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Post by Dan @ 09:52am 28/05/14 | 23 Comments
Confirming reports that Dead Space studio Visceral Games has been working on a police-themed addition to the popular Battlefield series, several bits and pieces of leaked artwork have revealed the game as Battlefield: Hardline.

Following the leak, publisher EA has since activated an official teaser website at, confirming the game's existence and scheduling the official unveiling at its E3 2014 press conference on June 9th.

We seemingly already know a whole lot more than that though, as an assortment of assets were discovered in the bowels of Battlefield's Battlelog web portal, including the game's logo, weapons and unlocks, and even player class details.

Polygon credits Better Battlelog forums, Battlefield Daily Twitter, and Koen Vlaswinkel with the finds, and indicates that the game is planned for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will pit a team of SWAT, against a band of Thieves.

Four of the game's classes are outlined as Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional, and game modes Blood Money and Heist are mentioned.

Vehicles include several armoured variants and what appear to be fast cars, as well as helicopters. Weapons and accessories include an assortment of automatic weapons, tasers, a riot shield, and a bunch of unconventional items such as deployable cameras, laser trip mines, breaching charges, and a grappling hook.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:59am 28/5/14
Day 1 buy, I'm a glutton for punishment.
Posted 10:04am 28/5/14
This is why they are bring out Riot shield into Battlefield 4 to test it out. I wonder if it will be similar to Pay Day 2?
Posted 10:07am 28/5/14
game modes Blood Money and Heist are mentioned.

I wonder if we will need to wait 8 months for Heist...
Posted 10:08am 28/5/14
I wonder if we will need to wait 8 months for Heist...

Or 5 years for hit rego. Wait, more like 8 years.
Posted 10:08am 28/5/14
This is why they are bring out Riot shield into Battlefield 4 to test it out. I wonder if it will be similar to Pay Day 2?

I imagine it will be, just better. Pay Day 2 was good for about a week @_@
Posted 10:23am 28/5/14
So it will be a cops and robbers game with rush modes, looks like conquest won be in this.
Posted 10:53am 28/5/14
I don't know why people are even considering to play another Battlefield.

The only interesting part is BF:Hardline is being done by Visceral Games (Deadspace series) and not by DICE. So Battlefield may be entering a CoD development style (i.e. Infinity Ward and Treyarch alternating games).

I suspect Hardlines will play more like Bad Company 2.
Posted 01:02pm 28/5/14
I get that people are cautious about another BF, especially after BF4 (which didn't work on my pc until about the third expansion) but if this game is even a little bit like SWAT 4 I will fellate someone to play it early.

For now I'll just have to make do attempting to self fellate while I replay SWAT 4.
Posted 01:21pm 28/5/14
As much as I would love something like SWAT 4 I can't see the single player slow and careful gameplay translating well into multiplayer, especially with large numbers of people. SWAT 4 was fantastic but the levels were usually small (and better for it- the convenience store was magic) and would not work with gung ho tactics.
Posted 02:18pm 28/5/14
Battlefield: Counter Strike?
Posted 03:26pm 28/5/14
Actually it is more like the predecessor to CS - Action Quake 2 which pitted the SWAT against the Reservoir Dogs.


Oh how I miss rounds starting like that.

Originally CS was fast paced like AQ2 but features were slowly removed and you have the turtle paced game of today. Urban Terror (Quake 3 mod) was a good successor to AQ2 mostly but what UrbT lacked the most was some of the really whacky maps of that Quake 2 era.
Posted 03:29pm 28/5/14
Smart move to try BF franchise in a Cops'v'robbers environment. The BF/modern warfare setting was getting stale.

Still think the next BF should be future combat. Or WW1 lolz
Posted 03:30pm 28/5/14
Definitely should do a 2142 sequel at some point. Bring back titan mode but make sure it's not buggy this time.
Posted 03:38pm 28/5/14
Wouldn't 2142 be the same at Battlefront but with Star Wars?
Posted 03:41pm 28/5/14
Or WW1 lolz

Trench foot is the new Levolution
Posted 04:34pm 28/5/14
what's next? battlefield: cowboys and indians?
Posted 04:46pm 28/5/14
I'd play the s*** out of that
Posted 04:59pm 28/5/14
Battlefield, Neanderthals vs Homosapians.

WE need this game.
Posted 05:06pm 28/5/14
I made the promise that if BF4 was s*** (it was piss f***en poor) I won't buy anything else from EA, DICE, or anything with Battlefield slapped on it.

Fresh format recently, no Origin, no BF, no Battlelog, nothing. It feels like I kicked a 40 year smoking habit. I suggest everyone does the same.

I thank EA for releasing Origin (in hindsight) because now I can very easily identify which games are theirs.

Yeah, I'm mad. I'm mad that even with display after display of ineptitude from EA (Sim City, most Battlefields, etc) that they are still in business. Die please.
Posted 05:13pm 28/5/14
You should be mad you got suckered into BF4. I feel mad for being suckered into Sim Village.
Posted 05:59pm 28/5/14
Dice are already doing the next star wars battlefront, thats why dice LA is handling all the dlc for bf4, so we will be getting a sci fi bf game next year and this ??
Posted 09:50pm 28/5/14
trailer leaked

Posted 11:01pm 28/5/14
Ehhh, not feeling it. Just looks like Battlefield 4 with skin changes. Best question so far is why do the SWAT have access to gatling gun helicopters and jets?
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