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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:20pm 06/05/14 | 13 Comments
Last week we gave Nathan "NachosJustice" Lawrence and Joab "Joaby" Gilroy a chance to discuss the latest DLC for Battlefield 4 -- Naval Strike.

We did this because Nate and Joab don't often see eye to eye, but their discussions and 'debates' are always well-articulated (to a certain drinking level) and most of all, are always entertaining.

They both play a lot of Battlefield and have a fair amount to say on the subject of Naval Strike. This is also the first in a series of discussions, so please feel free to chime in with feedback and ideas for the next one.

Click here for their Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Conversational.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:25pm 06/5/14
We'll also be working on the HTML5 WebM stuff so it looks and hosts better in the future, this one is a bit of a testbed for it :)
Posted 05:43pm 06/5/14
don't even bother with it. Every time I look the vanilla servers are overloaded while the second assault and naval strike servers are dead empty.
Posted 06:35pm 06/5/14
also there are hardly any HC servers, a handful at best playing the same boring maps over and over
Posted 12:13am 07/5/14
"but I’ve yet to encounter another example of a team-based multiplayer game that rewards playing objective and supporting teams."

Guess you never played RtCW/ET/ETQW: These are still hallmark FPS games that offer what Joaby considers "redemption" whether it be for offense or defense.
Posted 12:21am 07/5/14
I like the new maps but I only play conquest. That carrier mode looks like arse from what I've seen.
Posted 09:00am 07/5/14
Got on last night had at least 4 server crashes, two of them after about 20 mins each. I had good scores (over 1/1 :-) ) which made me rage even more. Vanilla, China Rising and most of Second dont lag (except Caspain), but I find Naval Strike a lag fest. Im probably the last of a group of 8 that plays regularly, every else has given up.
Posted 09:53am 07/5/14
I've played all of those, Gung-ho. I still stand by what I said.
Posted 10:24am 07/5/14


Rank 27 lowby. I'm sure we'll get a well rounded opinion through many hours of BF4 experience.
Posted 10:45am 07/5/14
A full work week should be long enough to tell if something's a pile of s*** or not.
Posted 03:12pm 07/5/14
Carrier Assault is disappointing. There's also little design issues. Everyone I know that plays has been in situations where they haven't even noticed there carrier is open.

The game needs co-ordination. I actually think a commander that can force people to only spawn on the carrier is needed. So often I've played and literally been the only person defending an open carrier.

I also think DICE mislead when they described Naval Strike. Where is the Amarda? There isn't a fleet or even an aircraft carrier in the maps, unlike the promotional material showed. FYI those carriers are not technically aircraft carriers and in any case are not the kind in the artwork.

Also the technical issues with the game are still a major problem. Where are the fixes? DICE/ EA made a bunch of statements about fixing the game and then have done basically nothing.

Something else which really bugs me is the interior of the carriers. In Carrier Assault and the domination map inside one. It's way below the quality of anything else in the game. It's as simplistically detailed as you'd expect in a game from over 10 years ago or worse. That really isn't acceptable but it seems to be the case with BF4. DICE isn't putting in any effort. They're doing the bare minimum.

As for balance and other issues, I think nothing speaks louder than DICE put runways in DLC which were too short for Jets to take off on. That tells you everything you need to know about DICE testing how the game runs and plays.

I for one will not buy another single Frostbite 3 game, even Battlefront until there's confirmation the actual game works.

Hell, how many months as the lack of killcard bug still been there? Despite claims they fixed it a month or two back.
Posted 04:06pm 07/5/14
they just need to hurry up and release 2143 or BC3
Posted 09:29pm 07/5/14
I fear it'll be a while before Bad Company 3.

Apparently there's a Police based Battlefield game in development by a studio other than dice. So that'll probably be what we get next. I assume it'll be a game based on ripping of the counter terrorist mode from CS.
Posted 09:39pm 07/5/14
I fear it'll be a while before Bad Company 3.

Apparently there's a Police based Battlefield game in development by a studio other than dice. So that'll probably be what we get next..

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