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Post by Eorl @ 09:32am 19/06/14 | 11 Comments
While WildStar may have only just launched earlier this month (a tad earlier for pre-orders), developer Carbine Studios is already preparing for their first massive content update and its a doozy.

Titled "The Strain," the first content patch since launch of WildStar will be making its way to the game's public test realm later this week, with a final date expected during the week of June 30th. Strain will kick off a monthly update schedule, which executive producer Jeremy Gaffney told Polygon is already planned with 16 months of content from the game's launch.

Content-wise, Strain will be adding literally a whole mountain of new, mostly end-game-focused content. Players will be getting two new zones, one of which is Blighthaven, a level 50 zone that will introduce the devastating Strain infection that covers the planet Nexus with ooze and spooky monsters. Not only will we be getting zones, the content update also brings new gear, a rather awesome looking infected hoverboard and a number of player housing options centered around the Strain update.

One of the new features coming in Strain is within the new Blighthaven zone, whereby a new open-world dungeon titled The Nursery will entice players with six subwings intended for on-the-fly group play. Once the players take down each of the elemental-infused wings, the Strain-corrupted Elyona the Mad will spawn. This boss has a number of adds and phases, but was ultimately designed for casual parties.

Check out the new Flick below, and swing by the official website where more information on the new zones and features will appear over the next few weeks.

wildstarcarbine studioscontent updateflickmmorpg
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:13pm 19/6/14
Aussie servers or I don't care.
Posted 12:33pm 19/6/14
Suck it up cupcake.

That sounds pretty sweet, I had heard about the two new zones but didn't know about the open world dungeon thing. Guessing they're both level 50 zones, though by July I might actually be level 50. Been levelling really slow though cos I keep getting distracted by things that don't give me any xp, like all the Explorer stuff or crafting or my house :p
Posted 12:47pm 19/6/14
Yeah we've overtaken you now. :P

Still trying to get the UI and controls polished off. I was using one of them mouse lock addons. While awesome (Left and Right click cast abilities and you auto strafe) it's a pain in the ass during the quest phase because you constantly need your cursor on the screen. If you change mouse mode while in combat the keys dont rebind, etc. Certainly something to try out though if you haven't as it suits the combat style in this game better than it would with say wow.

We can only wish there was Aussie servers. Even if just instance/raid servers as that's the only time it really matters. Oh, and pvp, but meh.
Posted 01:40pm 19/6/14
What mod you using ph33x? I was recommended Steer and SteerClear, which apparently make it so when you hit C to go out of freelook it defaults mouse keys.
Posted 04:51pm 19/6/14
I was using YetAnotherCombatMod (YACM).

I used this one because it remaps your keys through the API and not through AHK. It has issues though and has (temporarily) turned me off mouse lockers. I do realise it's probably the best control method though. I use C for abilities.

There's also another addon called Deadlock which does approx the same thing.

Addons I am currently using:

AMP Finder - Havent used it yet, but yeah, amp finder.
AuraMasterty - Lol, havent used this either yet.
Ayth_Quest - Must have draws lines to quest locations, paths, farms, mines etc.
BetterQuestLog - As per name.
BijiPlates - Nameplate addon, more functionality each patch.
Candybars - Button/bar addon. Think Bartender in WoW, but not quite as awesome.
CheatSimon - Weed screws with my short term memory? lel
CustomFoV - As per name, adjustable FoV. Default like 50 FoV.
EasyPlant - Plant seeds with a single click to a button.
Galaxy Library - Item library
GalaxyMeter - DPS/HPS/DTK Meter
GatherBuddy - Haven't used it yet.
GroupRadar - Location of party members on HUD as arrows and distance.
JunkIt - Vendor Autoseller. Configurable.
Latency Monitor - As per name.
MailHelper - Get all mail with a single click, deletes mails, etc.
PotatoUI - Player/target bar addon. Think Xperl or GRID on WoW.
Scrappy - Better salvager UI.
SpaceStash - Better inventory/bank UI, smaller, configurable.
TapThat - F button fax, kinda like CheatSimon.
ThreatMeter - As per name, good for tanking.
Posted 09:33pm 19/6/14
Yeah, thats the other thing that turned me off those mouse locking mods, I wasn't really keen to have AHK scripts running on top of it.

I use some of those mods too, but come on, Easyplant? That just sounds lazy :p

Others I use:

Navmate: Hasn't been updated for a little while, but still works fine, I use it to add extra icons to the minimap for things not usually tracked (like lore)
Zenradar: Gives you a little configurable, filterable radar window that lists nearby lore, resource nodes, quests, path stuff, etc, and then you can click on them to get arrows to them.
Mr Fancy Pants: Addon for managing multiple gear sets, and make equipping different sets of gear easier
Scastbar: Configurable castbars, think Quartz from WoW
Trackmaster: Lets you draw lines in the game world to a bunch of different stuff (like your current target, lowest health party member, etc), also provides an API to allow other addons to use it to draw lines to stuff.
Trackmaster: Subdue Uses Trackmaster to draw a line to your weapon when you're disarmed and need to pick it back up
Commodity Stats: Lets you do a scan of the Commodity Exchange and graph prices over time for everything on there. Also adds information about the best buy/sell prices for an item to its tooltip.
Posted 11:25am 20/6/14
What's disturbing is the entire ingame API that the actual devs use is available to addon developers. There is a "come on fellas use common sense" rule for addon devs. I'm not sure if they can audit an addon on a running game, but guilds/clans with good coders could make some really automated s*** for raiding. (Eg, stun button holds, etc) and we mightn't ever know about it since they won't throw it up on Curse - instead copying files directly to each other. Who knows..

Typed from my computer at work where I've seen 9 people made redundant in the last 2 hours. F*****g big wigs and their greed.
Posted 05:44pm 20/6/14
Hmm, from what I can see, there isn't a single optomisation/performance fix in this entire update. - And that's sad. :(

So who here is even playing this atm? Me, Eorl, Khel, and Helyi?
Posted 01:11pm 21/6/14
I'm still on it, thinking of rerolling tank though, the guild I'm in, and the game in general seems to be lacking tanks.
Posted 12:18pm 23/6/14
I used this one because it remaps your keys through the API and not through AHK.

I didn't want to use AHK either but at the end of the day it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I'm still on it, thinking of rerolling tank though, the guild I'm in, and the game in general seems to be lacking tanks.

I think that's because melee tanking is probably the hardest role in the game.

Hmm, from what I can see, there isn't a single optomisation/performance fix in this entire update. - And that's sad. :(

I wouldn't start crying into your panties just yet.
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