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Post by Eorl @ 10:03am 19/06/14 | 23 Comments
Blizzard has taken to the Diablo 3 website to outline just what players can expect from Reaper of Souls' upcoming 2.1.0 patch, including a new "Seasons" mode that brings a number of unique quests and challenges to the game.

The new Seasons mode will work similarly to Diablo 2's Ladders, whereby players will roll back to level 1 at the start of each season as they work toward earning mode-specific achievements called Conquests. They will also gain exclusive rewards and unique Legendaries depending on their progress, and will also get to compete across a new leaderboard system that will track progress across each specific Season.

Reaper of Souls version 2.1.0 will also introduce Greater Rifts, which are more challenging versions of Nephalem Rifts that can be unlocked via random Rift Guardian drops. The previously mentioned leaderboards for Seasons will also be available for these new Greater Rifts. A new area is also planned for the patch, titled The Cesspool, which was originally planned for launch with Reaper of Souls but had been pushed back for further development time.

diablo 3: reaper of soulsbattle.netpatch 2.1.0ladders
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:35am 19/6/14
Unfortunately what they really need to do is fix the bounties, so that people don't just join a game, clear the ACT I bounties in about six minutes between the four, then quick, rinse, repeat.

They need to do something to make it beneficial to do Acts 2, 3, 4 and 5, and maybe add a multiplier/bonus for doing all of them.
Posted 11:40am 19/6/14
There was several reasons for game flipping and they recently patched out a few of them (legendary crafting items for example). I think they'll look into this in the future, but it needs buffs and not nerfs. If it's tipped they're going to nerf it, Ima spam Normal A1 for a few days and save up.

Also what isn't talked about above is the cost of rifts. Instead of one player throwing in 5 tokens to open one, every player needs 1 each in 2.1.0
Posted 12:00pm 19/6/14
The rift key change will be the end of Rift it Forward

Another notable thing in there is "[legandary gems] can only be socketed into Rings and Amulets, and can be upgraded by completing additional Greater Rifts" - presumedly meaning you are going to have roll a socket (and give up some other damage stat) onto these items.
Posted 04:53pm 19/6/14
Anyone at the T3 level? Im gonna smash this up for bout an hour - in about 20 mins. It's a full on carry sesh so bring whatever really. People with rift tokens get preference.
Posted 06:09pm 19/6/14
I went to play yesterday, Looked at the menu for a min or 2 then joined. Stared at my character for all of 10 seconds in game then thought, "Nah" and exited.

I'll probably give 'Greater Rifts' a run or 2 when they come out though, but D3 play time has pretty much fallen off to nothing for me.
Posted 07:15pm 19/6/14

Unfortunately what they really need to do is fix the bounties, so that people don't just join a game, clear the ACT I bounties in about six minutes between the four, then quick, rinse, repeat.

do you know why people are doing that?

bounties are just a means to get to rifts where the higher chances for legendary drops are*

*apart from act 1 bounties which people split farm on normal to get this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ring-of-royal-grandeur-3qRFop

i've got 700 - 800 rift keystones trying to get that f*****g ring
Posted 08:28pm 19/6/14
Bounties are just the campaign mode regurgitated to try and breathe life into a flat game. I don't know about you lot but the campaign mode is what's wrong with the game. It simply sucks...

If they wanted to get more buy in on the bounties they should really up the reward chance on the horadric caches (they supposedly have done it but I've not seen a single legendary from one since the last patch), the XP and gold rewards for completing bounties need a 2-3 fold increase, and actually make them interesting and not just that clear this, kill that etc.

How about some timed quests of new world bosses laying siege to new towns or fortresses. To complete the quest you go in, have to save a minimum number of inhabitants (soldiers, civilians etc) and then fight your way through the siege to kill the boss. Complete it in under X minutes and your reward doubles/triples or whatever and you get an increased chance of finding legendaries for the next hour or so with every additional bounty you complete.

I guess it's just a question of whether Blizz would actually put that kind of effort in...
Posted 08:57pm 19/6/14
Rifts are where they are focussing their efforts and expanding on quite heavily in this next patch

As i said bounties are just there to get rift keystones and really aren't main focuss of the end game content
Posted 01:07pm 23/6/14
Played a T3 rift which rolled Whimsyshire yesterday... hilarious. I wish all rifts were Whimsyshire ;)
Posted 03:30pm 23/6/14
While we have a D3 thread here, anyone want to give me any tips on what I should be looking to replace/find?

Posted 03:37pm 23/6/14
Oh you're akashra, i was wondering who that was
Posted 03:39pm 23/6/14
hahaha. Was so tempted to just randomly start stalking your games :P
Posted 03:43pm 23/6/14
1: Put a gem in that helm. You can put almost 20% life gem in there, or 12% cooldown reduction. If neither of them, probably life per hit.

2: If you can fit pull-in/pushback into your build, roll bracers until you get Strong Arm Bracer for the up to 30% damage increase for 5 secs after pull/push.

See, your gear is about right, it's just undergeared in general. You're kinda on the right track.

I'm gonna be smashing content that would suit your level of progression this arvo for a few hours. Join up because I can guarantee you that the noobs you're playing with in pubs aren't running content anywhere near as fast. I'l especially friendly if you have lots of rift tokens. :) - If pave stops being such a sader introvert, he'll come too.

I got a massive dump on the bake atm. I thought you should know that part.
Posted 04:04pm 23/6/14
Yeah, helm isn't stuffed yet cos I only picked it up late last night just before Austrian Grand Prix.

I have about 150 RTs stacked. Need something to do with them all :( Mostly just running adventure mode to get RTs, takes about 6 minutes a run.
Posted 04:08pm 23/6/14
What's your BNet ID? Keep an eye out in about an hour or so.
Posted 06:37pm 23/6/14
akashra#1603. Gotta get fewd then deal with an insurer, then monster squishing time.

last edited by Raven at 18:37:28 23/Jun/14
Posted 06:39pm 23/6/14
Lots of peeps complaining about wizards being under powered

some dude in china posted on the forums saying that wizards basically get kicked from games pretty often because they just slow down groups haha dem cut throat chinese
Posted 08:18pm 26/6/14
For those still playing/ interested in D3, 2.1 went live on the PTR today. It hasn't added seasons and leaderboards yet but greater rifts and the class changes are up. am d/ling atm.
Posted 08:19pm 26/6/14
How large is the dl? Dunno if cbf. Do you get to copy your toon over and does it f*** up vanilla?
Posted 08:23pm 26/6/14
d/l is the entire game again ><
pretty sure you can copy your toon over, you could on the pre 2.0 update so I'm assuming you still can now.
it's worth noting that this patch is probably gonna be in ptr for quite some time, so if you are keen on seeing the changes anytime soon this is your best bet.
Posted 08:47pm 26/6/14
yeah i don't think it messes your normal character up in the current version, you can only copy over chacater from 1 region (for anyone running characters in multiple regions)
Posted 01:23pm 28/6/14
this sounds like a bit of fun: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6490399005

it is a diablo 3 hardcore challenge, basically it's randomised character class / sex / name / skills / runes challenge and you see how far you can get before dying
Posted 01:55pm 28/6/14
Come smash some faces in normal D3 pubs pave.
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