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Rockstar's billion dollar open-world title Grand Theft Auto V has hit 33 million sales since launching late last year, with parent company Take-Two Interactive closing its fiscal year by nearly doubling its revenue over what it earned in 2013.

The large revenue stream is in thanks to not just Rockstar's title, but also 2K Games' BioShock Infinite, which pushed the 6 million mark in copies sold. Take-Two announced its Q4 and full year 2013 financials today, and thanks to the Grand Theft Auto series and BioShock Infinite, net revenue was $195.2 million for Q4 compared to $299.5 million year-over-year. Full year net revenue grew 94% to a record $2.4 billion, as compared to $1.2 billion for fiscal year 2013.

In a call with investors this afternoon, Take-Two chief executive Strauss Zelnick said Grand Theft Auto Online was the single largest contributor to online revenue, which helped the company to strong results despite a sluggish final quarter compared to 2013.
"During fiscal 2014, Take-Two set new records for both our company and the entertainment industry," Zelnick said in a statement announcing the figures. "Over the past several years, Take-Two has been transformed into a financially strong, global interactive entertainment company with numerous successful franchises across a variety of genres. We also have complemented the Company's core business with growing profits from recurrent consumer spending, including add-on content, virtual currency and online gaming."
The Rockstar team has also noted that they are working on a new game for 2015, though no hints on what that could possibly be. The firm also confirmed its upcoming release slate, which notes that WWE 2K15 will likely land sometime during the firm’s fiscal 2015, which starts on March 31, 2015. Visual Concepts is helping out with development.

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Posted 01:32pm 14/5/14
What happened to gta v for the pc?
The GuVna
Posted 01:38pm 14/5/14
I think it got Read Deaded :(
Posted 03:08pm 14/5/14
It's not like they can't afford a PC version.
Posted 04:29pm 14/5/14
What a bunch of wankers, this game started on PC.
F*** the consoles.
Posted 05:19pm 14/5/14
Been hanging for the PC version before i buy. Or a PS4 version will suffice.
Posted 05:31pm 14/5/14
Wait, what? When's the PC version of GTA V coming out?!?!?
Posted 10:30pm 14/5/14
It's super strong sales figures of the console versions that make me think that R* could 'afford' to cut PC away.

Seriously, consider it from their 'product support' perspective... it's on two machines and makes them record dollars as it is. Sure piracy exists on console, but console piracy is nothing like PC Piracy...
Posted 02:01am 15/5/14
They had enough trouble trying to get on top of modders and hackers in GTA Online on console. A lot of devs just cant be bothered dealing with them on PC.
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