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Post by Eorl @ 08:54am 23/07/14 | 18 Comments
Bungie has sent word that the previously presumed two day maintenance for their sci-fi FPS MMO Destiny has resolved ahead of schedule, bringing the beta back online a day earlier than expected.

With the beta now back online, both PlayStation and Xbox platform owners can now access the testing grounds, previously only available exclusively to PlayStation consoles. The beta offers up a more polished look at the first few hours of Destiny, including Old Russia and The Crucible PvP zone. Earth's Moon is hinted at once reaching level 6 (the beta is capped at level 8), however sadly Bungie is keeping that one locked away until launch.

Destiny will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come September 9th. How are you fairing in the beta? Found any epic loot worth sharing? Let us know in the comments!

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:13am 23/7/14
Downloading on Xbox One now :)
Posted 09:16am 23/7/14
The Moon was the biggest D*** Tease, I was excited as s*** when I saw it and then it was taken away from me a few seconds later.
Posted 10:16am 23/7/14
Thats where wizards come from
Posted 10:57am 23/7/14
Word is if you log into the beta on the 26th there's a surprise... I'm hoping we get to go to the moon.
Posted 03:00pm 23/7/14
Omg finally a game on Xbox One that feels next gen. I love you Bungie.
Posted 03:55pm 23/7/14
how I get key?
Posted 04:03pm 23/7/14
Its even more next gen on PS4, it has 180 more p!
Posted 04:07pm 23/7/14
Everyone loves P.
Posted 04:11pm 23/7/14
The graphics haven't been optimised on Xbox yet but yea I was just mainly interested in how it played and it feels great.
Posted 06:22pm 23/7/14
Game is pretty fun but it doesn't look that great imo
Posted 11:45pm 23/7/14
I think they have laid a pretty solid foundation for a lasting game. It's only beta and their is still a way to go but I can see them making this better and better in time. Bungie is always going to have a community they can rely on because they were so good to a lot of us during Halo.
Posted 11:54pm 23/7/14
The best thing about it graphically is the lighting, that felt really good, transitioning from inside to outside and vice versa was done well, and the way its used for atmosphere inside dark areas is pretty cool, seeing shadows skitter along the walls and stuff. Apart from that it looks nice, but its not mind blowing or anything.

Game itself is heaps of fun though, I can see it being the sort of game I'd sink hours and hours into, its got that addictive MMO quality to it a bit. I spent 2 and a half hours tonight just running around the open world on earth, doing the explore mission, just getting into random firefights and doing those beacon missions. Which aren't really particularly interesting missions, but gives even the open world stuff a progression angle which was nice. I like the spontaneous teamwork that comes up in those open world bits too, like me and another guy in a fight with some level 7 guys (we were only 4) and he was picking them off from cover, then I jetpacked up over them and landed behind them and caught them unawares while they were distracted trying to outmaneuver the other guy. Lots of cool unplanned little moments like that made it fun.

Also was just running around and a public event started up and grabbed the 4 or 5 people who were nearby. Had to protect a downed satellite while uplinking the information on it back to base, while enemy dropships are swooping in and dropping off heaps of guys, was pretty cool and unexpected.
Posted 12:26am 24/7/14
I kinda want to have a go at this now.
Posted 08:03am 24/7/14
Khel summed up the greatness of the game pretty well, Outside of that the MP battles (I don't want to call them PVP arenas or anything stupid like that) are a ton of fun. My one complaint and it's the same complaint I had with Defiance would be the lack of ability to communicate effectively with random people.

There should be a range voice chat or voice chat channels I can jump around in.
Posted 11:17am 24/7/14
Yeah, I was wondering how voice chat worked, I don't have a headset for PS4 to try it out. So does that mean you can only voice chat with people if you've made a pre-formed group with them?
Posted 11:24am 24/7/14
If you're level 6 don't forget to do vanguard bounties while you're doing the open world stuff as well!
Posted 11:29am 24/7/14
Yeah, I was wondering how voice chat worked, I don't have a headset for PS4 to try it out. So does that mean you can only voice chat with people if you've made a pre-formed group with them?

Yeah, only people in your Fireteam atm. Which sucks, there definitely needs to be proximity chat so you can tell people to come help with a world event or whatever.

I like it when people don't have a mic so you formulate a new communication method with them. "Shoot once for left twice for right. Which side leg do you want to attack on the spider tank first?" and then pub player shoots a three round burst and I just run off and yell orders at them.
Posted 12:09pm 24/7/14
I have been watching my son play this and TBH, it just reminds me of Halo with new look characters.
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