts to hunt your team down and make your life a living hell. As the good cop you can't afford to rat out your team mates because there's no WitSec scenario where your life can continue to get the treatment she needs while you disappear, but your team mates will make your life more and more perilous, trying to get you killed to cover their own arses. As a bad cop you find yourself with less and less time to clear evidence as IA strives to be on the scene sooner. Eventually (either way) your team pisses off a cartel who aren't crazy about anyone stealing from them. Eventually they give you an ultimatum -- hand over a large sum of cash or watch your family die. Of course the rub is -- as a good cop you can't afford the ever increasing burden of your wife's treatment and she dies. You have no family to lose to the cartel, so you have a bunch of options. Help your team with their big score to get them out from under the cartel, go witness for the state and take your team down, help your team and f*** them over to get them killed. Options yeah? As a bad cop you have the same options, except you have far, far less time to steal cash because the IA is up your arse.

The trick of the game is being corrupt enough to keep IA off your arse so you can get away with a big score while still keeping your family alive. Of course none of it matters, because no matter happens everyone in your family is murdered in one of the most brutal cut-scenes in video game history.
Posted 04:33pm 08/8/14
I don't want Activision near my SWAT series thanks.
The Nerfatar
Posted 04:39pm 08/8/14
Sorry guys but it's a new Quest for Glory. It's gotta be. I can feel it.
Posted 04:53pm 08/8/14
Nah come on, new Space Quest please.
Posted 06:54pm 08/8/14
Stuff these adult games, I want another Mixed Up Mother Goose game!
Posted 07:54pm 08/8/14
Pfft, they need to make another one of these

I played the s*** out of this back when my Brother first got a PC back in 95-96
Posted 02:09am 09/8/14
How about a new Laura Bow mystery!
Posted 06:18am 09/8/14
No mention of Sierra games is complete without a link to http://sarien.net
Posted 05:03pm 10/8/14
Joaby:Police Quest 7 Swat 5.

"choose to help them with this illegality or you can turn a blind eye."

Iff you turn a blind eye i would have thought that would constitute "helping" so your choice of in-game morality is rather c***eyed.

Also being the bad cop and rearranging dead bodies is well, maybe you should rename him stupid cop.

Then eventually,eventually the IA is up your arse.

Some how i can't see this getting released in Australia what with all this date plugging going on.
Posted 06:13pm 10/8/14

decade-old video game developer Sierra

More like decades old!
Posted 10:29pm 10/8/14
Back in the 80s me and a mate from school would split our pocket money, then buy one of these games split the cost in half and photocopy the manual...
Needed to know the 3rd word on the 4th line of page 7! DRM at it's finest.

But they were actually good games, from a genre that will never seen the light of day again.

(also Alley Cat was pretty awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFRYcShKyOk no one would ever need more than 16 colours. )
It was also a well written piece of software, it works exactly the same today as it did back then! Most DOS games run at a million miles an hour.

Also ... gorillas.bas
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