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Post by Eorl @ 10:00am 26/06/14 | 14 Comments
Console sales of the popular sandbox title Minecraft have apparently surpassed sales of those on the Windows and Mac version, according to developer Mojang.

Taking to Twitter to share the news was Mojang's Patric Geuder, who announced that all versions of Minecraft has sold nearly 54 million units across all platforms. That is a huge amount of punching wood, and further pushes Minecraft as a huge commercial hit for creator Markus "Notch" Persson.

Sales for Minecraft have been a continuing climb ever since its original debut way back in 2009, and the upcoming launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One will no doubt fuel that fire forever more. Last known combined sales were at 34 million in February of this year.

minecraftmarkus perssonmojangsales
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:05am 26/6/14
Surely MC runs at 60fps though.
Posted 11:29am 26/6/14
this is all i know about minecraft which leads me to believe it's hilarious ...

Posted 06:36pm 26/6/14
Thus leading me to believe that console people are dumb. Why play a s*** version when you can play the better version on your parents PC?
Posted 07:00pm 26/6/14
i love these threads, the same old faces


yet they just keep getting more popular, it is a great completely incidental troll
Posted 07:07pm 26/6/14
computers are hard for lots of people matey, these are the people that like conslols
Posted 07:10pm 26/6/14
Lol here we go again... Mate I have a degree in Science I work with computers to do my job the last thing I want to do is come home and sit in front of one.
Posted 07:57pm 26/6/14
I blame the proliferation of consoles on s***** office chairs.
Posted 08:49pm 26/6/14
I blame the proliferation of consoles on s***** office chairs.

Posted 09:16pm 26/6/14
hahaha, and Jeffro takes the bait again. and again. aaaand again.
Posted 09:34pm 26/6/14
How you waste your time is offensive to me. At least I have the decency to waste my time properly.

More importantly ... how rich is this guy now!
Posted 12:27am 27/6/14
it could also be a content vs supervision thing

have a friend that is more than happy her son plays on an ipad or xbox where are the PC version he wants to play with other people and it is much harder for her to monitor (the kids like 7)
Posted 05:46am 27/6/14
Exactly. Most the Minecraft crowd are kids. The PC community these days isn't really the place for younglings is it.
Posted 09:57am 27/6/14
Even parents know that consoles are so limited that their kids are safer as a result.
Posted 10:12am 27/6/14
computers are hard for lots of people matey, these are the people that like conslols

this from the guy that does most of his gaming from the biggest joke of them all, the wii
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