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Post by Eorl @ 09:04am 30/07/14 | 14 Comments
Electronic Arts has announced a new $5-a-month subscription plan with Xbox One that will give those willing to pay a monthly subscription fee access to select Xbox One games. The subscription, which is rolling out in limited beta to select people today, will be available as a monthly or annual subscription.

EA Access membership unlocks what EA calls "The Vault," a collection of EA games on Xbox One that users can download and play whenever they want. During the beta, gamers will have unlimited access to FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 - with more titles to be added "soon."

EA Access members will also save 10 percent on purchases of EA digital content for Xbox One offered through the Xbox Games Store; access to games five days earlier than the rest of the unwashed masses - starting with Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA LIVE 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more and other perks to be announced at a later date.

You can join EA Access for $4.99 per month, or you can purchase an annual membership for $29.99 per year on Xbox LIVE. To learn more about the system, head over to the official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:12am 30/7/14
would be great apart from the following 5 points

1. it's EA, and f*** EA
2. the limited current range
3. the likely hood of a price increase with a range increase
4. f*** EA, cause EA suck
5. the range isn't likely to include expansions, that will still cost extra, and with the way EA does some it's games, that going to nerf the enjoyment, battlefield without the extras is pretty plain
Posted 09:17am 30/7/14
That actually sound pretty cool, especially for $5 a month. It could be a useful avenue for trying before you buy too


I think it's unfair to have 2 points hating on EA, and with their limited range, I'm pretty sure those are the biggest games they have available at the moment (besides a couple of titles, like PvZ). It's only just been announced, so it'll definitely grow, and I might subscribe when it does.

As for points 3 and 5, I do agree. The service is ripe for abuse if EA so desires
Posted 09:25am 30/7/14
points 1 and 4 relate pretty strongly to the likely hood of 3 and 5 happening

also, while on my small EA hate soap box, why cant origin remember your password on a update, steam can, hell, minecraft can, why not origin, its a small thing but it really does mean i'm even less likely to use origin over a more friendly system
Posted 09:26am 30/7/14
No way I would do this. Grow a spine ppl.
Posted 09:39am 30/7/14
Doesn't Early Access in this case sound a lot more like holding games to ransom? It sounds like you will have to pay full price for new release games (10% discount is bulls*** since you will be paying the Australian tax) on top of the subscription all so you can play the game "early" or in other words, not the delayed version.

And since EA has the worlds worst track record of releasing games well before they are finished, you will basically be paying to experience game breaking bugs even faster than everyone else.
Posted 07:16pm 30/7/14
much like deadlyf alluded to; aren't we all essemtially playing 'EA early access content' when purchasing an EA game within the first say, 12 months post release?

Not gonna lie; if it were anyone else this might have an appeal. But the combination of EA and this happening on console really doesn't sound like a good deal. (Does anyone else remember a time when Consoles were great because there wasn't 'patching' required?)
Posted 09:58pm 30/7/14
So you pay $5.00 a month to access 'selected' games when you want, but the new games you get a short time earlier for a 10% discount... This would be more tempting if it unlocked their full catalog,

$29.99 for the year isn't alot of money I can see alot of people taking this up, with EA being as big as it is alot of people are going to take this offer up I can only seeing this catching on with other publishers as another option to secure money from their consumers on a regular basis, I can't see any difference with an MMO model you pay for the base game, pay a subscription for content and then still need to buy the Xpacs.

I don't see a big deal I'm not going to subscribe and I'm going to assume alot of people on this forum wont either but think off all the mum and dad shoppers who shop at EB for their kids because it's convenient they will catch onto this.

Sony have announced they wont be doing this as they don't see the value so they have done the math for us.
Posted 10:58pm 30/7/14
eorl, this is a direct copy and paste from choice

The subscription service lets you play games over the internet rather than buying a digital download or physical disk. While US gamers pay US $4.99 a month (exchanges to $5.32 AUS) or US$29.99 per year (exchanges to $31.96 AUS), Australians will need to fork out $6.99 a month or $39.99 per year.

it would appear that EA are offering a d*** price to aussies
Posted 12:16am 31/7/14
All I can say is that Sony that turned them down as they didn't see the value. Microsoft are becoming more desperate to get into the black so thet may be taking deals that are basically exchanging small amounts of money in Exchange for potentially catastrophic loss of brand value.

That said, didn't a lot of people say the same about Battlefield Premium? I am a member of that and have not complained once, I think it is a great package. A yearly subscription to play a game 5 days early (to brag on Twitter/Twitch I guess- is there any other advantage?) is a long way from tangible value.

Lastly, is it the full game? Multi only? First it waas Disney fast pass, then the Atlanta Freeway were you can bypass traffic for $120 a month- now the more well off get early game access. Do they still came to the land of the free and home of the brave or is it just a tax haven where the rich get treated like movie stars and everyone is okay with it. Imagine going to the train station to buy a ticket and a guy could cut in front of the queue and then yell out "It's okay, I'm paying double. I don't know why you bottom feeders don't. Ha, losers" In Oz some colourful language would be used at the VERY least.

I also don't blame EA alone (though they are obviously culpable), the market forces existed for a while, they just took the next step. The CEO's job is to keep the shareholders happy while not pissing off customers too much. Frankly, not a job I would want.
Posted 11:21am 31/7/14

All I can say is that Sony that turned them down as they didn't see the value.

They turned them down as it under cuts the prices for PS Now. PS Now prices are f*****g stupid.

Here you go. Darksiders - 5 days of game play $5.99 - Gameplay time as soon as you open the game. So if you open the game, then close and for some reason have to be away for 5 days f*** you you don't get to play that game unless you pay for money.

Thats more expensive than the EA access thing, you only get one game and a f*** tonne shorter time period.

Hmm $5 for a months worth of access to how ever many games are in the vault (4 at the moment) or $5.99 for 5 days of access to one game.

Yep Sony are right EA Access is CLEARLY a bad value compared tot he superior value provided by PS Now.

That last line was sarcasm in case you didn't get it.
Posted 11:26am 31/7/14
it might only be a small thing, but it is $7 a month or $40 a year

i say bring on steam OS, letting you play those games you got for your system 8 years ago on your new system without hassle
Posted 11:38am 31/7/14

They turned them down as it under cuts the prices for PS Now. PS Now prices are f*****g stupid.

does sony set the price or the publisher? i'm guessing the publisher.
Posted 04:51pm 31/7/14
F*** that s***. Here's the current situation: We buy games for full price ('AAA' games like BF4, which are still high priced) then we need to pay monthly fees for a walled-garden service, which is also s*** I might add - for many reasons, all the way to all the dd0s bulls***. Allow a handful of Aussie companies to host BF servers to all the meaty targets are mostly in the one building. Servers they are f***ed half the time. Paying for s*** that doesn't work properly, with a piss poor effort at service (See AG Rental forum as a shining example)

Now, we're going to pay monthly for games, and monthly for the servers. Soon after we'll have another monthly fee if we want to use procon (not including the monthly fee we already pay for procon, but at least the prices are sane). What I think should happen is we pay what we think a game is worth (In EA's case, f*** all) and as they patch it and add features people actually want, we pay them more. Almost through a donation system. I think we'd all agree we'd pay well for a game which is fun and works properly.

I can only advise that everyone here boycotts monthly fees for trash from EA. Please be that death knell we really need.

Early access = beta test. Now we can pay for that awesome privilege.
Posted 11:19pm 31/7/14
sadly ph33x, i'm sure that there will be those of the younger generations that haven't built a collection, and this will appeal to those, and there will be deals to attract, and they will be hooked into it, they wont have the need to move on

look, I dont think that ea is rolling in the fat cash stacks that it would like, origin might not have the legs that was first thought (I can only hope, I really dont like the idea of more than one player in the field of online sales that also produce titles, gog does it pretty well, and valve doesn't to a bad job (in valves case I honestly think that the users interest are put quite highly)
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