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Post by Eorl @ 03:05pm 14/05/14 | 11 Comments
Nintendo's president Saturu Iwata has revealed in a recent Q&A that the console creator is "always developing new hardware," a surprise that should come to no one as Nintendo has previously mentioned such development cycles.

Speaking about Nintendo's recent financial briefing for its fiscal term ending in March 2014, Iwata explained that once a platform is launched, the company begins preparations for the next one.

"The most difficult question for us to answer in public in concrete terms is when we are going to launch our new hardware and what kind of hardware we are going to launch, and I am afraid that I cannot talk about this in more detail," Iwata said. "However, I can certainly assure you that we are not at a dead end of any kind in which we are out of ideas for developing new hardware."

The Nintendo president also sternly added that current Wii U owners won't be easily forgotten, with the company stating that new hardware won't appear until customers are satisfied with the current console. Nintendo are already planning to showcase a number of titles at E3 2014 for the Wii U, including both nearly complete and still in early phases.
"We will continue to work hard to ensure that consumers who already own our platforms are satisfied, and make sure that people will continue to see great value in our software," Iwata said, "but I would like to say that we are preparing for our next hardware system, and in fact, we already have a clear idea to some extent about the direction our next hardware is going to take."
Nintendo will be forgoing a traditional conference, but that isn't to say they won't have a big presence at E3 2014. The company will be hosting an array of smaller sessions in the form of Nintendo Direct presentations, but also having behind-the-scenes showings of their latest titles.

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Posted 03:10pm 14/5/14
It will be based on a 486Dx66 with Turbo enabled!
Posted 04:10pm 14/5/14
It will be based on a 486Dx66 with Turbo enabled!

Truly NextGen™ stuff!
Posted 06:20pm 14/5/14
Can Microsoft or Sony just buy them out and put them out of our misery already? At least Sega knew when to hang up the chipset and focus on recycling old games.
Posted 06:25pm 14/5/14
Haha moar bad wii games!
Posted 06:30pm 14/5/14
wii's just dont have teh processing power to be fun, everyone knows that polygons = fun!~
Posted 06:49pm 14/5/14
i have a wii u and i think it's great.
Posted 06:50pm 14/5/14
You should seek medical help, quickly now.
Posted 06:51pm 14/5/14
Can Microsoft or Sony just buy them out and put them out of our misery already?
Sony is in more trouble than Nintendo at the moment. They might even sell off their TV business to stay afloat.
Posted 09:14pm 14/5/14
Nintendo are doing fine. They just need to come to reality and release a console that can offer the variety of games that PS4 and Xbone have. I'm sure if they could appeal to the Nintendo fans and everyone else fans (hardcore and casual alike) with non-s***** hardware they'd make a killing.

The 3DS on the other hand is f*****g amazing. I've been playing mine almost every day since I got it late last year. So many awesome titles with a huge amount of replayability plus more on their way!

I'd love to see Nintendo finally embrace the internet and not make it a s***** experience in their next generation of consoles.
Posted 09:32pm 14/5/14
IMO they need to make a system pitched at the "second console" and casual gamers, right now the WiiU's price and tech position it at the same choice of "should I get a ps4 xb1 or WiiU" but it shouldn't compete, it should compliment. They need to drop the expensive controller with screen in it, go with a normal style gamepad, be half the price and really focus on their own IPs like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros etc, then Gamers with an ps4/xb1 would more likely grab one for those titles, grandparents and stuff would have one for their grand-kids when they come over (like the Wii did), and just drop the dream of being on an even footing with current Gen systems, spec wise. Can you imagine if Nintendo released something like a "Ultra Nintendo" with equal specs to the ps4/xb1 it still wouldn't be a contender because of the xbox live, psnetwork extra, support and branding etc. They need to lead with their best aset, their GAMES and IPs just hammer us with Metroids and Zeldas and Karts
Posted 05:15pm 15/5/14
for ~250 aud, a year ago, i got a console with some great games on it. what's problem?

should i have bought a PS4 that has = 0 games that interest me right now? thinking for myself = require medical help? please.
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