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Post by Eorl @ 10:35am 26/07/14 | 21 Comments
Sony Pictures has today announced that Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed title The Last of Us will not only be seeing a remastered version on PlayStation 4, but will also be seeing a silver screen release in the not-to-distant future.

Details are still to come on just what the movie will entail, with knowledge on what the movie's storyline will entail. Producer Sam Raimi, who is very well known for his work on the Evil Dead series, has apparently been contracted to work on the film. Sony hasn't confirmed who will be playing Joel and Ellie of the game, however according to some fans at the booth Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) has been name dropped for Joel while Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark has apparently been contacted to play as Ellie.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more on the movie soon enough, but until then you can stare at the first-ever poster release below. What are your thoughts on video games to movie adaptations? Was Super Mario the best movie ever made? Let us know in the comments!

the last of ussam raimisony movie production
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 26/7/14
Whilst I'm sure Maise Williams will be fantastic for this role, I just wouldn't help myself seeing her as Ayra Stark especially if she were to run around with a bow & arrow, it would just be weird.

I still think Ellen Page should play Ellie
Pablitos Way
Posted 01:33pm 26/7/14
Bruce Campbell as Joel, absolutely not don't F*** with this film already with that nonsense...we need a quality actor to play as Joel, maybe Hugh Jackman...
Posted 01:47pm 26/7/14
I reckon Gerard Butler as Joel, I could definitely see that
Posted 01:54pm 26/7/14
Bruce Campbell is way too old and fat, Ellen Page is also too old.

Gerard Butler could work or Josh Brolin, Wolverine would also fit.
Posted 02:15pm 26/7/14
Man Sony is riding the train with this game. Honestly, the game felt somewhat more movie than game. All you'd need to do is practically film some of the gameplay action sequences for film and you'd pretty much be done.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but when will games find their own innovative way for story telling rather than trying to copy Hollywood so as to appear legit to the world or something.
Posted 02:26pm 26/7/14
Hugh Jackman has similar roles under his belt - could see it easily.

Prisoners comes to mind.
Posted 04:29pm 26/7/14
raimi is the producer, not the director.

also, bruce campbell is a terrible choice for joel.
Posted 07:05pm 27/7/14
could imagine Sam Worthington as a good casting for Joel, maybe Jude Law?
Posted 08:58pm 27/7/14
Jude Law could play the girl
Posted 08:28am 28/7/14
it's not like I'm making the prop pieces for another remake of Titanic ;p

Kate would be a good choice still, probably
Posted 01:17pm 28/7/14
Jude Law could play the girl

Hahaha well said.
Posted 02:11pm 28/7/14
Sam Worthington

F*** no, we want a good actor please.
Posted 05:07pm 28/7/14
I think Viggo Mortensen would make for a great Joel, I thought Viggo was fantastic in The Road.

Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and Brad Pitt would also be great actors for Joel. I don't know if Bruce Campbell make for a good Joel.

Maise Williams on the other hand seems like an excellent choice for Ellie in my opinion.
Posted 05:30pm 28/7/14
Maise Williams on the other hand seems like an excellent choice for Ellie in my opinion.

agreed. my picks for joel would be hugh jackman or josh brolin.
Posted 08:24pm 28/7/14
Danny DeVito as Ellie.
Posted 08:39pm 28/7/14
Christian Bale as whoever, and that Kick Ass chick for the chick.
Posted 10:23pm 28/7/14
Bruce would be ok, die his hair, and getting into shape etc is something actors do all the time, infact sometimes they must get super fat or super thin for rolls. So being FAT isn't a show stopper.

He looks the part there, the question is, his style of acting may not suit the character, however his latest movies do seem to show his more serious side. But Joel does have a comical side of him, so you don't want to have a robot playing the part.
Posted 10:25pm 28/7/14
Yeah for Joel I see:

1. Gerard Butler
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Viggo Mortensen
4. Christian Bale

They are all A list dudes though, would be hard to get them for a pic like this I imagine. Gerard did that Gamers movie and does slightly more indie films, so he might be up for it.

Defo Ellen Page for Ellie, it's basically her.

I'm hopeful this will be good.
Posted 05:00am 04/8/14
I think that they should make a some what unknown cast to film this movie. I've seen a girl named Emily Browning in a few movies (Sucker Punch, The Uninvited). Which she is older like Ellen Page, but c'mon now... Ellen Page already joined up with a game around the same time The Last Of Us came out. If you're a true gamer you would know Beyond Two Souls. If that game made a movie then obviously their main character would be Ellen. My opinion: Masie Williams doesn't even look like Ellie's character.
Posted 05:19am 05/8/14
Yeah I'm aware of that game, but come on.. Elle looks exactly like Ellen Page!
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