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Post by Eorl @ 09:57am 27/06/14 | 7 Comments
Last week, developer Carbine Studios introduced us to the infectious-looking Strain Ultradrop, the first major content update since the game's release. Only a month after the game's launch and Carbine is already looking to release a deadly plague unto its citizens of WildStar. Ouch.

Since the announcement of the Strain update, Carbine has been unveiling a little more on what to expect through their mini-website. In addition to a new area and Adventure, they've today revealed the housing and customisation options that plague-battling players can expect to earn.

For those on the housing front, Carbine will be adding several new items to decorate your home in the stylishly disgusting sickly purple and vomit-inducing yellow. These include the many-eyed creature of nightmares that will have you scaring your guests to a deadly poison barbed "thing" that will leave visitors bleeding all over your lovely house. Of course that's just the beginning, with Carbine promising a whole assortment of "pustules, globules, nodules, molds, glands, cysts, boils, spores, tumors, humors, swellings, carbuncles, rot, snot, bloodshot, and fraught…with peril!"

If your current mount is feeling a bit...underwhelming of late, well it seems Carbine also have a solution to that with new Strain-themed customisation options available for your mounts. Alongside these new items the update will also add a brand-new hoverboard themed to the sickly purple of the Strain patch. I'm sure Marty McFly won't be wanting this one. Players will also find a brand-new set of customisation options for their costume, including new sickly dyes and Strain-themed pieces of loot.

Full details on the new zones, adventures, new emotes and indescribable customisation options can be found at the update's mini-website here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:20am 27/6/14
Mrs and I will reach level 50 tonight. It's feeling a little anticlimatic now because apparently Warrior is the worst tank, and Esper is the worst healer. That's us 2. One can only wish we one day have Australian servers, even if just for raids/instances.
Posted 10:28am 27/6/14
Beating me :( I dinged level 28 last night but been so sidetracked with CS:GO and all these other indie titles. I'm going to dedicate this entire weekend to playing though, need to get high enough for this content.
Posted 10:35am 27/6/14
Meh, I've never paid much attention to what is the 'best' or 'worst' in MMOs, often times the delta between what people consider 'best' and 'worst' is so small, like 5% or so, that it doesn't really mean s***, skill can easily make up the difference. A well played Warrior is going to be better than an average Stalker any day. Its only at the absolute bleeding, bleeding edge where this stuff matters. I wouldn't get too down about it.
Posted 04:37pm 28/6/14
A glimpse of what I'm slowly making. :)

Posted 04:58pm 28/6/14
The only thing I really miss when building stuff is a non-uniform scale. I can understand why its not in there, cos it'd totally stretch and skew the textures, but for some things like walls, or wooden planks, it'd be nice to be able to make them longer without also scaling the width and thickness. Its a minor thing though
Posted 05:03pm 28/6/14
and Esper is the worst healer.
Bulls***, Bulls*** and bulls***.

Same for warrior being worst tank.
I've ran with all tanks, its down the individuals ability.

Wildstar is about three things that the vast majority seem to fail at.
In the most critical order:

I cannot stress this enough, there are boss fights in dungeons that a group should literally as a whole take about ~5k damage combined if they are not a failure. Veteran Moodie boss of Skullcano, I'm looking at you.

Wildstar has "Coordination" checks in a way that WoW had "Gear" checks.
If you and your group cannot recognize what to interrupt, when to interrupt and more over.. ACTUALLY interrupt. you are going nowhere.

2. Recognizing you cannot pick an "ability set/rotation that works for me" i.e. you will need to change abilities to suit a fight as well as rotations. The mindset should be "An ability set/rotation that works for this boss and this group composition"
I am an esper healer, I change my abilities sometimes up to 6 times a dungeon run. I run a very different LAS through dungeon trash than a boss, and even then each boss is different.
Different boss fights are also more suited to different healers, this is a two way street.
Espers have big direct target heals (my 1.25s Mind of Body crits for 20,000hp sometimes, and then I have heals that buff other incoming heals by up to 30%+ absolute no other class can push out this kind of healing to keep up a tank. Espers are the Main Tanks healer no doubt.).

Their ability to heal on the run is their weakness
By the same token with an esper as a healer if your group is decent they will position themselves in such a way to maximise your healing potential (basically stacking is almost always a good thing in Wildstar, whereas a bad thing in WOW). You blow all other healing classes out of the water when everyone is positioned like this.
Furthermore, people shouldn't be ADHD dancing around jumping, strafing etc. in wildstar like they do in WOW. You should be pretty much stationary until a boss does something, then move. ADHD people make an espers job much harder. I usually tell them to stop or they will receive no healing.

Like the skullcano boss I mentioned, 90% of fights only the tank should be taking damage. Exceptions are bosses like stormcaller in STL with the lightning, but it hits for so little it is not a problem to heal it up.
If you are taking excessive damage or nearly dead/dead there is a 90% chance you screwed up in a big way.

Wildstar is NOT a game like wow where the healer can play whack-a-mole healthbars and correct every mistake DPS makes.

3. Telegraphs/Mechanism of fight.
Self explanatory, you could argue this is almost a higher priority for us Australians because we need to be a lot more proactive than reactive due to lag.
We need to know what's coming to better be able to avoid it due to our ping, this is true for even americans on fantastic ping obviously but they do have the advantage of being able to be more reactionary on first runs or on mistakes

last edited by LordHelyi at 17:03:40 28/Jun/14
Posted 08:55pm 28/6/14
The only thing I really miss when building stuff is a non-uniform scale. I can understand why its not in there, cos it'd totally stretch and skew the textures, but for some things like walls, or wooden planks, it'd be nice to be able to make them longer without also scaling the width and thickness. Its a minor thing though

Agree, and scale needs to be shown as a number.
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