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Post by Eorl @ 12:32pm 28/06/14 | 7 Comments
he World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion will enter closed beta today, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed.

In the first wave, beta testers will be able to see the new character models, head through the Dark Portal, establish Garrisons, and fight against members of the Iron Horde. Additionally, the Alliance starting experience in Shadowmoon Valley, the Horde starting experience in Frostfire Ridge, and the Tanaan Jungle starting zone will also be available.

For those wanting to compete against others in the beta, the Mekkatorque pvp server has been opened exclusively for level 100 player vs. player (PvP) testing. When you make a character on this server, players will instantly be boosted to level 100 and given level 100 PvP gear.

According to World of Warcraft community manager Bashiok, the first wave of invites targeted World of Warcraft veterans in both the US and EU, though not every veteran got an invite in this wave. Additionally, you don't need to be a current World of Warcraft subscriber to get a beta invite, as long as you have ticked the beta invitation setting for your account you should be good.

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Posted 01:21pm 28/6/14
Guess I should reactivate my accounts. Wonder if the gold sellers have hacked them yet or not.
Posted 03:54pm 28/6/14
snore... I thought wow died.
Posted 04:39pm 28/6/14
Its apparently limited for the moment just to the starting experience in Tanaan. I haven't tried it yet, still grabbing the client, but there was a blue post about it

Our next step is a huge stress test on the Assault on the Dark Portal intro experience we opened up on Wednesday. We’re inviting a TON of players to the Beta, but we’ve temporarily restricted access to Draenor for now. We’ve also wiped characters from the Alpha, so you’ll need to create a new one, or copy your character over from live realms.

Today at 2 p.m. Pacific, we’ll respawn the NPCs that teleport you to Draenor (Archmage Khadgar, located in the Trade District in Stormwind or the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar). We’d like to get as many people as possible logging in and trying out Tanaan to stress test the environment and make sure everything works.

Also, alliance capital is no longer Black Temple (or Karabor in WoD since its not black temple yet) and Horde capital is no longer in frostfire. Both capitals are going to be cities built on the outskirts of Ashran, kinda like the shrines in MoP were.
Posted 04:48pm 28/6/14
I never saw the point in trying a beta of an MMO, especially an expansion pack, you'll just play all the content that you're going to have to replay at launch.
Posted 04:52pm 28/6/14
Yeah, I agree, I don't intend to play it much, just curious.
Posted 09:22am 30/6/14
Well, its definitely beta, half the Dark Portal area didn't even have a texture yet, but its promising. I played through the intro bit, and set up my garrison, but thats as far as I went. General impressions:

- They're doing a lot more with ingame cutscenes than they have in the past, and they're pretty cool, reminds me a bit of what Wildstar has done, the ingame cutscenes feel a bit more polished and produced than they have in the past.

- Dunno if the new players models are in yet or not, which I guess means if they are, it doesn't really have much of an impact.

- Lots more context sensitive type actions during quests, where you'll often get a special action button popping up to do different things depending on the situation.

- From a story PoV, its pretty cool to see all these old characters popping up again. Like a younger version of Drek'thar, and bosses from various TBC dungeons, and badass characters from the lore like Ner'zhul and Gul'dan. Could be pretty overwhelming though to someone who's not familiar with it, theres SO many orc clans and warlords and stuff, even I started losing track and I'm a lore nut.

- Even though bosses and named mobs don't get tapped, and you get credit as long as you do some damage to it, normal mobs still get tapped. This is feeling REALLY old and outdated now.

- Lots of little quality of life improvements. You can set some of your mounts as favourites, then bind a key to 'Summon random favourite mount'. Theres separate graphics options for when you're out in the world, and when you're in raids, so you can have it cranked high while questing and turn it down for performance in raids. Keybindings screen has been redone and is about a billion times easier to use. You can assign specific roles to your bags so like flag a bag as the 'Junk' bag and flag another one as 'Gear' and then those types of items will automatically go into the flagged bags when you loot them.

- Garrisons are pretty cool, definitely give it an oldschool Warcraft vibe. Haven't done much with it yet, but I've got the architect who designed stormwind in my garrison helping me build it, and I had to go out and flag trees to use as lumber then Warcraft style peasants showed up (complete with Warcraft 3 peasant dialogue) to chop them down. Its actually built into the world and the story/quests more than I expected too, should be fun to build it out.

- Khadgar is THE man. He kicks so much ass in the intro bit, totally awesome.
Posted 09:48am 30/6/14
snore... I thought wow died.

I'm just interested to see if all the aussies who still seem to play this game will ever get us a server. I still have 3 accounts with over 10 level 90s with maxed professions :p
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