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Post by Eorl @ 10:44am 17/05/14 | 13 Comments
Developer Frontier Developments has released their newest Alpha 4 version for successfully kickstarted space sci-fi simulator title Elite: Dangerous, bringing with it hyperspace jumping.

"Alpha 4 vastly expands scale, scope and depth over the previous Alpha versions," notes the official website on the new version. "Set within a 200 cubic light-year volume containing five star systems in contested space with spectacular sights such as an unusual quaternary star system and ringed gas giants."

"The five Alpha 4 star systems are themselves set within 400,000,000 star systems of the Milky Way galaxy, all of which are moving correctly; spinning and orbiting in an incredible ballet. Whilst exploration is currently limited to the five Alpha 4 systems, the ‘night sky’ is accurate wherever you travel."

You can check out a glimpse of the really cool hyperspace jumping below thanks to YouTube user Robin Barnard (via Polygon). Those interested in hyperspace jumping into the current alpha of Elite: Dangerous can do so through the official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:43am 17/5/14
Personally I am more excited about StarCitizen though it would be nice to have a go at Elite...but F*** paying $200 for a goddamn alpha...
Posted 01:49pm 17/5/14
try 200 GBP = $359 AUD no way
Posted 04:06pm 17/5/14
Uh. The Alpha is closed, they're in Beta now... so it's £100 now for the Beta. Still ridiculous, but hey, at least 50% off, right? lol.
Posted 05:13pm 17/5/14
I just don't get why THAT MUCH..most basic you can buy which includes alpha and beta for StarCitizen is $35 I know its way further off but f*** me 100 is still bs
Posted 05:46pm 17/5/14
I just don't get why THAT MUCH.
Because its an actual limited alpha maybe? Not one of the open alphas where devs basically take all their customers money with the excuse of "sorry its crap its an alpha".

Just thinking about it for two seconds, Elite has filtered out the casual market (which do you really want in an alpha?) and gotten just as much money out of their playerbase as selling it to 10 times as many people for a tenth the price.
Anyone paying that price is probably a fairly dedicated fan and will give decent feedback on the game, oh and seeing as they paid a s***load of cash for it they are less likely to badmouth it (as that would admit a massive waste of money on their part)
Posted 06:40pm 17/5/14
I honestly don't see why people are interested in playing alphas and betas unless they do it professionally.
Posted 07:22pm 17/5/14
Also the price is in-line with what Kickstarter folks put in, and they didn't want to make them feel like crap for wasting money.
Posted 09:27am 18/5/14
To be fair, if you've paid for this access you also get unlimited free updates for the lifespan of the game which Frontier intend to continue developing indefinitely. Major updates will be paid for otherwise. But yes, the price is quite a bit more than SC, but they're also not milking their playerbase the way SC is and are delivering an awful lot more (so far) for somewhat less funding. The Alpha backers are deeply involved in the game development and receive the immediate ear of the games designers themselves whom are active on the Frontier forums. Like Bah said, it wasn't 'just' a money making exercise, alpha backers are being utilised to not only make the game that Braben and Frontier want but also what those that have had the passion for the series want to play.
Posted 10:37am 18/5/14
Still not worth it.
Posted 03:31pm 18/5/14
Totally agree the price is total crap!
Posted 04:06pm 18/5/14
So wait for the full release which will be priced normally and be the full game? Win win.
Posted 09:00am 19/5/14
This just seems like every other space game at this point... I can't see anything unique in it?
Posted 02:06pm 20/5/14
Bah is right. I suspect the alpha was priced appropriately as a filter so they could gradually increase the load/population on their infrastructure. Premium beta is 100 GBP and beta 50. I think the final release is 35 GBP which isn't bad at all. The alpha/beta process is really for hardcore fans who want to be a part of the development process and as mentioned already, with premium beta and higher, you effectively get a season pass for the expacs.
The Elite series is unique in that your sandbox is our own Milky Way. 100 billion systems (400 billion stars). All suns/planets/moons are actual 3d objects, rotating with realistic orbits around their suns. Fly through the rings of Saturn or the clouds of a gas giant. There's no jump-gates, you hyperspace between systems from anywhere. No "fishbowl" areas.
The galaxy is constantly evolving with three conflicting factions. Any major events driven by players or AI are synced to your galaxy even if you are playing offline.
There is multi-player, but I suspect it will mainly be in the core systems as the game world is too massive.
Though not available on release you will also be able to seamlessly enter planet atmospheres and land on planets, visit cities, hunt indigenous life, walk around space stations, stow away in other players ships, move around your own ship interior.
This game is going to be the ultimate Space Sim sandbox...can't wait!
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