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Post by Eorl @ 03:27pm 13/05/14 | 10 Comments
In a first for the MOBA title, Valve's The International Dota 2 worldwide championships has hit a whopping $4 million in prize pool totalling thanks to its 2014 Compendium sales.

Valve opened up sales on the digital program over the weekend, with a price tag of $10 and every $2.50 going towards the prize pool contributions. To begin with the prize pool was at $600,000 but quickly grew to $2.2 million. Compendium contributions from last year's The International prize pool saw $2.8 million total raised.

The popular developer and creator of Steam is also offering various in-game rewards for Compendium owners and Dota 2 players as the prize pool hits stretch goals. Current unlocked rewards include a Mini-Pudge courier, a new game mode titled All Random Deathmatch, loading screen unlocks, chat emoticons and more. More details about The Compendium, which allows fans to keep up to date with competitors and matches, and its fundraising stretch goals are on The International's official site.

The finals are schedule for July 18th to 21st at KeyArena in Seattle, with regional qualifiers currently underway in eight countries. Last year saw Alliance beat Natus Vincere, winning more than $1.4 million in prize money.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:42pm 13/5/14
pretty exciting, i paid for mine :) I watch the International last year on Twitch TV. The first Online Sports game i have ever watch and i really enjoyed it. Quality was great and the commentary was awesome too.
Posted 06:20pm 13/5/14
I got mine. Bought 2 9.99 boosters so far. Probably going to get 2 more. Man, I love this time of year with Dota. So much awesomeness.

I hope to attend next years TI.
Posted 06:32pm 13/5/14
Hey is there going to be an Ausgamers organised event for the TI. Betting and odds, maybe a tipping comp or whatever?

I'm keen I love the TI, mainly cause it's free to watch.

Still not going to get the compendium, tho.
Posted 07:09pm 13/5/14
When do these stretch goals come into effect?
Posted 08:51pm 13/5/14
When do these stretch goals come into effect?

Good put. We are getting upto the more vague less thought out goals.
Posted 11:08am 14/5/14
As a Dota 2 player this is awesome, but I can't get interested in Dota as a spectator sport. Unless I'm actually playing the game I have almost no idea what is happening when I'm spectating.
Posted 04:33pm 14/5/14
I also paid for the compendium... mainly because of the unlocks. Also, It's easy to justify as you are boosting the prize pool for those hard working professional gamers :)

I watch the International last year on Twitch TV.

So did I, it was pretty awesome to watch. The teamwork and coordination involved in the team fights is crazy. The farm on the carry's is also freaking insane.

Like CS It's useful to watch professional replays to inform your own game strategy.

For compendium holders I seem to remember you can be spectating live in game and witness triple kills (or other big plays) to get items. (I'm not sure if your favorite player pick is used for this?)

I can't get interested in Dota as a spectator sport

It really helps with the commentators but that is probably what you're talking about.
Posted 06:23pm 14/5/14
Would you spectate if there was beer, twinkies and nachos?
Posted 09:17pm 14/5/14
I'm having an event at my joint for TI4.

Watch it in game with commentators. So much better, though Twitch has interviews and all sorts of crap. I actually enjoy watching Dota2 more than I do playing it. The top tier teams are amazing to watch. I predict DK to win TI4, but EG and Empire to be in top 4.
Posted 06:08pm 15/5/14
anyone from ausgamers here creating a fantasy league ?
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