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Post by Dan @ 11:49am 04/07/14 | 5 Comments
By way of a recent forum post, the Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online studios has signaled plans to adjust the pacing of the game's veteran level content, an area of the game that we found to be one of its most problematic aspects in our recent exploration of the MMO's end-game.

ZOS Community Manager Jessica Folsom hints at plans to make the veteran zones more solo-friendly, which can only really mean making enemies easier to kill or thinning out their numbers, but refrains from outlining exact measures:
One of the guiding principles of our Veteran gameplay was to encourage you (not force you) to group. We wanted you to be able to reach max level by playing solo if you wished, but still encourage you to group with others along the way. This principle was the reason we made our post-50 zones more difficult; we wanted you to get together with others to take on tougher challenges and form social bonds while you did so. But we understand that, despite our vision, this is not how all our players want to experience the game beyond level 50.

We recognize that many of you love the game you played while leveling up, and that you feel the post-50 zones are too much of a departure from that experience. We hear your requests to continue participating in solo content as you progress through Veteran Ranks, and we’re acting on that feedback.

Starting next week on Monday, July 7th, you’ll see the first significant change we’re making to the Veteran System. We’re implementing some balance changes to content in post-50 zones that will make it much more like the content from levels 1-50. Our goal is to remove the feeling of “I have just hit a wall of difficulty” that many of you have expressed—you’ll be able to solo much more easily.
Responding to some followup questions from forum users, Folsom further hinted that experience gain changes are also planned, but that more will be explained in detail at the upcoming The Future of The Elder Scrolls Online panel at QuakeCon 2014 in a couple of weeks.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:54pm 04/7/14
I really liked the difficulty of the veteran levels myself, unless you're playing when it's quiet and you can't find help for the world bosses or dolemns and what not. The questing difficulty is just right for me.
Posted 01:20pm 04/7/14
I struggled initially in the VR levels but after changing my build a little didnt find it overly challenging to solo.

Currently VR6.
Posted 01:34pm 04/7/14
i am not even up to vr levels yet :( lvl45 atm.

i did notice after the last big upgrade (like 20gb huge) that either the pve enemies were weaker or my attacks were doing more damage because it got a lot easier.

i find the difficulty pretty good but i sometimes get smashed by a skull encounter or a dolmen if i am soloing.

i am going slow & running 4 characters so i can explore all the realms in all 3 pacts... plus obviously ya gotta have a na & eu client so you can play when one server is down for maintenance... which seems like every night sometimes :p
Posted 01:53pm 04/7/14
I got to VR11 and cancelled my account until the Xbox version comes out then transferring my toon from PC for Gamerscore.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 01:39am 05/7/14
Feel free to friend me guys -

I'm on pretty much every day and my main VR10 is a master craftsman in everything (except enchanting...37 there)
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