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Post by Eorl @ 11:29am 07/05/14 | 16 Comments
Titanfall publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that the mech sci-fi FPS sold 925,000 copies during the month of March, Peter Moore, EA's chief operating officer, announced during an investor call today.

Launching on both Windows PC and Xbox One March 11th, the sales revealed today are taken from the last weeks of the month. Moore cited sales numbers from the NPD Group, so the 925,000 figure only includes sales of retail disc copies of Titanfall in the U.S. — not any copies sold outside the U.S., or digital copies sold through Xbox Live and Origin. According to the NPD Group, Titanfall was the best-selling game during March 2014.

With regards to Xbox 360 sales, Moore stated that the last-gen console sales were "off to a great start as well." EA CEO Andrew Wilson also revealed that the publishing giant will be continuing its partnership with developer Respawn Entertainment, stating that ""we'll be able to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide." Wilson didn't specify whether this meant a sequel is in the works, or any other details for that matter.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 07/5/14
This game looked really dull in the videos I watched. Now that the hype is over does anyone recommend this?
Posted 12:12pm 07/5/14
I brought an Xbox One Titanfall bundle and found it alright but I got bored of it quick. The new DLC looks like it will spice it up a bit. It's nice to play on Australian server with <50ms ping at least.
Posted 12:54pm 07/5/14
Still enjoying this one ctd.
Posted 12:58pm 07/5/14
yeah wouldn't waste your time ctd, it is dull

not bad, just not really that good
Posted 01:32pm 07/5/14
That's pretty good for a new IP that's exclusive to Xbox/PC.
Posted 01:44pm 07/5/14
I love Titanfall
Posted 01:55pm 07/5/14
Yeah, I'm still enjoying it too.
Posted 02:01pm 07/5/14
I bought it, played for 2 hours, havn't touched it since. I think I might have even uninstalled it.
Posted 02:03pm 07/5/14
Stopped playing when i got up to that bloody challenge in Regeneration 4 where you have to get like 30 critical strikes on moving titans who's shields are down using a charge rifle...lame.
Posted 02:40pm 07/5/14
Absolutely love it and would be playing it more if iiNet wasn't completely incompetent. 5 weeks and counting with no Internet and looking like I'll have to wait another 2-3 weeks :(

Titanfall is the exact shooter I've been missing. A quick shooter I can jump in for 15 minutes and have a blast.
Posted 08:41pm 07/5/14
I bought it, played it a bit. Thought it okay but not worth the price. Greatly disliked the presence of bots. Had EA refund it the next day.
Posted 10:02pm 07/5/14
Titanfall is the exact shooter I've been missing. A quick shooter I can jump in for 15 minutes and have a blast.

ya this is why i avoided it. on instinct. I tend to play my shooters to death pouring hours into learning every part of the game and just playing the s*** out of it and then play it some more until much time passes and the game is labelled officially "dead" and the servers are pulled.

still looking for another FPS like that - thought titanfall might be it for a bit but nah
Posted 11:50pm 07/5/14
still looking for another FPS like that

Unreal Tournament 2014 - info coming in the next 48hrs. Oh Yea.
Posted 10:45pm 08/5/14
I have my fingers crossed for Extraction Bookz. Alas it is the only FPS that I think has the possibility of being that game until possibly Quake 5.

What are you playing these days mate?
Posted 11:36pm 08/5/14
im not sure audi. UT is a good arena shooter but more death match / team deathmatch CTF run around with big guns and get kills that only matter for the getting of kills kind of game. Im looking for that team thing. Objectives that focus and push the game along and force the players to work together. But i will be looking at the demo / gameplay for sure.

hmm possibly? "Solid mechanics" - that is great. But what does that mean?

From the vid: Paddles and med packs is good. (Auto Regen health is bad). The way they plonked that mine down was familiar. Also how they repaired the MCP,, erm the white tank thing with its turret. thats good stuff from Quake Wars / ET.

But the weapons look like brink weapons which, if they are, would suck. I hope they can balance the guns so its more about different tools to do a job (think rifle nades vs smg) rather than having 100 guns but only the 1 gun with the right unlocks that everyone uses. Also guns that spray a 50 round clip in 2 secs is bad. Esp if it takes 100 bullets to kill.

In fact Brink just has me jaded and skeptical ;(

atm ive got no mp FPS (which is why i just wanted titanfall to work) Im in tanks and planes in War Thunder mostly for MP. Luckily there is plenty of good SP stuff that has also been very playable released for a gaming fix. But i think we all know its not the same.
Posted 12:43am 09/5/14
I feel the same with Brink - I pretty much wrote off SD.

If Extraction were a bought game I would have waited for reviews etc. before playing. It is F2P though which so it has my attention. They definitely need to go down more of an ET/ETQW road map which I'm hoping they are doing.

Extraction is PC only after all so I have a fool's belief that not having to deal with multiple gaming platforms will yield a better day one experience.

Extraction has some winning points - like disarming/planting not being class specific but certain roles will do it better (I think they are looking to do 24 roles options - 6 roles per class archetype I guess). As you noted planting etc. seems more classically styled instead of the annoying fixed positioning of Brink.

For Extraction to be successful map design needs to be better - I think map balance was Brink's worst point as each map had an area which was so just heavily aligned in favour of defense. After that as Bookz mentioned the guns need to feel more like ETQW (pro mod even).
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