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While developer CCP Games may have announced the cancellation of their MMO World of Darkness, it seems we may just get a look at what development was like thanks to a document dump collected on Reddit by user Idoiocracy that appears to show CCP Atlanta's game as it existed in a recent alpha state.

According to a confidential document from CCP referencing a March 2014 playtest, the game included four vampire clans — Brujah, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue — each of which brought players clan-specific powers. In World of Darkness, players could hunt humans, send their minions (referred to as "ghouls") on missions to manipulate society and engage in player-versus-player combat.

The document, which includes a full walkthrough of World of Darkness' features, indicates that the recent version of the game differed significantly from previous versions and urged players to "read this entire manual" to learn the differences.

Alongside the document leaks several alpha screenshots have also appeared online, giving us the best look we've seen since CCP announced the game way back in 2006. Each of the images can be found in the Imgur gallery, showing off World of Darkness' dark and foreboding city landscape dominated by vampires of all sorts.

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Those textures look nice.
Posted 12:57pm 02/5/14
this cancellation pretty much ruined my month.
Posted 02:23pm 02/5/14
Vampire Diaries game....burn it with fire!
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