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Post by Eorl @ 10:33am 01/08/14 | 4 Comments
While the dust is still settling on Path of Exile's first mini-expansion, Sacrifice of the Vaal, New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games is ready to rock the free-to-play action RPG world with its second mini-expansion, Forsaken Masters.

As you could guess from the expansion's title, players will cross paths with the seven Forsaken Masters, who will task you with completing various missions and quests across the world. Gain the trust of these masters and you'll be given access to be better bonuses and skill upgrades.
"The seven Masters each have their own style of mission and each mission has many potential circumstances" the press release describes. "As players delve deeper into the realm of Wraeclast, the pool of available mission variations increases, offering players new and unexpected challenges -- all of which can occur anywhere in the game."
Alongside these new missions and NPCs, players will also have the chance to customise a secret Hideout, accessible after gaining "a Master's trust." Also featuring Rampage and Beyond Challenge Leagues, revamped boss fights, new lore, new Unique items, new support and skill gems, a PvP Spectator Mode, and dozens of other additions, Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters will offer players a robust augmentation to the game's already highly replayable experience.

Grinding Gear Games also took it upon themselves to go through older content, revamping bosses and adding in breadcrumbs of new lore for players to discover, with snippets of Wraeclast's history scattered throughout the existing acts. Additionally, large portions of the Passive Skill Tree have been redesigned, particularly in the Witch, Shadow, and outer Ranger class areas.

More information on the new mini-expansion can be found at the splash page, but the most important part is that Forsake Masters will be launching on August 21st for Australia and New Zealand.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:59pm 01/8/14
Awesome, can't wait :)
Posted 12:14am 02/8/14
Have they fixed their horrible de-sync issues?
Posted 11:12am 02/8/14
MoulaZX - Sadly not. I've just decided to play a cast on crit build as that doesn't suffer from desync anywhere near as much.

The day they finally fix that is the day I can play my cyclone discharger CoC build again :(
Posted 05:18pm 02/8/14

I really loved the game, despite my personal dislike of the currency system, it was just an fun game. But the more I progressed and the more builds I tried, the more I realized how frustrating the constant de-sync issue is, rendering some builds too difficult solely on the de-sync issue basis and pushing harder content makes you move forward more timidly then you probably should, and don't get me started on hardcore.

From memory I had a few Level 50+ and the rest of my characters were 25+
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