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Post by Eorl @ 05:14pm 10/06/14 | 13 Comments
After being announced only a few hours ago during Sony's E3 2014 conference, Australian gamers were a little bit worried to see that Australia was missing from Destiny's list of qualified countries for their PLayStation 4 exclusive "First Look" Alpha. Luckily, our great big island is indeed a qualified country so no need to worry (thanks Groganus for the heads up).

Destiny developer Bungie reconfirmed the situation in an email sent to us when asked, also revealing that the alpha test will begin in Australia on Friday, June 13th, at 5:00pm AEST, and ending on Monday, June 16, at 4:59am AEST. Those wanting to have the chance to be picked for Bungie's first-person online shooter will have to head over to the official website where they can enter their required details.

Destiny will also be launching its official beta later down the track on July 17th, which is currently available to all those who pre-order the game directly from PSN or a store retailer.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:36am 13/6/14
Received my PSN code today, so much for studying this weekend...
Posted 09:48am 13/6/14
No alpha code :( Thx for mutton bungie!
Posted 09:49am 13/6/14
Official website link isn't working Eorl.
Posted 10:07am 13/6/14
Should be working now. Got my code woo.
Posted 10:32am 13/6/14
Destiny will also be launching its official beta later down the track on June 17th

July btw.
Posted 10:53am 13/6/14
I don't have my code yet :( I did get a Battlefield Hardline beta code though, ppft.
Posted 01:35pm 13/6/14
I don't understand where to get the code from?
Posted 02:06pm 13/6/14
I think the site for getting the code has gone, I signed up but always get confused by what my PSN ID is, why it didn't just go by email. Stupid.
Posted 02:09pm 13/6/14
So what was that code Ausgamers gave out for Destiny a few weeks ago? I got one of those, but I forget what it was actually for
Posted 02:14pm 13/6/14
I'm pretty sure that was for the beta.
Posted 03:13pm 13/6/14
The codes we were giving out previously were for the July 17th beta :)
Posted 07:13am 15/6/14
First time I played it and finished the first mission, pretty straight forward follow the waypoints kill some enemies and kill the boss at the end and I ran into a couple of players during the way pretty basic and felt like Borderlands with improved graphics.

Played it again last night for a few hours and it really hooked me, after exploring 'The Tower' which is basically a town to upgrade and sell s*** I could choose to go back to Earth to complete missions or PVP, went back to Earth and basically you get given free roam in this level for the Alpha and activate beacons to provide objectives (similar to questing in MMO) during this time I began exploring areas and this is where Destiny shines for me there are so many hidden little pathways you can explore some are rewarding others were filled with enemies of unknown level. Also group up with friends for some PVP and it was alot of fun the multiplayer is very smooth and the powers/upgrades you unlock come across with you making for some awesome multiplayer fun.

For a Alpha it's very polished I can't wait for the Beta and I'll definitely be picking up this game in September!

Add me on PSN Meddek1
Posted 10:51am 15/6/14
The no map thing is s***ting me off and all the zones look the same. It's hard to identify where to go without bringing up that companion thing and scanning the area for a little icon on the screen. Also the world feels very empty. Few players and very few npcs. Quests are pretty average as well.

Combat is solid even if a little slow.

But it is an alpha so I'm looking forward to seeing what changes with the beta.
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