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Post by Eorl @ 01:40pm 03/06/14 | 4 Comments
It should come as no surprise to hear that beta footage has leaked for Visceral Games' first Battlefield title as we get ever closer to the annual E3 convention, with the footage showing off just what we can expect from Hardline.

The video has since been removed from the YouTube channel of Freddy Dancer by EA for copyright violations, however All Games Beta was able to secure a mirror which you can check out below. The video features a lone gunman showing off some of the game's vehicles and weaponry, which oddly enough at first glance look like Battlefield 4 but with a police-themed re-skin.

Battlefield: Hardline is expected to debut some more official gameplay at E3 2014 next week, but until then check out the leaked beta footage below and let us know your thoughts on the next Battlefield game.

Update: It seems EA has now pulled almost any trace of the video offline, however a live Google Drive link is available for viewing here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:14pm 03/6/14
I really must question as to why police have 30mm cannons and frag grenades in their arsenal...
Posted 02:30pm 03/6/14
lol he needs an SSD.
Posted 08:59pm 03/6/14
Aus gamers stooping to new lows posting copy right material.
Posted 09:28pm 03/6/14
Im betting the netcode is as fantastic as the previous franchise they milked. So im assuming all the hacks will work in this one to frustrate and annoy. Well this looks like an excellent game to miss. Cant wait to let this one pass me by.
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