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Post by Dan @ 09:21am 30/06/14 | 34 Comments
Now in its final 24 hours, the 2014 Steam Summer Sale is nearing a close, and keeping with tradition, the discounts have gone wide in celebration.

On the front page, you'll see the return of many of the deeper discounts that appeared during the last week and a half, beckoning you to fill any gaps in that digital collection of games you'll never install, let alone play.

Head over to to convert your hard earneds into well-priced digital rights managed videogame licenses.

steamsummer salesale

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Posted 09:41am 30/6/14
Age Of Wonders III is it good?
Posted 10:36am 30/6/14
sorry steam u r not getting my moneyz.
Posted 10:55am 30/6/14
sorry steam u r not getting my moneyz.

I too have resisted the urge for this sale, but alas I must succumb to weakness and purchase a game on the final day. Please help me fight this addiction, it plagues us all and together we can fight it. Ahh f*** who am I kidding I might need that game someday. Take my monies.
Posted 10:55am 30/6/14
Age Of Wonders III is it good?

Watched a mate play it for a few hours, it seems pretty good!
Posted 10:56am 30/6/14
Was also looking at Space Engineers, but there doesn't seem to be any combat elements other than crashing your ship into a friends.
Posted 11:12am 30/6/14
i didn't buy any games during this sale.
Posted 11:29am 30/6/14

Watched a mate play it for a few hours, it seems pretty good!

Awesome might pick it up, I bought a heap but so cheap

The Witcher $1.99 (upgrade from my CD copy)
The Witcher 2 $3.99
Mount & Blade $6.99
Payday 2 $5.99
Payday 2 DLC $13.55
Kingdoms of Amalur $4.99
Hitman Absolution $3.99
Company of Heroes 2 $12.49
Starwars BF2 $3.39
Batman AO $7.49

Total $64.86
Posted 11:34am 30/6/14
Nice score Meddek.

I grabbed Trine 2, Torchlight 2 and Fallout New Vegas.

Torchlight 2 feels like diablo 3 but worse and more cartoony, wasn't really a fan. Haven't had a chance to Co-op Trine 2 yet, I think it will be fun though.

New Vegas somehow seems less polished than fallout 3 ... I'll have to give it a bit more time though.
Posted 11:48am 30/6/14
Marlow Briggs
Payday 2
Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold Cold Heart DLC
Hitman Absolution
Castle Crashers
Spec Ops: The Line
Shadow Warrior
Splinter Cell: Black List
Goat Simulator

I probably bought too much this sale but recently hooked up my PC to my TV and wanted some couch controller type games. Pretty happy with the purchases though. I look forward to forgetting I bought them.
Posted 12:14pm 30/6/14
Yeah I already forgot I bought hitman it wasn't until I was going through my receipts I saw it.
Posted 12:17pm 30/6/14
Age of Wonders isn't too bad. It's a mix of Civ 5 and HOMM. I'm still getting used to it, but so far enjoying it. The interface is probably my biggest dislike about it and the fact I can't crank up the AA, otherwise it's pretty good.
Posted 12:57pm 30/6/14
Was also looking at Space Engineers, but there doesn't seem to be any combat elements other than crashing your ship into a friends.

There are weapons for the engineers, small ships and large ships.
Posted 01:01pm 30/6/14

There are weapons for the engineers, small ships and large ships.

Oh? Any NPC's to shoot at or anything? I've been playing a bit of StarMade, loving it so far.
Posted 01:05pm 30/6/14

Oh? Any NPC's to shoot at or anything? I've been playing a bit of StarMade, loving it so far.

There is a single-play mode available, but not sure how fleshed out it is. I've just been playing multiplayer on our AG server, so come join and build things and destroy people's dreams.
Posted 01:13pm 30/6/14
Someone make a vagina ship and I'll ram it with my U.S.S. C***'n'Balls.

I only bought Skyrim (plan on seeing this hectic mods stuff) and Assetto Corsa in anticipation of the Oculus. So many crap games for sale atm.
Posted 01:37pm 30/6/14
Yeah not a lot of stuff in the sales for me. If you have been out of PC gaming for a few years, this sale would be a gold mine.

Sims 3 plus 3 DLC.
1 or 2 other things.... I don't even remember......
Posted 02:26pm 30/6/14
I actually picked up only two big titles (Bioshock Infinite and Dishonoured) but got a s*** load of indie games. So many great ones.

Got Amnesia: Machine of Piggies
Brothers - A Tale of Two Songs
Electronic Super Joy
Kingdom Rush
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
Metal Gear Revengeance
Planetary Annihilation
Stanley Parable
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
Bioshock Infinte and Dishonoured.

Of them I think Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, Kingdom Rush and Electronic Super Joy are my favs so far.
Posted 03:47pm 30/6/14
Picked up Bioshock Infinite as well, along with Payday 2, Castle Crashers and Fez. More games I don't have time to play, but hard to pass up a bargain.

Started Bioshock Infinite last night and ended up playing till 3am gawd. Coming from Diablo 3 so probably easily inspired by any fresh content lol, it is purdy though.
Posted 04:00pm 30/6/14
I only bought the Stanley Parable and Metro Last Light. It can sit unplayed next to the Metro 2033 I picked up in a sale years ago and still haven't touched :(
Posted 04:05pm 30/6/14
Play the Metro series Khel, amazing first-person post-apocalyptic series. I'm hovering over the buy button for Planetary Annihilation as it looks like Sup Comm but on a bigger scale, though I'm still hesitant because I just can't be bothered with strategies any more. Too much time wasted in the meta play when I can go jump into a game of CS:GO and get more gratification.
Posted 04:17pm 30/6/14
A mate and I used to have some epic Supreme Commander battles against AI but those battles went for 2-3 hours so I understand what you mean Eorl!
Posted 04:33pm 30/6/14
My wallet got away relatively light this sale:
Papers Please, Dark Souls & Brothers for myself
Sup Comm + the sequel & Worms Revolution for LAN with some mates later on this month

You're not wrong about the epic battles lasting for hours though Meddek.
I know Sup Comm used to like crashing in the early days after an extended battle, hopefully that's been patched since.

Edit: ...oh forgot not being able to scroll past Chivalry for five bucks to see what all the melee fuss is about. :D
Posted 04:29pm 30/6/14
PA is pretty good Eorl, but not without it's bugs. Currently I have this stupid issue that I can only do one battle before I have to restart the game. I'm not the only one, but it doesn't seem widespread. It's a bug they've acknowledge on their bug report sight.

I'm not a big meta strat guy so struggling a bit with it. I like to purty up my bases and then go for the late game, but the idea of driving planets in to each other and stuff was too hard to pass up. Either way, I've enjoyed it and it's an early access game that has strong developer communication and updates.
Posted 04:40pm 30/6/14
Ah screw it, I'll buy a ton more games I'll probably never play.
Posted 04:41pm 30/6/14
The only games I got from this sale was Marlow Briggs, Postal 2 and Monaco. About to grab Final Fantasy 8, other then that there wasn't much else I'm interested in, that I don't already have from other sales that is.

Plus what gaming I time have available is pretty much put all into Wildstar, so it's probably a good thing I didn't go overboard this sale.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 06:52pm 30/6/14
Dunno how this happened, but, got:

* Papers, Please ($2.99)
* Civ V: Brave New World ($12.49 with the f*****g Australian tax, just gave up trying to get it cheaper, turns out to be ridiculously good and first time I've really enjoyed Civ 5, so worth it)
* Planet Explorers (14.99, not so sure it was a good idea, none of these minecraft clones have managed to capture the simple fun of starting a new game)
* Spore Pack ($7.49, used to sort of enjoy it, reinstalled and unsure if it's held up well)
* Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition ($6.24)
* Enslaved Odyssey to the West ($4.99, but bought with the sales from those steam cards things)
Posted 07:01pm 30/6/14
I picked up Far Cry 3 and ended up getting AC: Black Flag. I thought it was still pretty steep at $35 but a quick look around and I could only find it a little bit cheaper through some dodgy transactions so stuck with Steam.

Been enjoying Far Cry 3 so far.
Posted 07:49pm 30/6/14
Your words have tempted me Carson, but reading the forums it does seem to still be in rather early development (obviously, considering the early access tag). How is it in terms of content? Will I be frustrated by lack of units or polish? My friends are eager to get us all in for a bash on LAN but apparently it needs a consistent connection, which while is possible may struggle with 12 of us.
Posted 11:25pm 30/6/14
Dishonoured is good s***, I recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it.
Metro is also awesome Khel. I haven't bothered to get through last light yet but if you can stomach 2033's issues it is a really good game with some genuinely awesome atmosphere.
Posted 11:46pm 30/6/14
Max Payne 3 $6.24 x2 gifts
Dark Souls $4.99
Metro Last Light Complete $6.79
Space Hulk - Ultimate Pack $13.59
Spelunky $3.74
UFO: Afterlight $1.39
State of Decay $4.99 a gift.
Payday 2 $5.99
Shadowgrounds Survivor and Shadowgrounds, Original War $2.28
Tomb Raider $4.99

Succumbed a few times, but might as well blow the TF2 MVM profits
Posted 12:33am 01/7/14
Garrr damn you Steam! I've not done any PC gaming in a while, and had totally missed this sale. Caught it with 3 hours to go.

I strongly recommend Dishonored, loved it.

So many awesome indie games these days.

I picked up;

Sid Meier's Civilization V
The Blackwell Bundle
Company of Heroes 2
Planetary Annihilation Early Access
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Collection
The Stanley Parable
State of Decay
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Ether One
The Banner Saga
A Story About My Uncle
Wolfenstein: The New Order
The Fall
The Last Door
Posted 12:56am 01/7/14
Is it possible to get The Stick of Truth uncensored? Is much stuff edited out? Or should I just snap it up?
Posted 01:20am 01/7/14

All you have to do is replace a few files.

Make sure you use the Australian method and not the German/Austrian method.

Posted 08:42am 01/7/14
Ended up just getting AC3 SuperBonusMegaCollectorsPlusPack or whateverthehell it's become, and Arkham Origins - both of which I've already bought on PS3. Go figure.
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