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The upcoming Warcraft movie adaptation will be ending its filming in three weeks time, film director Duncan Jones revealed on Twitter.

“For those counting down with me, we’re done shooting Warcraft in three weeks as of tomorrow,” the director stated on his Twitter. This follows the very first picture of the movie set, which depicted Jones behind monitors looking at what seems to be Stormwind-like guards and the Alliance banner.

The Warcraft film is an adaptation on Blizzard's popular RTS and now MMORPG franchise, and will be based on the lore as a whole. It is expected to release in March 2016 and stars Dominic Cooper, telling the story of first contact between Orcs and Humans.

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Posted 12:34pm 02/5/14
Thats almost 2 years of post-production, thats crazy!
Posted 12:39pm 02/5/14
CGI man!
Posted 01:45pm 02/5/14
Looking foward to this but they should have capitalised years ago at the height of WOTLK imo. Maybe it's Blizzards plan to reignite interest in WoW outside the diehard players.
Posted 01:59pm 02/5/14
Seems like a pretty good time to do it though. 10th anniversary of WoW, 20th anniversary of Warcraft, new expansion coming out which is all about going back to classic Warcraft Orcs vs Humans stuff. I think it'd have to appeal to people outside of just WoW players though, or it wouldn't be worth making. Look at Avengers for example, it made a bazillion gazillion dollars at the box office, and I'm sure that wasn't just comic book fans.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:53pm 02/5/14
Although 10th Anniversary is this year, not 2016. Hopefully at this years Blizzcon they can release some footage of the movie.
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