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Post by Dan @ 11:19am 02/07/14 | 16 Comments
The E3 teaser video for id Software's forthcoming DOOM (sequel or reboot, who knows at this point) suggested that more on the game would be revealed at the upcoming QuakeCon 2014, but new comments on the official Bethesda Blog clarify that the showing will be limited to attendees.
As announced in our E3 teaser trailer, fans in attendance at QuakeCon 2014 will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what’s been going on with the new DOOM game from id Software.

This an exclusive thing we are doing for attendees as part of our Annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation. We’ll have plenty more to show everyone at a later date, but we didn’t want another QuakeCon to go by without doing something special for the amazing QC community and id supporters that have been with us for more than 20 years.
For those of us not in Dallas in a few weeks time, we'll just have to hope that "at a later date" isn't too much of a wait.

Doom 4 was originally announced all the way back in August 2008, a year after developer id Software had announced RAGE, but while RAGE hit shelves in October 2011, the DOOM project has reportedly been completely restarted at least once, and only a very vague teaser trailer has been shown.

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Posted 11:49am 02/7/14
must be as disappointing as doom 3. honestly I don't have very high expectation for any game Bethesda release these days.. and if they don't want the world to see what they have done with the new Doom then it must be terrible. sad really cause I have always been a big fan of doom.
Posted 12:14pm 02/7/14
Doom 1 and Doom 2 are the only Doom games that exist to me.
Posted 12:17pm 02/7/14
i liked doom 3 single player... i expect i will like doom 4 single player as well.
if it has co-op play then it's even more likely i'll like it !
Posted 12:48pm 02/7/14
Yeah demon, co-op would be awesome.

Doom 3 had so much going for it, but like many people I found the singleplayer gameplay quite disappointing and would have preferred a more "run and gun" sort of game.
I've still played through it and the expansion more than once though. The atmosphere was very well done.

I wonder if the next game will continue on from it, for a number of reasons. The woman doing the voiceover in the new teaser sounds a lot like the voice talking about the UAC at the start of Doom 3, so there is some continuity there.
In Doom 3 the scientists were experimenting on the demons, which may have lead to what we see now: the fused demonic flesh and UAC metal.
While playing the game you were also presented with a choice, which was whether or not to send a message back to Earth for a rescue. Of course the whole point of that was so the demons could get to Earth, which is where the new Doom game is supposed to be set.

It's fun to speculate.
Posted 01:01pm 02/7/14
Sneak preview:

Posted 01:54pm 02/7/14
its very dark^
Posted 03:11pm 02/7/14
Nathan, sounds about right, lols
Posted 03:34pm 02/7/14
Doom 1 and Doom 2 are the only Doom games that exist to me.

^ haha nub. there was no doom 1, only doom. next you will be telling us quake1 was your favorite.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:09pm 02/7/14
Won't be buying until there's a totalbiscuit review. He's the only guy that does honest reviews.
Posted 04:23pm 02/7/14
Won't be buying until there's a totalbiscuit review first impression. He's the only guy that does honest reviews first impressions.

FFY. TB doesn't do reviews. he does first impressions.. but I do agree with you wont be buying until i see a TB video of it.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:47pm 02/7/14
Yeah, I meant first impressions. I like how he goes thru the game controls and setup before getting into the gameplay.
Posted 05:04pm 02/7/14
Poor Doom you are all writing it off before it's even seen...

Doom3 wasn't all that bad, I'm sure they will learn from their mistakes and take Doom back to it's original style just like Doom.
Posted 06:30pm 02/7/14
id Tech 5 engine is so s***. Doesn't even come close to whats out there.
Posted 08:04pm 02/7/14
If it can't match Brutal Doom2's viceral gameplay, then why bother.

I mean check out this vid, it's fkn nuts.

Posted 08:32pm 02/7/14
^^ That's an awesome mod!
Posted 09:51pm 02/7/14
Love dat Brutal Mod.

One day Toll will get the balls to take on the king!

id Tech 5 engine is so s***. Doesn't even come close to whats out there.

It never had a real chance because they didn't license it to external developers.
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