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Post by Dan @ 04:05pm 05/05/14 | 5 Comments
At its annual EVE Fanfest community event over the weekend, Icelandic studio CCP revealed Project Legion, a free-to-play MMO shooter for the PC, set in the Eve Online universe, and being built using assets from the PlayStation 3 exclusive Dust 514.

A developer blog post over at describes the ambitious Project Legion in detail, explaining why its being geared as new title, rather than a port of the PlayStation 3 game:
When I came to CCP several months ago, it was to fulfill a vision that was our goal since DUST 514 was first announced: Merge a deep sandbox experience with an FPS in New Eden, to create a massive living world more meaningful as real life. As the team and I worked on that vision, we came to understand the effort centered around four pillars. We had to build the right ecosystem incorporating a fun and balanced competitive shooter; player vs. environment allowing for emergent behaviors; a player-driven economy that is distinctly CCP; and deep immersion that brings it all together.

We realized we would never be able to do it by iteration, any more than one could overhaul the engines of a plane in flight, and to do this right it would need to become something new -- a distinct and separate experience from what we’ve previously offered on DUST 514. We also feel that, to do this right, we need to do it on the PC platform first.

To achieve this, we'll need much more focus on the user experience than ever before. As I mentioned during my keynote today, the starmap will play a larger role in the way you'll interact with that huge universe. I envision New Eden’s mercenaries scanning the universe for loot, battles, Guristas-sponsored tournaments and such, and then making meaningful choices from there.
Several European publications that were present at the event have some art and environment stills accompanying their coverage. Swing by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Eurogamer, and Polygon for more info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:31pm 05/5/14
Dust 514 should have gone to PC first.. but amazingly it didn't and it was s***.

I thought this was the reason CCP canned the WOD MMO... I really have no idea how Dust 514 fared financially but i was assuming not well and as such CCP had to tighten its belt. Personally I was very much looking forward to a vampire MMO pulling lore from World of Darkness, very much along the lines of, this was 'THE' game i was waiting for.

News that CCP is now making another fps is a bit of a salt in the wound kinda sensation. F*** them.
Posted 07:49pm 05/5/14
I tried to give dust a go, but even for a FPS Online shoot for consoles it was pretty f*****g terrible. Took forever to launch the game and combat felt slow and s***.
Posted 08:11pm 05/5/14
Hell yes, give me that EVE FPS!
Posted 08:39pm 05/5/14
Clearly CCP does not realise just how popular the World of Darkness the roleplaying game is. I have played it on and off for the past 20 years. the community folowing that game is far beyond what the "world of warcraft" community could ever have hoped to achieve. They would have had the best selling mmo game, literealy of the decade, but they decided that a pc version of a failed investment is more imortant. For a quick cash in or what ever reason, they have let far more ppl down by canceling WOD MMO then winning fans with the pc version of dust 514.
5 years i have been waiting for WOD MMO, i feel so disapointed. I can only hope that they will recover from current financial difficulties and eventually produce that game.
Posted 09:01pm 05/5/14
I guess that means the exclusivity Sony bought from them is set to run out soon.

A shame WOD had to die due to lack of funds like 514 almost did until Sony bailed it out.
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