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Post by Dan @ 03:50pm 23/07/14 | 24 Comments
Bethesda and id Software gave attendees of the recent QuakeCon 2014 event the first look at DOOM, their self-described reimagining of one of the most important franchises in the history of the first person shooter genre.

Through first hand accounts of the Quakecon demo, we've learnt quite a bit about , but a lot of questions remain.

The original Doom games are very dear to my heart, having had a significant impact on my tastes as fan of videogames in general, so I got to thinking about what I'd like to see in a return to the series. What elements and features make a Doom game?

Read on for my thoughts on the matter, and please share your own in the comments.

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Posted 04:50pm 23/7/14
I never played multiplayer for Doom, I figure nothing compares with Quake anyway.

So for me:
Easy to kill enemies (for the lulz)
Really hard to kill enemies (for the stress)
Intense sound effects
No boring story of Doom 3, just "you're a lone survivor, good luck not dying as you try to escape this chaos, ps here are some awesome guns"
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:06pm 23/7/14
I loved the first couple of Doom games but after the 3rd I think I'll wait for a TB preview.
Posted 06:25pm 23/7/14
Needs to be around 2 decades old.
Posted 07:00pm 23/7/14
A double-barreled shotgun.


Co-op. If it doesn't have co-op it can f*** right off.

More later.
Posted 07:04pm 23/7/14
1. Crowd control gameplay. Lots of big and small guys to fight simultaneously.
2. Dynamic gore, colourful and fluid. Smoking-flaming-flying appendages always impress in violent games. Preferably with smoke trails.
3. Reasonably level maps, less climbing up ladders and stairs
4. Constantly moving, no hide and seek.
5. Lots of boss battles.
6. Terror sounds, horror. Bone chilling.
7. Long gameplay, loads of maps to play.
8. Lava pits, demons, the feeling of being pitted against everything at once.

This lists what I prefer in my FPS's and I know the original doom1/2 didn't have some of them but the world has moved on since. Games do need a tempo, a way to keep the player alert. Having hosted and admin'd a lot of l4d2 games I think that players enjoy dynamics, craziness, and being overwhelmed by hoards. I get a lot of compliments from players for the changes I've made to games, so I'm pretty sure I'm right about a lot of these things. But you can't please everyone. Unfortunately, about 1/4 to 1/3 of players just leave when it gets a bit too silly. So I'm guessing that being believable doesn't just count for a lot for a large chunk of players but its more like a necessity for them.
Posted 07:12pm 23/7/14
* Secret Walls, slightly misaligned textures
* Excellent ambient sounds of enemies near-by
* LOTS of enemies mixed with not many enemies
* Fodder enemies, mixed with tough enemies
* Each map constant running and gunning from start to finish, or until you clear it to look for secret doors/rooms/areas
* Coloured Keys
* Co-op
* modability (Aliens Doom anyone)
* Shotgun and Double Barrled shotgun, Chaingun, Chainsaw, BERSERK PUNCH at the least.
* Gore, over the top fun gore.
* Lots of maps
* Cyberdeamons
* Explody Barrels

Well, pretty much Doom and Doom 2 really...
Posted 07:15pm 23/7/14
Oh and cheat codes. IDKFA, IDFA, IDDQD, idspispopd, idchoppers, and most importantly, idbeholds

Posted 07:29pm 23/7/14
Staus bar face for health :)
Posted 07:37pm 23/7/14
needs to have demons, lava, slime, shotguns, rocket launchers, chainguns, plasma rifles, bfgs & a weird evil cybernetic vibe.
Posted 09:35pm 23/7/14
Oh and cheat codes. IDKFA, IDFA, IDDQD, IDCLIP, idspispopd, idchoppers, and most importantly, idbeholds


I'm not sure what makes original Doom exactly Doom, but Doom(4) needs to be like that. I still play Zand here and there.
Posted 10:19pm 23/7/14
- cover based shooting
- regenerating health
- iron sights
- linear maps
- scripted action sequences
- QTE's
- DLC season pass
- the rock
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:21pm 23/7/14
ravn0s, please don't be on the Dev team.
Posted 01:46am 24/7/14
50 shades of brown
Posted 05:31am 24/7/14
I would say it needs to contain doom. If there isn't doom involved, then it's not worthy of being called doom.
Posted 06:24am 24/7/14
Carmack and Romero
Posted 06:41am 24/7/14
Posted 06:44am 24/7/14
- cover based shooting
- regenerating health
- iron sights
- linear maps
- scripted action sequences
- QTE's
- DLC season pass
- the rock
this is like a perfect list of what should NOT be in it
Posted 07:33am 24/7/14
May be a cup of sarcasm is in order.
Posted 08:27am 24/7/14
May be your rite.
Posted 08:48am 24/7/14
big bright orange cacodemons with blue blood and a green eye.
Posted 10:50am 24/7/14
I'd like to see the next doom damn near impossible to finish... giving you that glimmer of 'hope' that it can be beaten, but pushing you to try harder and harder to get there.
Throwback to 90's arcade
Posted 05:39pm 24/7/14
It would be cool if they had a boss cacodemon akin to the cyberdemon. And they must have one huge cyberdemon hiding in the shadows just waiting for you to walk past to scare the craptolla outta you. Oh yeah, and there must be the ability to make demons in-fight, that was awesome in doom. Moving floors that turn into stairs to allow you to access new parts of the map should be in too. And you should start with the chainsaw and have a separate death sequence for its use on every enemy because its just a cool weapon.

And and and, make the rocket launcher cooler. And and and, huge ammo clips for less reloading. Reloading is old bling bring back long constant fire fights.
Posted 07:59pm 24/7/14
.monsters fighting each other
.not just secrets, secret levels.
.co-op is mandatory
.expansion packs made by other leading dev studios and charged at a lesser rate.
.al jourgensen, trent reznor or maynard james keenen for audio design or music.
.hundreds of monsters in labyrinthian levels

id set the benchmark. if they don't deliver on this they will disappear into the same realm of bad memories as words like Ion Storm.
Posted 11:36am 25/7/14
It's all been covered in ITT... but I'll chip in by saying that they should consider bringing in the 'Brutal Doom' Mod developer... he's done brilliant things with the original game whilst maintaining the core gameplay components BRILLIANTLY.
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