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Post by Eorl @ 09:56am 17/06/14 | 10 Comments
Rockstar's popular open-world sandbox title Grand Theft Auto V will soon be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the folks over at Digital Foundry have created a handy video comparing the game's E3 2014 trailer with the game's PlayStation 3 version.

Those watching the video will find some of the more noticeable changes from the new-gen versions include waves crashing into the rocks, larger numbers of wildlife roaming the Los Santos region, enhanced lighting and details on items like buildings and vehicles. You can read up on the full tech analysis from Digital Foundry's report.

Grand Theft Auto V will be launching for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime during Spring this year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:58am 17/6/14
After the discovery that Watchdogs was basically gimped (for what ever reasons that ubisoft haven't made public yet) I will now be waiting to see what the nextgen versions actually look like.

These results are easily attainable on PC but the recent discovery with Watchdogs fills me with skepticism on the actually power of the PS4 and Xbox One.
Posted 10:16am 17/6/14
I can't say that I've been keeping up with Watchdogs 'gimpery' [I'm assuming it was gimped on PC?] I can't say I'm surprised. (Where did you make your discovery?)

I'm gonna come across as a bit of a negative nancy now and say this has gotta be the least scientific means to conduct such a 'comparison'. (Specifically the deer in the long grass; that has almost definitely been touched-up for the trailer)

Frankly I don't really give a f*** about these kinda comparisons. I'm sure there'll be plenty of mods out for GTA V in 12-18 months that will 'dial it right out past 11'. I'd just prefer to play it on a platform I don't have to pay subscription fees for (or get a 'limp' online service from [as I do on PS3]). I can 'appreciate' why R* don't release titles on PC, it just saddens me that they do.
Posted 10:28am 17/6/14

Essentially Modder finds original effects in the E3 footage of watchdogs in the PC files, lots of assumptions being made such as the PC version being intentionally gimped in order to make the console versions sell better.

Whats more hilarious is that people are reporting the game runs better (despite looking better) with these features turned on.

Again lots of assumptions being thrown around as to why it was gimped, and no official statement from Ubisoft as of yet.

I doubt Rockstar would pull the same s*** Ubisfoft would pull. But given the bitter taste this whole scenarios has caused i'll now be far more careful when buying cross platform releases.
Posted 10:34am 17/6/14
This nerfing of PC games is f***en tasteless. We aren't a master race when our games are purposefully gimped. I don't care if Joe Blow with his GTX 560Ti can't play on full settings.
Posted 01:09pm 17/6/14
I always thought when playing GTA V that it needed more flowers
Posted 02:15pm 17/6/14
the grpahics look nice but why is it chugging at like 4fps??
Posted 04:17pm 17/6/14
Might just be me but I think it was slowed down to get a better look at each scene
Posted 04:33am 18/6/14
Cheers for the followup groganus.

It's not the first time it's been done, and sadly I doubt it'll be the last.
For mine chasing Ubisoft for an answer on the topic is kinda f*****g pointless (who actually developed the game?)

Kinda reminds me of another example of s***** publisher support after product release...
[not related to console port so much as it is just the publisher 'cutting the umbilical' to early on the product]

It makes me cringe to load a console port and then see 'graphics' or 'video' settings in an in-game menu which contains no settings of consequence...
Posted 11:24am 18/6/14
Dewb, it's probably running @ 30fps in both cases. When you slow down 30fps, it chugs like that even if it's only slightly slower.
Posted 11:57am 18/6/14
It makes me cringe to load a console port and then see 'graphics' or 'video' settings in an in-game menu which contains no settings of consequence...

Graphics: Low, Medium, High.
Sound: Low, Medium, High.
Control Layout: A, B, C.
Internet: On, Off.

Very technical stuff.
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