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Post by Eorl @ 10:59am 07/08/14 | 9 Comments
Twitch users will now need to be ever more vigilant with the music that they play during their streams and gameplay videos. Starting today, will implement a new YouTube-like scanning method to find and remove copyrighted audio played on user videos, which can include in-game and ambient music.

In an announcement on their blog, Twitch says it has partnered with software company Audible Magic, which works with the music industry, "to scan past and future [videos-on-demand] for music owned or controlled by" its clients. If that scan identifies a recorded video that infringes upon a copyright claim, the video's audio will be muted for a 30-minute block in which that song appears. An example of that can be found here, which makes the point of a gameplay video rather dull.

According to Twitch the practice will only be applied to pre-recorded video on demand, meaning live broadcasts are safe for now. Funnily enough, the practice is already hurting legitimate recordings include Valve's Dota 2 - The International channel and even Twitch's own official channel, pointing out the obvious flaws in the rather draconian rule.

Twitch says it's "voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners." They've also offered a solution to those who have already been hit with the content ID flag, noting that "if you believe that your video has been flagged improperly and that you have cleared the rights to all of the sound recordings in your uploaded video, then we will consider unmuting your video if you send us a counter-notification that is compliant with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ('DMCA')."

It seems the draconian acts don't stop there, with Twitch also revealing that they will begin deleting archives of past broadcasts, beginning in three weeks time. For those wanting to save their archived videos, Twitch recommends exporting them now before they are wiped clean from their servers. Sadly, no real reason was given as to why now the deletion is happening, but we have a feeling the recent purchase by YouTube could be a hint.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:57am 07/8/14
I've got onto a lot of new bands because of random videos that use their songs, it's actually free exposure to new audiences.

I could understand the big recording artists not needing this, but there are really small time artists that have their music copyrighted too, so it just seems ridiculous to prevent people from using it.

I would prefer if any ad revenue is being generated from said videos, then the artists should get a percentage of the earnings, then everyone wins.
Posted 12:00pm 07/8/14
Im confused I thought DMCA required copyright holders to lodge a complaint first? It seems like now the onus is on the uploader which is really going to hurt Twitch imo.

Still confused why they are doing this...
Posted 12:18pm 07/8/14
Google scratching everyone's backs. Everyone will get richer because of these new moves.

Everyone, except us users.
Posted 12:36pm 07/8/14
RIP twitch
Posted 12:42pm 07/8/14
If I was making music right now I'd be throwing it out onto the internet for free and hoping people like it enough to buy a download of it. I'd understand this move if it was 2004 and the internet hadn't already killed the record industry, but it seems to me they're just holding on for dear life.
Posted 03:36pm 07/8/14
Looks like we have to find another streaming site to use.
Posted 03:38pm 07/8/14
Copyright, the polar opposite to competition.
Posted 03:48pm 07/8/14
I've read that it's already ruined a lot of replays of games casted and such by cutting out chunks of audio.
Posted 03:52pm 07/8/14
Switch, more like.
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