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Post by Eorl @ 01:52pm 16/05/14 | 3 Comments
Telltale's third episode in the second season of their gripping episodic series The Walking Dead has finally shuffled its way out into the hands of gamers. Titled In Harm's Way, the new episode continues on with the survival of 11-year old Clementine as she battles the apocalypse by herself, though not without help from a handful of strangers.

To help us endure the tears and keep our head held high through the point-and-click adventure is our own undead fan Jickle, who returns for Season Two's third episode in the epic zombie-filled tale.
It doesn’t give much in the way of set-up for the rest of the season though – if I were to hazard a guess Season 3 is already in the planning stages, and will carry on directly from this one, because there’s no real sign of a resolution or ‘goal’ for the last two episodes. If The Walking Dead keeps producing episodes this strong, though, I’ll happily keep playing it for years to come.
Check out his full review of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm's Way for all the juicy zombie bits.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:34pm 16/5/14
Good review and I agree with it overall, especially about the bad quick-time event. I was really like ahhh wtf haha?
Posted 04:59pm 16/5/14
IMO, probably the best episode yet. From both games.

One of the best villians in a game so far. The choices were also incredibly hard and man oh man, I just wanted to punch Carver so hard.
Posted 10:44pm 16/5/14
I'm enjoying the series but i hope for the next season we get to play as someone who is competent in zombie killing. Crawling around on the ground while fending off zombies gets a bit old.
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