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Post by Eorl @ 02:24pm 29/05/14 | 18 Comments
After a rather successful launch, Ubisoft has today announced that their latest open-world title Watch Dogs is now the company's fastest-selling game in its history, selling more copies in 24 hours than any other of their past titles.

“I once said that the buzz around Watch Dogs was driven by the incredible passion of our early fans,” said creative director Jonathan Morin on the UbiBlog. “Today we broke the record for the biggest first-day sales in Ubisoft history."

While exact figures are still unknown, earlier in the year Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed during a conference call that the publisher and developer hoped to sell over 6 million copies of Watch Dogs. This was based on past shipment sale for the original Assassin's Creed, which later spawned the rather successful series.

Miss our Watch Dogs review? Check it out for full impressions on Ubisoft's next big franchise. As always, drop us a line in the comment section on how you are enjoying Watch Dogs.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:13pm 29/5/14
Should be called "Watch Dogs Labelled as Ubisoft's worst unoptimized PC Port"
Posted 11:23pm 29/5/14
I keep seeing people post that but from all reports from people who have actually f*****g played it, it runs well and looks great? or are you just one of those whiny pc only f***?
Posted 11:27pm 29/5/14
Should be called "Watch Dogs Labelled as Ubisoft's worst unoptimized PC Port"

plug a controller in. ppl do it for dark souls.
Posted 11:59pm 29/5/14
All good for me on PS4.
Posted 12:20am 30/5/14
the correct term for " whiny pc only f**" is "master race". Remember that for next time
Posted 01:04am 30/5/14
Runs fine on Xbox One as well. So the PC version is a console to PC port huh? This could come in handy after all then
Posted 01:08am 30/5/14
So basically, the game plays great on a PC with an XBox controller? Awesome. That's exactly how I planned to play it!
Posted 01:27am 30/5/14
Haha, this reminds me of QTest and the turtle icon. It was a reality check for a lot of PC gamers...
Posted 05:28am 30/5/14
So what are peoples thoughts on the the game so far? Worthy of purchase? I know it's ubisofts fastest selling game but they could all be the fastest becoming chumps for all I know! I'm still on the fence..
Posted 06:46am 30/5/14
I run it fine on my PC, don't know what you are all b****ing about the driving is a bit funky at first but you get used to it.

Game is good plenty to do unlike GTA5 I like exploring the city and solving the hacking puzzles all around the place lots of fun!

There is one thing I feel missing from this game, I intruded onto someones webcam and it's a 73 year old cancer patient dead on the floor of his home, I hack his phone and his son left a message saying "hey haven't heard from you in a few days hope all is well you should see the kids your not a bother" and I had 'dem feels' but thats it I wish I could call the police or ambulance or notify the son of the death or have the option to break into his house and steal all his s***.

Just those open world options are missing
Posted 09:08am 30/5/14
run fine on my 4 year old i5 with 8gb ram and gtx 670?
Posted 09:32am 30/5/14
i5, 8gb ram, 2gb gtx 760
runs perfectly for me on high, temporal smaa, hbao +

seems to me these days that if something isn't 110% perfect and exceeding expectations (which in this case were stupidly high) then it is horribly optimised s***.

imo the game is visually on par with anything else out there and in terms of creating a realistic and organic city it beats all comers including gta.

if you're still expecting the second coming of christ you'll likely be disappointed but I think ag's 8.9 for a AAA title was pretty damn on the money for a change.
Posted 09:44am 30/5/14
Seems to be more people who have posted in this thread and other Watch Dogs threads that are running it perfectly fine on PC, than are having problems with it, so it sounds like its far from the worst PC port. Of course, that evidence is as anecdotal as the stuff Ronny posted and might mean nothing, but I dunno, doesn't seem too bad to me, plenty of people on my Facebook feed playing it and not having problems with it too.

I got it on XBone anyway, could have got it on PC, but I dunno, just felt like a game suited to console to me, the sort of game that makes me just want to stretch out on the couch and crank it through my home theatre. It still looks really nice, though after that video in the other thread that showed the comparison between what they showed off back in 2012 and what eventually came out, I think its fair to be a little disappointed no matter what platform you're on.
Posted 09:54am 30/5/14
runs fine for me. fun game
Posted 12:38pm 30/5/14
I was gifted a copy, but I already own it. None of my mates have PCs that will run it, so

edit- claimed

That's for UPlay, not Steam. If you use it, post here so people know it's been taken.
Posted 11:52am 30/5/14
@ Fixah - Get the bit-torrent version, I wish I did.

The game won't work for me unless I use a crack. While Playing the first bit I found a cop.
Posted 12:06pm 30/5/14
I was gifted a copy, but I already own it. None of my mates have PCs that will run it, so


That's for UPlay, not Steam. If you use it, post here so people know it's been taken.

Thanks Eski given it to my broke brother, gives me someone to play with now.
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