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Post by trog @ 02:37am 22/07/14 | 15 Comments
The International - the epic Dota 2 competition where professional gamers flock around the world to compete for a $10 million prize pool - is just about to go into the Grand Finals:
Today we play the Grand Finals to decide who will win the Aegis and be crowned Champions.

It is ViCi Gaming vs Newbee.

At the end of Phase 2 (group stage) there could not have been two teams further apart. VG had dominated the entire set of round robin matches ending on top of the standings with a 12-3 record. Newbee on the other hand, squeaked in with a 7-8 record that forced a three way TieBreaker.

ViCi’s record gave them an instant trip to the Main Event. Newbee’s record gave them the longest road to the main event but that trip forged the team into something new. They no longer struggled, but dominated matches and now enter today from the Upper Bracket and VG comes from the Lower Bracket.
If you have Dota 2 you can watch the finals in-game (highly recommended) or you can watch all the games live on the Dota website. The pre-game is happening right now with some analysis and commentary.

The KeyArena - 17,000 capacity - is full of screaming Dota fans. It has been fascinating watching this competition and knowing the next few games are going to lead to one team taking home several million dollars is pretty incredible.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:37am 22/7/14
I was around the Seattle Center area on Friday and wondered why so many people were carrying Dota 2 swag bags. (Also it's KeyArena, not Keystone Arena)
Posted 07:08am 22/7/14
oops thanks!

The first two games were pretty good then it went downhill; Newbee just romped it in. Kind of a disappointing final after many of the epic games leading up to it.
Posted 08:31am 22/7/14
Agreed, compared to the main event matches and last year's grand finals, this final was very disappointing.
Posted 12:17pm 22/7/14
Not unlike other recent professional sporting events
Posted 01:34pm 22/7/14
Worst TI finals so far :(

Will be forever dreaming of an EG vs. DK final series. Would have been so much more intense.
Posted 02:01pm 22/7/14
Watched the finals from my own noobish point of view (by way of the noob stream) and I get why they GG so early, but damn... it's the grand finals of basically the Dota 2 world cup. You'd think they wouldn't throw it in quite so easily.

It would have been a fairy tale ending for VG if they'd won it, seeing how Newbee dismantled them earlier.
Posted 04:57pm 22/7/14
boring final for sure but credit to newbee for somehow being the only team to bother trying to counter against vg's early push strategies. some of the format changes this year were definitely for the better but there's room for improvement next year. upper and lower bracket grand final play off series should be a best of fives like in the past. such critical matches can be pretty underwhelming when its a two game stomp. seen countless teams in the past come back to win best of fives and it is infinitely more thrilling.
Posted 05:47pm 22/7/14
The 4th game they had no chance of winning but the 2nd and 3rd game I was thinking the same. They still had a slim chance of winning so they really should have played it out. The last game was a stomp and VG's picks were just bad matchups compared to newbie's.
ES and shadow shaman seemed to be key hero's. Also I was blown away about how VG kept going for natures prophet despite already going down twice in a row with it.
Posted 07:22pm 22/7/14
Newbee outplayed VG. I think VG choked in the last game with those picks. Either way it was a great tourney full of upsets. Can't wait for next years.
Posted 09:21pm 22/7/14
I like cloud 9, and some guy Bone7 I think, he wrecked !!

Been fun watching it, I should DL and give it a try.
Posted 02:19am 23/7/14
Newbee outplayed VG. I think VG choked in the last game with those picks. Either way it was a great tourney full of upsets. Can't wait for next years.
their picks were totally confusing, at least to a relative noob like me.

I agree that the early ggs were disappointing and weird, especially in the last game. Dota is a funny old game. We've come back from being down that far (admittedly not against pro teams); it only takes a couple of mistakes for the whole game to turn around. I certainly know the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel ASAP though.

I can't figure out if I think the 'gg' surrender feature in pro games would be good in pub games. Certainly some of the best games I've played have been where one of the teams has gg'ed early on only to come back later - early gg'ing is one of my pet hates. But so is jerks dragging out games for 20 minutes when they're dominating just because they want to buy rapiers or whatever.
Posted 04:20am 23/7/14
Pros have a much better ability to gauge where they are in a game, they pretty much know gold and xp advantage from how the game has been going and in most cases they wont gg out even when they are behind by 10K+ gold (which is huge when whiffing even one ult will lose a team fight) until they lose usually 2 lanes of rax and even then, a lot of teams will draw the game out to try and regroup mentally. SOMETIMES, for sure the exception, teams will GG out before even one t3 goes down but thats because they have been utterly bent over and playing on will only further damage your confidence - playing on in a game that means nothing outside itself really shouldnt be such a big deal and I would hate to never ever win a comeback again because the s***bags that play dota are all too lazy to play on.

Im pretty bad at dota, hover between 3400 and 3800 depending on how much ive been playing, and I cannot think of many games where even a 20K gold difference has a huge impact on whether you can win team fights. The game is just not even comparable once you get to their level and trying to analyse virtually anything pros do doesnt work because they aren't really playing the same game as the rest of us.
Posted 04:51am 23/7/14
Yeh. This is the first time I've watched pro Dota and I was really surprised by how different it was. Although it was good to see even at that level people make really dumb decisions sometimes.
Posted 06:12am 23/7/14
Regarding the finals being boring...

One of the reasons that dota is so good is that icefrog hasn't ever really tried to prevent certain play-styles purely because people think its boring or whatever. It has meant that dota has had the most varied and interesting meta shifts but it can also result in a meta which allows a team like vg to draft super early game and either win or lose fast, preventing 60+ min epics which have the most entertaining team fights and hype.

so you take the good with the bad. maybe you dont like a certain playstyle but its better than the developer railroading everyone into playing the same style and being super bloody boring as a result... ie. LoL.
Posted 11:00am 24/7/14
fair enough. I never played the original Dota so am not really familiar with how it has evolved. I'm certainly familiar with epic highs and lows though. F*** THIS GAME! Also THIS GAME IS AWESOME!
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