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Airtight Games' ghostly-infused detective title Murdered: Soul Suspect is only days away from being unleashed upon this fleshy Earth, and with it the chance to discover just who shot the now ghostly detective Ronan O'Connor. Was it Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe in the study?

Our very own ghost busting man Stephen Farrelly took on the job of reviewing Murdered: Soul Suspect, walking away somewhat disappointed at the approach that Airtight Games took with this rather unique setting:
I gave it a huge chance and pushed through the bitterness of everything listed above, but it was at that point I’d detected that Airtight Games had sprung a leak in its hull, and it’s a real shame. The concept and setting here were ripe for out-of-left-field explosiveness, but due to a lack of direction and capitalisation, and likely a small budget, all we’re left with is a lifeless game that fails to live up to its potential.
Check out the full review of Murdered: Soul Suspect to read up on Steve's complete thoughts.

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Hey guys, have you ever played this game before? its great game and you should try it out as well, Need for Madness, come join now!
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