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Post by Eorl @ 03:56pm 03/07/14 | 9 Comments
After starting off as a Kickstarter project almost two years ago, it's hard to believe that the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset has now surpassed the 100,000 sale milestone - and this is without a consumer version available to the mass.

Earlier in April, the company announced that it had sold to eager developers just over 60,000 units of the original developer kit, a great feat for the state of virtual reality. Today it revealed that more than 45,000 Development Kit 2 units have been ordered, with shipments of the new version starting this month.

Since the time the product originally launched for developers, Oculus VR has hired a number of high-profile employees, including former Valve VR engineer Atman Binstock, former Halo 4 senior art director Kenneth Scott, and Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin. The company also recently went through the rather public phase of being bought by Facebook for $2 billion, and Oculus VR recently announced plans to acquire the design team that helped create the Xbox 360 controller and Kinect.

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Posted 03:58pm 03/7/14
i hope the consumer version isn't too far away.
Posted 04:06pm 03/7/14
Rumors are the consumer version won't be available until some time next year, when it does become available you better hope they can manufacture them fast enough because demand is going to outstrip supply, and there is going to be yet another waiting list.
I ordered my Oculus Rift within 8 hours of them announcing it so I'm hoping I will receive mine sooner rather than later.
Posted 05:17pm 03/7/14
I 'hear' even the 1080P which dev kit 2 has isn't enough resolution and you can still see pixels quite well.

Its a definitely step up from the first one, but still needs more improvement.
Posted 05:19pm 03/7/14
4K 90Hz will be where it's at for the Oculus. I'm keen as f*** to get one. I was testing a few racing games on SLI + Surround and I've seen a few already support Oculus.

Posted 05:30pm 03/7/14
i pre-ordered my dk2 oculus in march... i hope it's not too much longer! :)

1080 will be fine for most stuff i want to use it for. my fpv goggles are currently only 640x480 so the oculus should be quite a step up.
Posted 05:54pm 03/7/14
IIRC DK2 was shipping in August. I haven't ordered in fear they will end up with a DK3/Consumer version which is leaps and bounds on DK2 (possible 1440p, even lower persistance, better sensors, etc. Bring on 2015.

fpv goggles are currently only 640x480

I like hardwarez. What you got?
Posted 06:21pm 03/7/14
Kinda wish they'd give some kind of estimate. I ordered one, but they didn't "put a hold" on the rest ($400) so I don't know how long I need to keep all that money sitting in my account doing nothing...

As for the screen-dooring (Ickus - aimed at you) I've heard that the dev kit 2.0 is actually fine.

This was coming from people who owned DK1.0 and got to use the crystal cove whenever it was.
Posted 11:26pm 03/7/14
I like hardwarez. What you got?

i have fat shark attitudes.. i might get the dominator hds when they are released. also keen to try the rifts as fpv goggles as well.
Posted 01:45pm 05/7/14
I 'hear' even the 1080P which dev kit 2 has isn't enough resolution and you can still see pixels quite well.

I used the 1080p kit at PAX last year. Yeah, you can definitely still see the pixels, but it's nowhere near as distracting as on the original dev kit. I'm still excited to get one.
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