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Post by Eorl @ 01:44pm 04/06/14 | 25 Comments
While Carbine's sci-fi MMO WildStar has gone off without too big of a hitch since its launch yesterday afternoon, a number of Oceanic players have found that it isn't all cupcakes and flowers with some rather high pings being reported.

As with most recent MMO launches, a petition has popped up online addressed directly to Carbine's studio door in a hopes of garnering attention. The topic? Oceanic-based server for WildStar in a hope that we might just be able to play the rather fast-paced action game at comparable levels to those in the European or American realms.

The petition was only created overnight so it isn't exactly hitting big yet, but if it strengthens the possibility of local servers then we are all for it. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, you can find the petition over here and give it your signature.

wildstarcarbine studiossci-fi mmooceanic realmslocal servers
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:55pm 04/6/14
Good luck with that. I don't think a petition has ever successfully created a local server, closest thing was the Titanfall rage and that was a pretty epic complaint about an FPS.

Also, psst: if it strengthens the possibility of local servers than then we are all for it
Posted 02:03pm 04/6/14
It seems unlikely, unless NCSoft already has a data center in the region (I don't think they do?), cos they're just using the NCSoft data center in Dallas, Texas for the North American servers and the one in Germany for the Europe servers. So it'd be more than just setting up some local servers, there'd be a fair bit of infrastructure involved I'd imagine since it'd be NCSoft that has to do it.
Posted 03:54pm 04/6/14
I'm all for local servers for games, but unfortunately niche MMO games like Wildstar just don't make sense.

MMOs that have supplied AU servers in the past have quickly concluded that the local population isn't big enough to sustain a decent base/economy nor justify the hosting costs -- SWTOR, WAR, Runes of Magic, Runescape, etc.

Then there's the fact that it's sadly just not that important to the majority of AU customers, and won't likely translate to a significant amount of purchases that would have stayed away otherwise.

Purely from my (admittedly limited) knowledge of MMO player numbers, I'd say WoW would be the only game to come close to justifying a local presence, but even it would probably be a ghost town outside of peak hours as you don't get the player timezone spread that US MMO servers benefit from.

If Wildstar hits the kind of critical mass of WoW, then at that point it may be worthwhile petitioning NCSoft, but chances of that happening?
Posted 03:43pm 04/6/14
I loved the beta but 260+ ping made it unplayable past level 20 or so, the telegraphs were crazy inaccurate.
Posted 04:02pm 04/6/14

Yeah, its possible though, likely even, that your 260ms ping wasn't really a 260ms ping but was more like a 400ms ping. The ingame ping reporting via alt+f1 isn't entirely accurate, see

Posted 04:06pm 04/6/14
SWtOR was great when we had the server in Sydney. That didn't last long though. I've kind of given up on mmo's personally. Seems more like something for EU/US and some of the Asian countries with good internet. I'm just trying to support the local servers we have for our smaller multiplayer games like Titanfall.
Posted 04:08pm 04/6/14
TBH people shouldn't have to pay for another service on top of there ISP chargers and a game subscription to get playable pings. The low latency of an aussie server in SWTOR made me pretty spoilt, I have a hard time playing on US servers now and I've lost a lot of interest in MMO's cause of it.

Typing that out makes me feel spoilt, but it could also be my "I'm to old to spend time on a mmo with crap pings when I'm spoilt for other choices" as well.
Posted 10:57pm 04/6/14
The only reason that games with oceanic servers have failed is because the games themselves have been s***. So s*** that low latency couldn't even save them.
Posted 11:18pm 04/6/14
I'm in sydney and I go fine even at later levels with 200-250 ping
Posted 09:46am 05/6/14
The SWTOR Australian hosted servers shutdown not because of an inadequate oceanic/south-east Asian population but because the game itself was a failure and lost 80% of its total population after 2 months.

I would not classify Wildstar as a niche MMO but rather as the first subscription MMO that has a chance against the WoW giant.
Posted 10:05am 05/6/14
I think that the future isn't going to be local servers, its too expensive, and you can't stick them everywhere.

Have a look at diablo3 - there's a kind of local server. Your data is all in the US still, but the game prefers to run on a local shard for the actual game instance. d3 is not an MMO obviously, but given how instance-y MMOs are there is no reason why the same principle couldn't apply.

This would give you the best of both worlds - in Australian peak, you'll be preferred to go into Australian local instances for raids, dungeons, PVP zones, even potentially wilderness zone instances. If you want to put up with the lag and raid with your US friends you can, you're not out in the colonies on a divided server. Yanks with a down under fetish can still join you in return if they can bear the latency.

Meanwhile the cities are in the US because nobody cares that much about latency when crafting or using the AH etc, and its a significantly lower investment than installing and maintaining an entire world. Because the shard is a transitory element come patch day there is no data to maintain and no need to be gentle, you just clobber the instance binaries and whatever temp local storage exists is replaced with the new version, run a checksum test and whee call it a day.
Posted 10:20am 05/6/14
That sounds like a really good solution, make it so!
Posted 10:29am 05/6/14
Posted 11:39pm 05/6/14
Hoggy for MMO dev of everything.
Posted 01:46pm 06/6/14
I signed. It'd be great if it happens, but I doubt it will :(

I notice the Myrcalus is showing an High population? I wonder if that's enough to indicate population level.

I wonder what the population number of a "full" server is?
Posted 02:10pm 06/6/14
I'm going to say at the very least 2,000 that a server could hold. I remember WoW's servers holding 5,000 I think but I may be wrong.
Posted 02:23pm 06/6/14
I think WoW is actually 20,000 - But that might be total, not online maximum.

I remember seeing faction counts of 18,000 v 2,000 in threads about lopsided servers.
Posted 02:42pm 06/6/14
Yeah, I've seen Myrcalus at 'Full' during peak too, but it doesn't quite get full enough to have a queue. I'd be curious what the cutoff is too, but I double we'll ever get any official numbers
Posted 03:34pm 06/6/14
One last thing, what is the most pure tank class/race? I don't even know what I should be playing as, but I know I wanna tank.
Posted 03:46pm 06/6/14
i wanted a tank so i went draken warrior. no idea if they make the best tank though. i think engineers and stalkers can also tank.
Posted 03:56pm 06/6/14
Yeah, what ravnos said. None of them are bad tanks really, warrior is your more typical meat shield style tank, stalker is more of an avoidance tank I think, and engineer is probably the most different because hes a ranged tank with pets.

Every class has a DPS role and a Support role, for stalkers, warriors and engineers their support role is tank and for the other classes their support role is healing. You don't really need to pick one over the other though and do only that (at least not till endgame), like you'll probably be levelling as dps and just collect a set of support gear on the side, then swap your gear and abilities and tank in groups.
Posted 04:31pm 06/6/14
I'll probably go meatshield because I typically pally tank + the mrs does tank healing. I think she was gonna roll an Esper for that role as apparently they are better at tank healing but can still proc aoe's and shield heals. (Was disc priest, should be a good match)

I hope I don't need a guest pass from someone because Khel is all out. - It let me download without any of that stuff..
Posted 04:34pm 06/6/14
That's another f*****g thing, MMO devs. Stop it with the some classes can tank, some can heal, some can DPS. F*****g copout, all classes should be able to fill any role depending on gear and spec. Yeh its hard to balance, pull your fingers out.

Gandalf tanked the Balrog.
Posted 05:01pm 06/6/14
Nah, I like the distinction personally, I've found games that tried to let every class do everything just end up feeling a bit limp. It weakens the identity and the uniqueness of the different classes, and everything kind of blurs together into a big homogenised mess.

For example, theres 3 healers in Wildstar, and all three play very differently, with very different styles of healing and resource management. But extending that out to 6? I'm not not sure you can really make 6 very different feeling ways of playing a healing class.

Also, you're not taking into account the vast majority of people who play these games are f*****g idiots :p They have trouble dealing with just two different roles, I think their little heads would explode trying to comprehend 3 at once.

Wildstar is more free-form with its roles than something like WoW is, in that you don't have set specs you switch between, you have 'Assault' abilities and 'Support' abilities and 'Utility' abilities and you can pick 8 abilities for your action bar and that becomes your build. So you can mix and match and pick and choose and have a bit of this and that if you so desire. I think it would get unwieldly if every class had a third role and hence 4 categories of abilities to choose from.

Thats my opinion anyway, maybe a lot of it just comes down to personal taste. Didn't GW2 try the 'everyone can do everything' formula? And yeah, I really hated GW2. The Secret World had a good go at it, and in some ways succeeded, but it suffered from the issue of complexity; with so many abilities to choose and everyone being able to learn everything it became almost paralysing at times when you had to choose what you wanted to learn. Was also very, very easy to learn a collection of s*** abilities that didn't synergise well at all with each other and end up gimped.
Posted 05:35pm 06/6/14
Agree with Khel. I rolled a pally tank for it to be a tank. I leveled it as a tank, PvE'd as a tank, even (lol) occasional BG as a tank. The toon never had a ret or healing set.

This allows me to be as good as I can be, just as a pally tank. I used to compete with myself to make every run faster, smoother, and leaking 0 adds. It was a little personal goal I aspired to. I didn't have to focus on gemming/working on 2-3 sets, none of that. Among the people I played with I was known as a really good tank. There was people with 6-7 'fully leveled' toons that could 'do any role' but none of them were super duper. This makes the player rather average to have around when you're in a group of people who are trying to max just one specific role. - It wasn't that we were incapable of thinking outside the square - we just didn't want our square to lose its fine edge.

Our raid team took mains all the time, no alts unless the team needed it. Once everyone pulled together and had synergy - the quality of the raids was really high.

So yeah I'm a big fan of having set roles in games because it allows people to embrace what their class brings to the game. If I'm tanking for example, I want to shine as a tank, so it pisses me off when there is 1.5 tanks in a group where you need just 1. Or DPS pushing ahead making the run a s***fest, etc. - I think any role that does that should get smashed by the adds, die, everyone laughs and they let the tank do their role.

Rift had this hybrid stuff, and it never felt right. - D3 was the first game I've played where every role generally does the same thing (tank, heal, and dps all in one) and it does a nice job - but that's D3. I'd still play D3 if there was tank/dps/heal roles. In fact, I might even enjoy it more than what it currently is.
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