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Post by Eorl @ 09:37am 22/07/14 | 9 Comments
The developers behind Kickstarter-funded video game Areal are calling out journalists following accusations that the studio's Kickstarter campaign is a scam, though judging by recent events including a very hilarious email from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, it's not an easy one to judge.

Areal has been at the center of some rather controversial attention since beginning its journey on the crowdfuding website. While studio West Games claimed that they were made up of staff from past title STALKER, the validity of that claim has said to be "overestimated." According to a Eurogamer interview with Oleg Yavorsky, spokesperson for Vostok Games - one of the studios to come out of the demise of STALKER developer GSC - such claims were not real and that the team only held one actual team member from STALKER, Yuriy Negrobov.

Others have claimed footage from STALKER: Call of Pripyat is being used in the Kickstarter campaign to represent Areal, while assets and concept art that have appeared on the Areal Kickstarter page is allegedly older concept art developed for the STALKER title.

Today, the Kickstarter page has surpassed its original $50,000 goal, though not without complications. Earlier yesterday the developer pointed fingers at some journalists for "completely one-sided and subjective" coverage of the studio, while accusing Forbes' online component of "lax editorial standards because of their recent sale to a Hong Kong based company" following critical coverage from the publication. You can read up on full about their accusations and their resolution here.

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Posted 10:08am 22/7/14
You're highlighting the wrong thing, this is hilarious:
Posted 10:08am 22/7/14
Wtf are they going to do with $50k? It sounds like they have a reasonable sized team, $50k is probably only like a month of development
Posted 12:59pm 22/7/14
it seems like kickstarter goals are getting lower and lower just to "pass", you couldn't do anything with $50k unless they are getting funding from elsewhere
Posted 01:26pm 22/7/14
it seems like kickstarter goals are getting lower and lower just to "pass", you couldn't do anything with $50k unless they are getting funding from elsewhere

You will often find the ones with a small game are doing 1 of 2 things.

They are making a small game with a very small team that really only need operating costs covered, they will do this out of there own pocket for the most part.


They have third party already backing them on the condition they can generate enough interest via a kickstarter campaign.

I'm not sure what to make of Areal, but it does seem a tad off.
Posted 10:45pm 22/7/14
Aren't they based in Eastern Europe? Depending on where, that money could go a lot further than we think.
Posted 11:02am 23/7/14

Must have been something dodgy going on, Kickstarter has suspended their campaign

Posted 12:57pm 23/7/14
$50k would get a brick of coke...

sound moar likely
Posted 10:52pm 23/7/14
On a vaguely related note, did anybody here back Obsidian and Project Eternity?

$50k would get a brick of coke...

Jesus, are you cutting it with ground up diamonds?
Posted 10:57pm 23/7/14
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