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Post by Eorl @ 05:47pm 22/07/14 | 9 Comments
Last week, Blizzard revealed its already divisive plans for changing up just how you level out-of-game in Heroes of the Storm, and today the developer has gone into the nitty gritty of one of these features: artifacts. Of course, as usual with any type of MOBA, change has been met with some hostility.

The new system will introduce an almost League of Legends like Rune system, enabling players to further enhance and customise their desired heroes for battle. Artifact slots will unlock starting at level 15 and artifacts can be placed in the three categorised slots called Gems, Relics, and Trinkets. The Gem slot will become available at level 15 and then two additional slots, called the Relic and Trinket Artifact slot, can be unlocked for 2000 gold each.

So far Blizzard has revealed 14 of the Artifacts available to players, which will also be given a gold price tag. These include ones that will give extra health on level, mount speed increases and even shield bubbling. Blizzard has gone even further with the gold sink idea by making it so players can upgrade each of the artifacts, improving the desired effect but coming at a price of 100 gold per level.

As mentioned, the news didn't quite go down as planned with current players, who are participating in the technical alpha phase of the eventual free-to-play title. Most common of the complaints seem to be centred around the idea that Blizzard was originally going for a unique look, but is now simply following in the footsteps of League of Legends. Other concerns includes the valid notion that Blizzard may be catering more to those spending frivolous amounts of time grinding for gold, who will have a clear advantage over the drop-in-drop-out type of player.

For the full overview on the new system, check out the blog post here, and let us know in the comments on your thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:11pm 22/7/14
The concept of artifacts seems to be OK, but having it tied to spending gold is f*****g stupid. That means my Tassadar could be s***tier than yours, because you've either played a s*** tonne more games than me, or you've paid $$s to get more artifacts (assuming you can pay $$s for it).

UGH. Bad move.
Posted 07:30pm 22/7/14
Yeah, theres no dodging it, this is absolutely 'pay to win' of the worst kind :(
Posted 07:36pm 22/7/14
Ugh I won't be playing it after all then. I was surprised at the amount of store mounts and other things you can buy in WoW now. I hope they don't follow the free to play route there either.
Posted 07:39pm 22/7/14
On the other side though it's an 'alpha' so maybe with enough pissed of people it will get changed!
Posted 07:47pm 22/7/14
Total piece of s***. Someone should be backpunched.
Posted 09:28pm 22/7/14
Yeah I'm a big fan of dota and was looking forward to this as something a little quicker. No way I'm playing this in any sort of play to win format.
Posted 10:03pm 22/7/14
Vanity items should be the only crap you can purchase within a game. As soon as competitive items enter the mix, it never turns out well.

Me thinks that as Blizzard loses employees through natural attrition, they replace them directly with Activision employees.
Posted 11:42pm 22/7/14
Can't pay real cash for Artifacts or at least that's what they said last week. Real cash is only for heroes and cosmetics.

Of course, this means they want you to pay real money for heroes because you've used all your gold on the artifacts, but that's a different kettle of fish. They're adding in new ways to earn gold as well.

They're pretty adamant that they're just 'trying new things' but I'm definitely on the side of 'try something different'. Still, trying s*** out is what alphas is for I guess right?
Posted 06:53am 23/7/14
Of course, this means they want you to pay real money for heroes because you've used all your gold on the artifacts

Basically, this. At the moment, the only gold sink are characters, which they believe will garner the biggest interest (and hence, main source of income).

I'll reserve judgement on how good/bad it is after playing. But it does seem to go completely in the opposite direction to every cash-based thing that Blizzard has done with their games.
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