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Post by Dan @ 10:50am 18/07/14 | 6 Comments
Bethesda and id Software publicy revealed the first look at the new DOOM game today, however the first glimpse of the game was as expected, only shown to attendees present at the Quakecon 2014 event in Dallas, Texas.

The publisher has informed us that no media assets for DOOM will be publicly released during Quakecon, so we can't show you anything new yet ourselves, but as Quakecon is a public event, there were obviously plenty of people in attendance to tell us what they saw.

Between the Twitter accounts of PCGamer, and well known industry figures Dave Oshry and Geoff Keighley we can paint a pretty good picture of the reveal demonstration.

Here's some of the key points derived from these various reports of the Quakecon live demo, which was hosted by executive producer Marty Stratton who started off by explaining that "The game is called Doom, not Doom 4. It's an origin game, reimagining everything about the originals":
  • PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 confirmed, with 1080p 60FPS targetted on all platforms.
  • It is built on the id Tech 6 engine, a new iteration of id Software's impressive tech.
  • Levels demonstrated were set in a research facility on Mars, true to Doom's heritage.
  • Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Chainsaw were present, with procedural/dynamic damage on enemies.
  • A wheel interface was used to switch between the multitude of weapons.
  • "Its not about taking cover and letting your health regenerate", armour and health pickups were shown dropping from vanquished enemies.
  • Focus was very much on combat with a fast movement pace.
  • Coloured keys and doors were mentioned, and a dead character's arm was ripped off to use a palm scanner.
  • Enemies noticed include undead marines, imps, revenants, two barons of hell, a Mancubus and pinky demons, Oshry described "whole rooms of demons".
  • Double jumping was noted, with a "light parkour" element", and some gory finishing moves.
  • Oshry, who was instrumental in the recent remake of Rise of the Triad described the Doom demo as "slower for sure" than the original games, but noted that "Our ROTT was a straight 90s remake. This is definitely more evolved but still faithful".
  • Only single-player content was shown, with mention that they will "talk about the fast paced competitive multiplayer later".
Bethesda has said that it will "have plenty more to show everyone next year", but hopefully we don't have to wait that long to get our own look at the footage shown today. For the time being, we only have this old teaser trailer.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:54am 18/7/14
Waiting for leaked footage of the event to emerge, sounds good so far!
Posted 10:58am 18/7/14
Not one feature point about multiplayer. Real "origin game".
Posted 11:00am 18/7/14
How big a role does The Rock play in this version of Doom?
Posted 11:47am 18/7/14
It's a few years late, I remember Playing Doom around early 1990's.
Posted 12:03pm 18/7/14
Did i see UAC symbols on the cyberdemon..... games dead to me just from this teaser lol. Slight overreaction maybe, but you can just tell what the overarching plot will be. Lame
Posted 12:14pm 18/7/14
Count me hyped. They did some great justice to Wolfenstein so hoping they do the same with this. The world needs more run and gun games.

and that teaser was from E3. There's no real footage of the QuakeCon demo
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